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    Oct 2004
    My agent called me this morning to inform me about the upcoming release of the 2007 Kia Carens. Any info about this car? Sana mura lang ito.

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    Oct 2004
    Yup! We have a choice of petrol or CRDI .

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    Oct 2004
    Eto pa ibang pics

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    Oct 2004
    26 May 2006

    The all-new Kia Carens compact MPV (to be named ‘Rondo’ in North America) made its world premiere at the Madrid Motor Show today and will go on sale in Europe during the northern autumn (beginning of 2007 in North America). A little over 4.5 meters long, the New Carens will be marketed in two versions – with seven-seat and five-seat cabins – both featuring ‘European-specific’ frontal styling with unique twin-chrome-bar grille, lower centre air-intake and front bumper with inset air-intakes or fog lamps.

    Responding to consumer feedback and to developing market trends within the compact MPV sector, Kia conceived a next generation vehicle for active lifestyle families that blends the interlocking trends of MPVs and SUVs.

    New Carens is an all-new model – only the name of the previous model has been retained. Longer, wider and taller than its predecessor (by 55mm, 50mm and 40mm, respectively), the latest Carens does not share a single panel with the old model and its smoother exterior, with elegant detailing, results in significantly improved aerodynamics.

    The 4,545mm long New Carens’ aerodynamic Cd is a highly competitive 0.32 – down from 0.35 for the previous model – despite the latest vehicle’s increased cross-section and frontal area.

    Consumer clinics with Carens prototypes confirmed that a significant percentage of today’s compact MPV customers in many parts of the world would welcome a larger vehicle that could seat up to seven people – provided that any increase in overall length was kept to a modest level. Consequently, New Carens is higher and wider than the model it replaces, with a much longer wheelbase (up by 130mm or 5%), but it is only 55mm (or 1.2%) longer, thanks to skillful packaging design.

    “With New Carens we are presenting consumers with a surprisingly spacious yet compact MPV. Our Kia teams on several continents designed the new Carens to surpass the escalating expectations of Kia customers. They have created a truly competitive vehicle that is more stylish and more practical, and will complement modern families’ lifestyles however they spend their work or leisure time,” commented Jung-Moon Park, Senior Executive Vice President and COO of Kia Motors.

    “New Carens marks a major advance for our compact MPV model. It incorporates a host of significant improvements in every category – design, comfort, performance, versatility, quality and safety. I am sure that New Carens will certainly have great appeal to new and existing Kia customers across the world,” concluded Mr Park.

    Room for seven with greater versatility

    Making best use of the longer wheelbase and wider cabin, Kia engineers also created an innovative ‘shallow’ fuel tank mounted integrally with the rear suspension sub-frame, which allowed the rear cabin floor to be lowered by 40mm, boosting interior space and ensuring that the rear row seats in the seven-seater will accommodate two 1.8 metre adults in comfort.

    In both versions, the middle and/or rear row seats fold down to create a flat-floored luggage area. With five seats occupied, luggage space is more than 400 litres and with just the driver and front passenger on board, up to 2,106 litres of cargo can be carried.

    Two newly developed 2.0-litre engines, diesel engine with DPF

    Kia is offering European Carens customers a choice of one diesel engine and one gasoline engine (both Euro4 compliant), with manual gearboxes or automatic transmissions, so they can choose the power train that best suits their motoring needs.

    Kia’s upgraded four-cylinder 2.0 CRDi diesel engine features a variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) that comes with a diesel particle filter (DPF) as standard. It generates 103kW and has a six-speed manual gearbox. The twin-cam four-cylinder 2.0-litre ‘Theta’ gasoline engine, with continuously variable valve timing (CVVT), produces 106 kW and is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox.

    In North America, Carens will be offered with either a 2.4-litre 4-cylinder gasoline engine that produces 118kW or a 2.7-litre 6-cylinder gasoline engine that produces 138kW.

    All Carens engines will be available with a four-speed automatic transmission (as an extra-cost option), fitted with Kia’s Sport Mode system which offers drivers the choice of fully-automatic gear changes or driver-controlled sequential manual selection.

    Improved suspension, steering and braking

    New Carens’ significantly wider track (up by more than 80mm), longer wheelbase (up by 130mm), and stiffer bodyshell have inherent benefits for the new model’s agility, ride, handling and safety.

    The fully independent suspension systems, both front and rear, are designed to deliver responsive handling and a supple, comfortable ride. For agile handling in everyday driving, the New Carens model has a hydraulic power-assisted rack and pinion steering system with relatively high gearing, requiring just 2.86 turns of the wheel from lock-to-lock with the standard 16-inch wheels.

    New Carens’ braking system has larger and thicker ventilated front discs and solid rear discs for powerful, secure and stable braking performance, backed up by ABS with EBD. Stopping from 100km/h is achieved in a braking distance of just 41.8 metres.

    16 models in nine colours on sale from northern autumn 2006

    New Carens will appear in Kia dealer showrooms in Europe during the northern autumn (beginning of 2007 in North America). In most countries there will be a 16-strong model line-up (in a choice of nine distinctive exterior colors), with both the five-seater and seven-seater versions available in two equipment levels (LX and EX), with diesel or gasoline engines, manual or automatic transmissions, and an extensive range of optional equipment.

    Kia expects the New Carens to be a high-volume seller and targets sales of 150,000 units globally in 2007.

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    Sep 2006

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    Aug 2004
    We've discussed this in the Kia Carshow thread. Yes, the Carens is coming. Yes, it'll be diesel (2.0 CRDi turbodiesel locally), and yes, it's a very nice MPV.

    Unfortunately, since it'll be CBU (fully foreign assembled), it'll cost a bit... might start at just under 1 m.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    Not bad. A pity that Kia will have a tough sell in the higher end of the market... but the long march upmarket has to start somewhere

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    Oct 2004
    2.0 turbodiesel, hmm... hindi kaya bitin yun sa power? the innova has a 2.5 liter turbodiesel and yet the power seems just enough.

    anyway, since mukhang mahal ito, baka mag avanza na lang ako hehe

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    Sep 2004
    OT: pauwi ako manila this morning, saw at least 2 blue avanza's on the opposite side of sshway (southbound) ... ganda ng blue, kitang kita kahit lakas ulan :-)

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    May 2006
    KIA Pasay claims that they have already a unit in their backyard but it's damged daw and its CRDi. Price range is over a million.

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