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    Dec 2002
    about the NLEX thing:

    dami nga nagsasabi nun, even may granpa who had been driving for more than 40 yrs there said the same thing about that place, right after the long viaduct (10km bridge) along NLEX northbound, before reaching Sta. Rita.

    Ang kwento kasi sa lugar na yan is dating may cemetery daw dyan na tinanggal to give way sa construction ng NLEX.

    Ang habilin sa akin is honk my horns 3 times pagbaba ng bridge everytime dadaan ako dun especially during wee hours in the morning. so far ala pa naman ako nakikita, and i wouldn't want to see one. Hilig ko pa naman night travel palagi on my way dyan sa North twice a month.

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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by vhenok
    Ang habilin sa akin is honk my horns 3 times pagbaba ng bridge everytime dadaan ako dun especially during wee hours in the morning. so far ala pa naman ako nakikita, and i wouldn't want to see one. Hilig ko pa naman night travel palagi on my way dyan sa North twice a month.
    i'm also familiar with this. cant remember who told me pero ok lang kung mag-wander sya dun sa bridge basta wag lang sya sasakay or else. wouldn't want to join her wandering on the bridge in the future.

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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by mazdamazda
    btw... how come in this hi-tech world of ours... there are still some things that can't be explained by science?
    i read somewhere that when you had some eerie experience in time and space, it's those invisibile mini-black holes as big as a house or a bldg. that collide with earth.

    science has no way of detecting these black holes in space, but they are quite convinced that it exists.

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    Sep 2003
    Pag gabi, along the dark portions of Macapagal Ave., I don't see ghosts, but a lot of "ASWANGs", in blue, complete with name tags.
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    Jan 2006
    While I was still in the AF eons ago, I spent half of my day off (Saturday) at work briefing weather for aircraft on cross-country flights. It was a cloudy, rainy, and overcast day which reflected my attitude during that day. But, after briefing the last pilot and I headed out, I was in high spirits.

    During the drive home, I was contemplating to go shop at the mall. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a C-130 Herky flying relatively low in the near foothills. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with it. When it disappeared behind a ridge, I thought nothing more of it.

    Then, I suddenly got a heavy sinking feeling. I couldn't explain it at the time. But, I decided to head home pronto. As soon as I closed the door, the phone rang.

    It was one of the air traffic controllers and he was under a lot of stress. I asked him what was going on and he replied, "Sir, uh, we were tracking an aircraft from XXXX enroute to YYYY and..... uh, it disappeared from our radar screen and our uh, we're not getting any responds to our aircraft hails, we're not sure, uh, they didn't give any uh, indication of air........"

    I cut him off right there and told him to immediately do a recall of his section's disaster control team and implement procedures for an "aircraft mishap" scenario.

    I did the same for mine and went back to the office. Any thoughts of my day being ruined took a backburner to the emergency at hand.

    As it turned out, an aircraft did crash and it was the C-130 I noticed earlier. The debris was spread out over a square mile with no single piece longer than 3 feet. Needless to say, all souls on board were lost. It was also one of the aircraft I briefed via uhf radio.

    It turned out, a fire broke out on board which caused the plane to crash. So, weather was ruled out as a factor (and kept my butt from hot water).

    What was strange was that the flight route of the doomed plane was a very long way from where I saw it. Air traffic and radar said the aircraft did not deviate from its route until the inflight emergency and it would've flown even farther away from where I was at.
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    Oct 2003
    nung early 90's when i was in college, during our thesis days (we'd often stay in school para bantayan ang thesis experiment), i was on my way to paranaque-baclaran coming from diliman at around 1am, antok na antok. kasabay ko GF ko and she was sleeping beside me on the front passenger seat. wala pang mga flyover sa edsa at the time and nakatulog ako before the edsa-buendia intersection and nagising ako past the edsa-pasay road intersection. dalwang stoplight nakatulugan ko. nung pababa na ng magallanes flyover and going about 80kmh, parang half-sleep ako (yung feeling na para ka na lang nakasakay and hindi ka na nagmamaheno). bigla may nakita akong taong nakatayo sa harapan ng sasakyan (about 1 feet away), naka-red na tshirt, nakaturo ang kanang kamay sa akin at nakatitig ang mata sa mata ko. (yung para bang bigla na lang nag-materialize and didn't look like he was walking or crossing the street.) siyempre bigla akong preno. halos umikot ang kotse. (buti na lang walang kotse sa likod ko.) muntik pa mapasubsob ang GF ko sa dashboard. buti na lang walang mga kotse sa likod. tingin-tingin ako pero wala namang tao around. i think i stayed on the spot for a good 2-3 minutes to look around kung may taong tumakbo. wala. deserted all over ang kalye. (ni wala ngang mga bus which i really found weird.)

    umandar ako ng konti at tumigil sa pinakamalapit na gas station about a hundred or so meters away. wala namang tama ang kotse. siyempre kinabahan kami ng GF ko.

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    Apr 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by oldblue
    eh yun jingle na jingle na kayo, na-experience nyo na tapos stuck in traffic na walang galawan. I experienced this once, tinapon ko laman ng mineral water ko, tapos sumimple ako. kabado ko sobra kasi 250ml lang kaya nun bottle
    eh di dapat two rounds...

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    Apr 2004
    sometimes kung feeling niyo may tao sa tabi niyo pero wala... sometimes its not ghost... minsan mga US military officers daw yun... one project went wrong, they were trying to make a ship invisible... almost successful, kaso nasama yun mga tao and they cant restore the people back... i think philadelphia project yun...

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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by van_wilder
    eh di dapat two rounds...

    kaya mo pigilin pag ni let go mo na lalo na pag ipon na ipon nasa sa bladder. i've attempted that already masakit :

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    Mar 2005
    how about white smoke? anybody here experienced this?

    back in college, I was driving home with my dad's owner jeep after an evening exam. pagdating ko dun sa kanto ng cemetery dyan sa Makati, bigla natanggal left front tire ng jeep, buti na lang naka 2nd gear pa lang naman. subsob lang inabot ko.

    panic to the max ako. add to the fact that the next day, 800am ang next exam ko. went to buendia on foot desperately looking for a phonebooth at 10pm and left our open jeep with all my things in it. sa kaka-worry ko, di ko namalayan I was waking na sa inner lane ng buendia, and then I heard this bus blow the horn at my back. next thing I remember, it was all white smoke when I turned back. then I saw the bus in front of me na. got to a phone booth. and my dad and mechanic went to the rescue. I never studied na coz gabi na din kami nakauwi. then it turned out that I got the highest grades on those two exams compared duon sa ibang inaral and prepare ko during that finals weekend. weird ... but true.

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