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    Sep 2008
    Hi has anyone have problem sa front suspension driver side? when on humps it creates a popping sounds. Ive been changing shock mounting 3x na and new shocks 1 time for a while nawawala but after a week bumabalik. any suggestion? THANKS

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    Dec 2004
    does it sound like metal? ala lata sound?

    Check if your hood rubber mounting at the side is missing

    I had problem with my hood I didnt notice the rubber mounting was gone. It made this really bad tin can sound when you go over bumps on the road

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    Sep 2008
    nope its not metal its kinda rattling sound they said its shocks absorber but i replace new one but they told me if i replace shocks it must be two pieces is that true?

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    Aug 2004
    Well, if you've already changed shocks as a pair, you shouldn't have to replace the other one again.

    It may be something with the mount or a bushing.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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