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    Jul 2003
    either way... kung bata kapa go for the mazda 3, kung family man ka na go for the altis

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    Aug 2003
    AMB thermostat is a 2.5k option on all mz3's (2.0R comes standard)
    is that a thermometer, or a digital climate control? if the latter, that's a pretty darn good deal!!! but if the former... well it's only a gimmick on the altis (i was kidding about that..)

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    Mar 2005
    If you add the Auto Climate controls, yes it's the later...without the Auto's the former pa rin. (you'll also need the solar sensors on the center dash and on the sensor at the back of the rear view mirror)

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    Jul 2005
    mazda3 "V" for me...
    pero ok na din yung "S"

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    Aug 2003
    oh well.. auto-climate control is a nifty trick when i first saw it on a BMW.. it would be nice to have, but no deal-breaker not to have.

    i was all convinced the altis E AT was a better deal than the mazda3 1.6V (and i thought i was a mazda fan!!) but the two airbags on the mazda vs the climate control on the altis..

    HOWEVER, the toyota usenet forums are full of these types of discussions. even the toyota users in the US love the mazda3.. but the general consensus seems to be, if you want conservative, bulletproof reliability, the corolla is still it.

    i've NEVER heard anyone say "mazda engines are more reliable than toyotas" but i've heard quite a few people saying the opposite. i don't know, either way this is an academic discussion for me, but then i drive a mazda.. (not a mazda3, unfortunately)

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    Oct 2002
    overall... the MZ3 V is a better buy than the Altis E.

    the Altis might have better straight line performance but the MZ3 will fare better when the road bends.

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    Aug 2003
    i keep hearing this story

    granted the MZ3 is probably the best-handling 1.6L car on the market. but people my age and bracket (the almost-30 or 30ish, with potential family in the future) in this market segment probably don't care about the twisties.. we care about hauling ass to work and home every day for years and years and years..

    much as i love the looks of the MZ3, right NOW, the corolla has the better reliability track record. of course next year toyota will probably have a new drool-inducing corolla but with teething problems which ALWAYS pop up in the first model year. then, the MZ3 might become the saner, safer buy..

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    Oct 2002
    1 vote for mazda (period)

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    Apr 2005
    Altis E a/t vs the Mazda 3 V, it's really a very difficult decision. So I got the Altis 1.8G - solved! hehe (btw it's cheaper than the Mazda 2.0 that time).

    between the two, I'd still go for the Altis simply because of the sluggish performance of the Mazda 3 - based on test drive lang naman so could be diff experience for Mazda 3 owners na.

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    Oct 2002
    Toyota's may have bulletproof reliability. But its not always the case. Our had its fair share of niggles and our AE101 was sold off barely a year old to be replaced by an 7th GEN Galant.

    Cars are not perfect so expect 'things' to come up every so often. In between those times, its nice to have a ride you really love.
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