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    Oct 2005
    My 1992 Sentra Super Saloon AT

    Got my Sentra like this

    Running, no brakes. needs overhauling, has no smoke from exhaust though.

    No wiper, palyado, with faded paint but very fresh body. Has no kalampag. and still astonishing AC system which is still about as cool as my Accent even though it was neglected.

    1st owned but was junked. The previous owner had lots of other cars.

    Had 1st overhauled the engine and brakes and drained the ATF.

    The GA16DE was my college bestfriend. My war car back then was a grey 1993 Sentra Super Saloon (B13 gen1) Manual transmission

    Overhauled and set right 'timing'... wala na pala sya sa timing nung nakuha ko.

    After being done with the engine. It's time to freshen up the outer shell. Now it is for repaint

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    Oct 2005
    ay bakit ganito thread ko? hahaha

    hindi 'a new vehicle is created' hahahaha!

    anyway, tuloy ko na

    it's for repaint na...

    making kalikot the side mirror. stucked up motors + screw driver and bit of WD40 = Voila! it's working again; tibay ng Sentra!

    Various stuffs front fender 3 liner moulding, grill, center caps...

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    Oct 2005

    still needs rubbing compound, liha and buffing.

    Still a work in progress.

    Had recently replaced pilot lamps, rear garnish(from youdexter) 1 pc injector(from j3ck-j3ck), alternator, brake master, hydrovac and wiper motors (bassjerk).

    Now in Streetspecs for electricals diagnosis and repairs (done) and now for tranny replacement. SCPH has helped me a lot in sourcing out parts for my Sentra. Long live SCPH and our Sentras. *Cheers*
    Those were some SCPH/CNS peeps who helped me with my Sentra restoration project.

    December 30, 2011 bought a surplus JDM tranny. now runs and shifts smoothly.

    Feb 8, yesterday.

    Repaired Steering Clamp Bushing for 500 bucks for 2 pc and 700 petot for labor.

    No more play and front suspension kalampag. Beri gud jab at banawe

    deciding to further improve the interior. i went to a common friend's accessory shop and decided to put some LEDs on

    some ini-meenie-mini modz..

    *New LED Gauge and AT indicator lights
    *New Ceramic HL Sockets
    *New Crystal White Bulbs
    *Raised front and rear plates (used tilting plate holder at the rear)with acrylic covers
    *Steering wheel cover

    bought a roll of 3M double sided too, to put on some missing mouldings and badges. completed the center caps too.

    at pag sinuswerte ka nga naman, got a good deal out of a good used Sony GT262S CD/MP3/WMA Headunit. Sariwang sariwa, got it dirt cheap and installed for free.

    Thank you Bro for the money I burned yesterday hehehehe

    Really happy with my Sentra

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    Oct 2005
    Feb 21, 2008

    Targa x652c Seps
    Alpine v12 thumb mrv-f710 amp
    Pioneer 2150ubg
    & wiring

    at a good price at the other forums hehehe
    Good day SCPh! update ko lang. Feb 26, 2012

    Had a few hours yesterday for few needed repairs.

    My Sentra's been leaking PS fluid for a month, just noticed this recently cos the car is only being used 5-8 times (max) a month.

    Headed to banawe for a quick fix, a surplus good cond pressurized power steering hose

    1K for the hose, 400 bucks for the labor, some 200 again for the ATF/PS Fluid.

    No-more leaks now

    Also, found out that my wiper washer motor isn't working. Since, I'm already in the area and i know of a 'suki' who sells motors for a cheap price. I decided to bag one that day. So, i could save on hasle of going back again.

    Got my motor for 150 petot. I can't swallow a 250 labor charge for this, so i'll probably do it myself. on some of my free time again.

    Had my AC checked last week and was diagnosed to be needing a new Expansion Valve and Dryer, so i decided to get them as well.

    Had my compressir oil flushed as well. And the whole system overhauled and cleaned.

    Now my AC is just epic!

    New cars should be ashamed if they are not as cool as this one.

    I hope i had more time yesterday, I'd like to have it tinted and my new sound system be installed. That's probably for next sunday

    Will post pics later...


    after.... that's a new PS hose.

    surplus washer motor 150petot only

    then AC bits...

    Compressor Oil, Receiver Dryer and Expansion Valve

    -quite amazingly, the original compressor is still strong. pumps cool air that would put new cars to shame...

    Dirt cheap Sony Explode GT262S i got in Banawe, some few weeks back. It'll be replaced with a Pioneer HU next week
    Got an even better offer ^

    My next project, OEM power antenna to function again

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    Oct 2005
    March 15, 2012

    Bright cluster courtesy of LEDs

    sorry, blurry pics

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    Oct 2005
    Lunch break special ko kahapon. while lunch break sa work.

    pinagawa ko munang umilaw eto- march 18, 2012

    kumpleto na interior lights ko

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    Oct 2005
    newly tinted as of today
    as of april 7, 2012

    so far, as my restoration and budget can produce so far, hehehehe

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    Oct 2002
    So... what have you spent so far between the purchase price of the car and the stuff you have bought and labor?

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    Oct 2005
    more than the price of the car GH as I purchase it secondhand. patawarin mo na, it's my childhood favorite car :D hehehe...
    Last edited by basti08; June 21st, 2012 at 05:32 PM.

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    Oct 2002
    I would have chosen the Sunny "S" front grill over the "Nissan" version and gone for the later 14 inch alloy wheels than the early 13s.

    Also the wider rear license plate holder on the trunk lid (it was on the 94 version).

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