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    Jul 2003
    Kaya pala biglang natahimik ang balita.

    Nightmare of the worst kind
    SPY BIZ by S.A. Maguire
    The Philippine Star 07/13/2004

    Xavier School parents are reportedly having a nightmare of the worst kind. Our Greenhills Spy-ring disclosed that the school has recently been plagued by a gambling epidemic. This problem blew up in the public's consciousness during the whitewashed shootout between a son of a former legislator and a son of a businessman. The high school freshman son of a former chair of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), who is feuding with a female former PSE chair, reportedly lost P500K to the gambling syndicate headed by the former legislator's son. The boy received death threats by text prompting the prominent stockbroker to pay the syndicate. Other parents are fuming because their children amassed debts disproportionate to their allowances. The schoolís total betting pool for the NBA finals allegedly exceeded P5-M. The authorities should investigate and stop the gambling-by-text trend that is on the verge of becoming a Metro-wide epidemic. Worse, some parents are considering raising vigilante groups to protect the children. If people get hurt because of indiscriminate vigilante action, the Philippines will surely end up on the short and of CNNís World News again. By any stretch, this problem is certifiably one of the worst kind of nightmare for all of us.

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    Oct 2002
    yes, this is true. the XSHS prefect of discipline told me about the problem himself, and the school authorities are definitely aware of the problem and are trying to control it. they're worried about the harassment to the students who can't pay huge debts.

    actually, hindi lang sa xavier HS yan. the gambling thing exists in other upscale high schools and universities too for sure :whoa:

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    Oct 2002
    di kaya nafi-fix ng anak ni jawo ang nba results? gawa ng tatay nya yun sa pba nung araw e, nyahahaha!

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    Oct 2002
    how does a high school kid walk get his hands on 500k anyway, regardless of how rich his parents are?

    i'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this kid probably won't grow up a productive, humble member of society (sarcasm)

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    Oct 2002
    I agree with M54 and Mbt, Its an epidemic na nga,siguro yung XS is only a small part. im sure kahit sa ibang schools laganap na din tong gambling na to. be it highschool or college, tsaka ang tagal na nito umiikot around more than 4 yrs na i think. Easy money is so tempting kasi, pero may mali na talaga if pumapayag ka na tumaya ng 100k ang isang bata ...haay pilipinas!

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    Nov 2002
    kalat talaga yan.. may mga kakialla ako na mga bookee.. depende din yan.. siyempre kung magpapataya ka dapat makakbayad

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    Oct 2002
    eh paano, bagsak ang stock market, kaya anak pusta ka na lang muna sa ending

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    Oct 2002
    kahit admu kalat yan. tumataya ako dati, pero maliit lang and matagal ko ng tinigil. i quit when i was ahead.

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    Oct 2002
    m54 powered,

    that's the thing hehe... the kids DON'T have 500K (i heard some single bets are as high as that or even higher), so the debt piles up until the parents are forced (and usually, they do out of pity for their children) to bail them out.

    usually the students get the money from their winnings in the betting, i heard of some people winning 120,000 bucks in a day, doubtless there are many who get away with much more :whoa:

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    Oct 2002
    sosyal naman kasi ng mga yan!!!

    nung tumataya kami dati (kami kami lang), P10 lang!!! :D

    tapos piso-pisong tong-its lang... :D

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