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    Oct 2003
    This was just forwarded to me. Is it fact or fiction? That I don't know that's why I posted it here for everyones info to extrapolate. Have a nice day to all!

    ================================================== ======
    Call center jobs: Maybe this is the reason they get paid so much...for just being on the phone..

    read on..

    Tech Support: "I need you to right-click on the Open Desktop."

    Customer" Ok."

    Tech Support: "Did you get a pop-up menu?"

    Customer: "No."

    Tech Support: "Ok. Right click again. Do you see a pop-up menu?"

    Customer "No."

    Tech Support:: "Ok, sir. Can you tell me what you have done up until this point?"

    Customer: "Sure, you told me to write 'click' and I wrote 'click'."


    Customer: "I received the software update you sent, but I am still getting the same error message."

    Tech Support: "Did you install the update?"

    Customer: "No. Oh, am I supposed to install it to get it to work?"


    Customer:: "I'm having trouble installing Microsoft Word."

    Tech Support:: "Tell me what you've done."

    Customer: "I typed 'A:SETUP'."

    Tech Support:: "Ma'am, remove the disk and tell me what it says."

    Customer:: "It says '[PC manufacturer] Restore and Recovery disk'."

    Tech Support:: "Insert the MS Word setup disk."

    Customer:: "What?"

    Tech Support: "Did you buy MS word?"

    Customer: "No..."


    Customer:: "Do I need a computer to use your software?"

    Tech Support:: ?!%#$


    Tech Support:: "Ok, in the bottom left hand side of the screen, can you see the 'OK' button displayed?"

    Customer: "Wow. How can you see my screen from there?"


    Tech Support:: "What type of computer do you have?"

    Customer:: "A white one."


    Tech Support:: "Type 'A:' at the prompt."

    Customer:: "How do you spell that?"


    Tech Support: "Is your computer on a separate telephone line?"

    Customer: "No." (clicks the button to log on to our service)

    Tech Support:: "Well then we can't-"

    Customer:: "It says 'no dial tone'."

    Tech Support: "That's because you're on the line with me right now. You need to-"

    Customer:: "No, that's not it. It does this all the time. I just have to try a few times, and it will let me through."

    Tech Support:: "No, ma'am. It's not even trying to dial right now because you're on the phone with me."

    Customer: "It must be busy. I'll try again later."


    Tech Support: "What's on your screen right now?"

    Customer: "A stuffed animal that my boyfriend got me at the grocery store."


    Tech Support:: "What operating system are you running?"

    Customer:" Pentium."


    Customer: "My computer's telling me I performed an illegal abortion."


    Customer: "I have Microsoft Exploder."


    Customer: "How do I print my voicemail?"


    Customer: "You've got to fix my computer. I urgently need to print a document, but the computer won't boot properly."

    Tech Support: "What does it say?"

    Customer: "Something about an error and non-system disk."

    Tech Support: "Look at your machine. Is there a floppy inside?"

    Customer: "No, but there's a sticker saying there's an Intel inside."


    Tech Support: "Just call us back if there's a problem. We're open 24 hours."

    Customer: "Is that Eastern time?"


    Tech Support:: "What does the screen say now?"

    Customer: "It says, 'Hit ENTER when ready'."

    Tech Support:: "Well then... what's the problem?"

    Customer: "How do I know when it's ready?"

    Now you know.... Why they get paid... for just being on phone...
    ================================================== ===

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    Oct 2002
    true story from Convergys...

    a man calls to complain that his "cup holder" is broken.

    it turns out that he is using his CD-ROM Drive as a cup holder.

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    Oct 2002
    Too funny.

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    Dec 2003
    para justified ang higher than average compensation nila hehe

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    Jul 2003
    hahahahahaha takte talaga

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    Oct 2002
    Dati nga pala, may tumawag sa shop namin, mga lunch time...

    Person A: "Bukas ba kayo today?"
    Me: "Opo, hanggang 8pm po.."
    Person A: "Ng gabi o umaga?"

    Person B: "Magkano carwash?"
    Me: "80 po, kasama na vacuum"
    Person B: "Di kasama pagtuyo?"

    Sarap din minsan maging phone tech hehe.

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    theveed: Wag kang maingay, Ako yung tumawag :lol:

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    Oct 2002
    sabi nanga ba eh hehehehe.

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    Oct 2003
    hirap trabaho sa callcenter. kelangan sobrang patience. Sa totoo lang kulang pa sueldo sa amin.

    Outbound sales Agent: I'm looking for Mr. Larry Johnson.
    Customer: Sorry, he's deceased.
    Outbound sales Agent: I'm sorry to hear that, what kind of disease?

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    Feb 2005
    Harharharhar!!! hehhe funny. Sabi den ng pinsan ko magpapakamatay ka sa mga problema ng mga kano... sha kase nextel ang hawak nyang product minsan tatanong pa nila sayo bat sira daw phone yun pala nde naka on. Amp.
    Then someone told me this story. Sa link2support ata yung co. Parang galit na ata yung customer so he was trying to intimidate the tech support. "Can i speak to your supervisor?"
    Tech support: "I'm sorry but my supervisor isn't around."
    Customer: "How about someone who's higher than the supervisor?"
    T.S: "I'm sorry but he's also not around."
    C: "Can i talk to ANY of your superiors?"
    T.S: "Sorry sir, no one's around right now. Would you like to talk to my CREATOR?"

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