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    Jul 2006
    I'm throwing this thread out there for those who are proud of what they've rebuilt. Rebuilding things can be a pain in the ass for those who are not used to it but definitely a calming hobby for those who love to troubleshoot, tinker and generally want to give a second life to broken equipment.

    For work I'm currently rebuilding a vacuum pump for the school's chemistry department, among other tasks. Not a big task after being able to successfully rebuild two pumps that yielded great results, but this last one is proving stubborn because the mating surfaces are gouged so with another disassembled pump I'm hoping to create at least one good pump out of two bad ones.


    How it is supposed to look like

    More pumps to test, some to rebuild

    Just a while ago I swapped the fan blade and fan clutch of my 300D. Not really rebuilding it per se because I did not have the silicone to refill the clutches, but the good one had silicone left so I just installed it as it is and hoped for the best. We'll see how it performs this coming week

    I also took out the radio of my mother's 1992 Corolla because the tape deck ate her cassette, which she uses as review material. Needless to say the tape was beyond hope, it got broken so it's not salvageable. However I was able to install a nice factory clock on it, something I've been wanting to do for months but just did not have enough reason to do so (now I did). Took me a few hours to realize the plastics in that car are so brittle they easily break. It was difficult because I had to remove the underdash panel, the steering column covers, the lower dash panel, instrument cluster cover and eventually, the radio.

    Let's hear your stories.

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    Oct 2002
    man, it's been a long time. i have my DIY phases, but i prefer to build things from scratch (or from a kit), not rebuild broken things.

    a few months ago i installed shelving in the garage and built a HT component cabinet. that was the last thing i did. i also fixed the hurricane shutter system on my house's second floor (that was fun - working with a drill, wrenches, and 20-lb razor sharp aluminum panels, 30 feet up in the air in gusting winds :nerves: ) last year.

    future projects: none at the moment

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    Oct 2002
    this is my ongoing DIY project....

    4 years na in the making pa rin... hehehe

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    Sep 2006
    just replaced the front rotors on my car and flush the fluid with Motul blue.

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    Mar 2006
    cleaned my iacv and

    throttle body

    tsaka replace my thermostat and thermoswitch

    tapos a little minor plumbing around the house. hanggang ganyan lang kaya ng powers ko siguro next attempt ko pag lagay ng switch sa power antenna ko...pero dito medyo hesitant ako kasi electrical na

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    Oct 2002
    two months ago, i painted my clear corner lamps to amber, following instructions i've read sa MMPC.

    ok lang kinalabasan.

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    Jul 2006
    nung weekend, i've removed the aircon fan (under the dash) & cleaned it. namatay kc si mickey & minnie mouse doon. hanggang ngayon puzzled pa rin kung paano nakapunta sila doon!

DIYers - What have you done lately?