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    Oct 2002
    for everyday used? be it clutch, shoulder/sling or backpack bags?

    what brand? ano bang magandang sling over the shoulder bag?

    sino na nakatry sainyo gumamit ng pacsafe bags?

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    Dec 2003
    no bags for me....di naman ako ahente

  3. Join Date
    Mar 2004
    back pack na jansport.. kailangan na palitan.. tastas na yung tahi after 10yrs of constant use...

  4. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    I just use a messenger bag large enough to carry some office documents, a PSP, Ipod, a portable HD. As for brands, I have a crumpler, a Fino and a LV Abbesses. :D

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    Nov 2006
    i dont get the ahente joke with thte bag? slow yata ako tonight

    i bring a backpack with me often esp. when i have my photog gear with me. pag hindi naman and i still have to bring around a couple of stuff i have a messenger bag for it.

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    May 2005
    yup, i do. for my laptop and alls sorts na minsan nakakalimutan ko na na nandun kaya punong-puno na yung bag, masyado na bulky.

    at saka pag nag-grocery/shopping si kumander, ako taga-bitbit ng plastic bags.

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    Oct 2002
    paminsan-minsan pag me laro ng basketball or badminton, pero madalas sa oto lang sya bitbit ko lang sya pag gagamitin ko na.

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    Apr 2004
    when i was commuting, used to bring either messenger or backpack. no clutch bags for me hehehe

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    Sep 2007
    I carry with me a body bag... tapos ang laman halos puro pampapogi lang and gadgets like my PSP and MP3 player. Haha! Tapos i also carry a camera bag, syempre digicam lang laman nun and extra battery para handy kasi madalas ako kumuha ng stolen shots. Minsan clutch bag dala ko tapos puro food lang laman... ^_^

  10. #10
    It depends, pag kailangan. I usually use my backpack whenever i have an overnight or out of town activity for my stuff such as clothes, and other papers. I also used to carry a weapon thats consealed in a hipbag.

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do you carry a bag? (for men only)