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  1. FrankDrebin Guest
    Declare daw kayo mamaya pagkatapos ng war sa ADC. Mainit daw tayo sa FV. ADC uli!

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    Oct 2002
    magdedeclare ang ADC sa DSP after ng war. hindi naman tayo pwede magdeclare agad sa ADC. meron 1hr grace period.

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    Oct 2002
    Kaya wag muna mag tsikot pag opening for business sa bordello! Sayang, kung online lang ako,pinagkukuha ko sana yung 10-10-41s mo.

    Tsaka buy thugs kaagad, may mga snipers na tulad ko, umaatake ng mga bagong bust ng police.

  4. FrankDrebin Guest
    Unahan na natin ang ADC sa DSP.

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    Oct 2002
    Ang tanong sinong online mamaya para magdeclare agad?

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    Oct 2002
    online ako mamaya

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    Oct 2002
    good job guys on the last round.

    some comments on the round:

    - helterskelter looks like a spy. we still cannot confirm this although his inaction during the last hour of the game was dubious.
    - the diplomacy tactic didn't work this round. plus, the "gang of 5" tactic is very hard to beat. notice that when a "gang of 5" attacks us, they rarely attack me or helter (as they perceive us as the strongest pimps).
    - many pimps are using the "whore pump" cheat. i've suspsected the following gangs of using this: AOE, FV, WMD. a former WMD member, blueballs, confirmed to me in chat that WMD is pumping accounts and that they have multi accounts inside WMD.

    although, we still have a lot of improvements to make:

    - all passwords will be kept by me. we'll assign the "backups" of each player and give them their passwords.
    - our cellphone's use should be maximized. we'll post the numbers at the board next time. send a notice to your "backup" if you can't go online.
    - no more personal attack outs will be made one day before declaring on the police.
    - we will play as individuals for the first few weeks of the round. this is to maximize our JP.
    - minimize attack outs during the first few weeks of the round. attacking is pointless at this time.
    - we'll try to exclude outsiders from the gang the next round. seems that we also have been a victim of a spy this round.

    until then, this is all for now. keep posted as our tactics might change if the "city block" feature is added the next round. if this come up, I'll try to negotiate a merger with AA. from what I've seen, they are one of the honest gangs left.

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    Mar 2004
    Go go go.. sorry team for i cant contribute and the reason for not winning the police war... SORRY again.. till next round ....

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    Oct 2002
    First of, good game TPI.

    Secondly, WMD did not pump their hos. It was DSP's tactics last round to let a multi open and when the skills improved to a 7 or higher, they attack the weaponless multi by hos. When the rewards were changed this round, notice how DSP whined about it but if you look closely, it was the change that forbids whore transactions to players with the same IP that they were really against to simply because they can not do what they did last round. When they saw that WMD were a lot stronger than they were, they started the rumor that WMD pumped their hos. You see, DSP was just content to re-use their strategy from last round. WMD on the other hand used their strategy developed mid last round which I believe was the same strategy Helter used. Eto na yung strategy nila..... get good looking hos and work them. When you have your hos skills improve to 2, sell them and wait for good cheap hos in the market. DSP usually pump hos and use the market to transfer them since the rewards was changed nga..... mabilis yung transaction and miski yung T2 namin sa office, minsan hindi umaabot dun sa mga skilled hos na lumalabas ng mabilis. Isa pang nagbebenta ng matataas na skills sa market is Multiview. This guy is unbelievable.... he favors the market side of the game instead of JPs. Kung makikita nyo si Multiview sa hood nyo early on in the next round, attack nyo for whores Napaka-bagal nitong strategy na to and only those that has patience do good on this startegy.

    Thirdly, Helter is not a spy. PaganPimp was though... that's why we disbanded. I saw Helter online less than 10 minutes before reset last night and it was obvious that he was frantically attacking non-stop. His name kept on appearing in PCC which basically means he was being sniped as his networth was dwindling dramatically. I thought TPI got itself a good pimp considering Helter sacrificed his round just to help you guys beat the cops. Hinahabol nya kasi yung reset. Ako din siguro considering na 25/25 ang attacks out dahil nga hindi fight night, malamang na ganun din ang ginawa ko since every attack is vital..... no room for mistakes ika nga since 25/25 lang yung attacks out. You have to consider that Helter came from CWSPP and kung ako ang may multi, bakit ko ilalagay sa CWSPP? He could have stayed in CWSPP this round but a misunderstanding about war tactics pissed him off kaya lumarga.....

    Lastly, JPs isn't as important this round. Mas importante ang sniping. I learned how to snipe from the best (PaganPimp aka SirCross), hehehe. Kailangan nga lang na mabilis ang connection mo.

    Next round, madaming changes so tama lang na maghintay muna tayo. Hindi na uubra yung 5-man gang since by territory na ang labanan.

    I tried to be an indy but it didn't worked out kaya balik gang na ako. Kung magme-merge kayo ng AA baka Samantha na lang muna ako. Right now, I could only point to SWAT, AA, and ADC as gangs that have played close to being honest.
    Last edited by Macky; August 30th, 2004 at 01:16 PM.

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    Oct 2002
    haha. nabuhay si macky dahil sa BB.

    anyway, hindi ko pa rin matanggal sa isip ko ang allegations in Bama / Blueballs about WMD.

    sa attack log, nakita ko yung mga attack ni dom4hire pumasok kay helter. ewan nga ba't bigla na lang nawala si helter. still no so sure about this guy. pero, ok naman at maganda ang participation sa lahat ng war namin.

    sniping? hahaha... buset na buset na kami jan. sobrang chamba lang ng snipes namin. kahit si helter hindi rin maka snipe (nung nag war kami against AOE).

    kakaiba nga rin yung tactic nila helter/WMD sa pag akyat ng hood. malayo rin ang agwat sa akin ni helter. more than 15K. lahat na ng klaseng pamimiga sa hos nagawa ko. hehehe...

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