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    Oct 2002
    malikot isip ko pag naalala jeep ads for gay

    seguro para sa mga combat zones, where mil gays are deployed!

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    Feb 2006
    I think it's for situations where you don't need a Humvee.

    Like for the National Guard... and the PNP-SAF.

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    Jun 2007
    Actually, this jeep is a tad bit more powerful than the HMMWV

    the humvee, with its 8-cylinder, 6.5 liter diesel, produces around 150 hp. Uparmoring the humvee only added to its weight, causing it to bog down and have poor maneuverability

    If I recall, the humvee wasn't also designed to be a frontline vehicle, leading to the horrendous losses in iraq as they were subjected to IEDs and RPGs.

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    Feb 2003
    ang biggest selling point ng j8 over the humvee is the cheaper cost, mas malaki commission maipapatanong ng defense department!

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    Jan 2006
    This part of the article should answer some questions...
    While not designed for front-line combat operations, the Jeep J8 is fully armour capable and excels in a variety of duties ranging from command vehicle to troop/cargo carrier, ambulance, communications vehicle and other duties – also making it suitable for civilian government applications. Heavy-duty bumpers with tow eyes allow the Jeep J8 to be easily transported by aeroplane or helicopter.
    The way I see it, its basically a lighter, more affordable, and more fuel efficient alternative to the big HUMVEE, something for lighter duty work.
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New Jeep J8 multi purpose/military model