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    Sep 2004
    Mga peeps, tanong ko lang on how to get to DBP Ave., FTI complex sa Taguig, assuming I'm coming from C-5 westbound (going to SLEX). According to the map I have, I could do the following:

    1. Cross C-5 via Bayani Road underpass
    2. Follow Cuasay St. heading straight towards Signal Village
    3. Turn right at Col. Bravo St.
    4. Turn left at Gen. Espino
    5. Turn right at the Army Road
    6. Cross Mayor Tanyag Ave. towards Electronics Ave.
    7. Head straight towards FTI Ave. into DBP Ave.

    Problema ko lang is, I'm not sure if this route is still accurate. The last time I was on C-5, bawal na pala mag-left turn going to San Guillermo Ave. ( I have to get inside The Fort and turn left at Market! Market! just to get to the eastbound lane of C-5). Especially for those in the Taguig area, what is the fastest way to get to FTI complex? Thanks in advance.

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    Apr 2005
    coming out of C5,
    one exit is thru SLEX which you have to turn left with above head sign SLEX.

    Going to FTI, straight ahead a little more after the first sign(SLEX) then turn left also to East Service Road, follow the road and you will find FTI complex. Medyo masikip ang daan going to because of some road construction.
    You can also see some PUJ public transport with sign FTI. para hindi ka maligaw.

    Note: Do not you go across the overpass of expressway before turn left because this is going to nichols or to the West Service Road.

    Hope this can help.

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    Aug 2006
    i am planning to go to fti complex in taguig. this is my first time to go there and i really dont have any idea on whats waiting for me there. please kindly assist me here guys. although some of our co tsikoteer already gave a direction going there but, still i didnt get it. kindly elaborate more the direction going here. thanks and God bless to all!

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    Oct 2002
    Tama ang sabi ni hotwheels...

    Basically, this is what I tell my friends to always remember when they go to FTI (it's behind my village).

    From C5

    1. Drive until the end of C5, but stay on the right lane especially if you already passed the area where the Libingan ng mga Bayani is. You're already near the exit by then.

    2. Take note that there are two exits at the end of C5: one is the bridge/overpass (left side) and the other one is the East Service Road exit (right side). Take the East Service Road exit.

    3. Turn left at the end of the exit. Stay on the left lane to avoid the jeepneys/buses that will stop on the road along the way.

    4. When you see the road divide, take the one on the left. Just go straight (ignore the rotonda, etc to avoid confusion) until you see a big gate. That's the main entrance of FTI already.

    *** Ingat lang sa pagpunta doon dahil delikado ang area lalo na kung gabi.

    Hope this helps! This is as simple as I can explain it.

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    Aug 2006
    thank you very much my friend that would be a big big help.

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    Oct 2002
    malapit ako s fti,call me kung pag may problem kyo s area. 09192261644

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    Aug 2006
    maraming salamat jedi. ok tawagan kita pag nagkaproblema kami sa fti. thanks ulit

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