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    Nov 2006
    My dirty engine bay. Still * speedlab for tuning.

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    Mar 2010

    our c63 and x5m at cnc irvine.

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    Ganda ng mga rides mo sir foresterx!

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    Mar 2010
    thanks bro.

    btw i was able to push both cars for the first time at mulholland drive and big bear mountain where there are lots of twisty roads and mixed of uphill downhill. also was able to drag race both side by side here's my take on both:

    c63- this car is tuned already to 521bhp instead of the stock 471bhp, very very fast. i've driven lots of fast cars and this car can hold it's own agains the fastest cars out there. on the twisty road you have to be an experienced driver to be able to push it to it's limits or you'll oversteer a lot and probably crash. since i wasn't the best driver out there, i was afraid to push this car on the twisty roads of mulholland drive and bigbear mountain. all i know is this car wanted to turn much faster than i could handle, my driving couldn't do the car justice. probably next time when i take it to the race track so i wouldn't be afraid to crash. on drag racing this car won't disappoint you, i drag raced against a modded evo X, a porsche turbo, M3 and our X5M. the evo X from what the owner told me he has atleast 380whp, that thing wasn't a match against the c63 wasn't even close to giving the c63 a challenge. the M3 and X5M we're atleast 5-6 car lengths behind. against the porsche turbo, i couldn't believe the c63 won i was sure i would lose but it was close race though. overall this car isn't a beginners car, like i said you have to be a good driver to push it to it's limits.

    X5M- my new favorite car, this car has every thing i would want in a car. comfy, nice leg room, big luggage space, has all the features that i need, fast, handles really great and best of all the maintenance is free for the next 5 years. of course that is if we don't talk about the FC and the sound system could've been better. first, on the twisty road you'll be impressed at how good this handles, it has a better handling compared to my old STi and the evo X that was with us. i knew it has a great handling but i couldn't believe how great it was especially since it's an SUV, stock and lightly modded STi's and evo's won't keep up with this car on a twisty road. that's how good it handles, i could just imagine how it would handle if you replace the stock tires to a better one. drag racing this car is no slouch either, it was side by side against the M3 and the launch control does amazing things on drag racing, one thing that i wish the c63 had. i love this car a lot, it's a total sleeper. a lot of people would think it's just an ordinary X5 but it's a lion underneath a sheep's clothing, the plus factor of being a sleeper is not every wanna be racer is trying to race me at every stop light. all i know is do not underestimate this car.

    the transmission of both these cars are so good that it can change gears much faster, better and smoother than i ever could. i can now understand why it's an A/T and didn't make an M/T version of it. also, i used to think that the evo's and sti's we're some of the fastest cars available since it could keep up on the track against cars twice or 3x more their price and horse power, but the x5m would just totally destroy the evo and sti on the track not sure about the c63 since i couldn't push it to it's limit but it would surely give it a hard time trying to keep up on the track and would just destroy both cars on a drag race. the car industry has changed a lot and both the evo and sti is just falling behind.

    the X5M is now my dream car next to a lambo diablo gtr and porsche gt2 rs, and i just can't believe that i can drive one every day i'm here at the states. sorry for the long post, i just had to share because of how amazed i am by both cars and totally changed the word "fast" for me.

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    Mar 2009
    Yabang ...

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    Apr 2007
    Hang-ganda naman niyan!

    Lalo na kung andito sa pinas yan, dudumugin yung C63. Hahaha

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    Apr 2011
    Good day mga sir, new here

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    98 lancer GLXi (Matic)
    94 Toyota corolla XE
    2004 Mazda 3 Hatch

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    Feb 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by foresterx

    our c63 and x5m at cnc irvine.

    Nice exterior shots! Any chance you can also post interior pics?

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    Feb 2007
    Up on this. Any interior pictures of the C63 an X5M? hmmm

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    Mar 2010
    bro i just got back here in the philippines yesterday so i won't be able to take interior pictures. as soon as i get back to the states next month i'll post more interior pictures.

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