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    Oct 2008
    Guys, I stumbled upon a teaser for the all new Isuzu D-MAX while I'm visiting the Isuzu Thailand website. Care to take a look what I saw?

    Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co.,Ltd.

    We think that this might be new all new Isuzu D-MAX!

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    Mar 2004
    looks like body updates lang. but im liking the steering wheel and the center console dash.

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    Jun 2008
    Nasa 1,200 rpm palang and it is almost 90kph na.. Wow! Kelan kaya ito.. Cool! Type ko din yung Center Console..

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    Oct 2008
    Okay, someone showed up the spyshots:

    What's your take?

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    Mar 2011

    The photos below are the ones that leaked in an Australian auto magazine about the all-new from ground-up (including the engine) Isuzu RT-50.

    As early as 2nd-quarter of 2011 it's been already rumoured that it comes with a plus-180 hp powerplant. It had undergone several tests in Chonburi, Thailand as related by a Thai contact.

    Quote Originally Posted by hinDMaxsiado View Post

    The spy-photos above should be the much talked-about plus 180 horsepower 2012 Isuzu RT-50

    Looks similar to this and it's just so unbelievably beautiful!!!!

    C'mon Isuzu Phils. you don't have much any excuses now.... You hafta bring-in here the DMax VGS Turbo now, yes the 2006 model 3.0-litre 4JJ1-TCX. We pretty much have accepted the fact that we Pinoys are always behind what's being offered elsewhere around the globe.... C'mon IPC be a good boy this time!

    How pathetic, my DMax 3.0 Ddi-iTEQ with a Racechip Pro doesn't even come close in terms of everything haha!!!!

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    May 2007
    looks like it share's platform and with the upcoming all new Chevy Colorado

    dalhin pa kaya ng chevy phils yung pickup nila?

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    Nov 2010
    More Pics!!! Bitin eh. hehehe

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    Apr 2007
    New Isuzu DMAX launched in Thailand

    Isuzu D-Max – all-new model makes debut in Thailand

    Bangkok Post : New Isuzu D-Max

    May Single Cab at may Double Cab.

    DMAX and Chevy Colorado bodies are jointly developed.

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    Nov 2010
    Halos same torque with the current Ranger at 380Nm for the 3.0 mill. Hindi pa yan yung pinaka-malupit na RT-50 pero worth noting yung addt'l points sa chassis, rear legroom at yung 5 speed AT.

    The company says that the new D-Max’s body is 42% stiffer than the old one, and will help bring about improved handling and ride. In the double-cab, the larger dimensions of the vehicle bring about more legroom space for rear occupants, who also get more comfy seats at the back.
    In terms of engines, three turbodiesel options abound – a 177 hp and 380 Nm 3.0 litre heads the list, followed by a 2.5 litre mill in two output tunes, the first being the familiar 116 hp and 280 Nm as seen on the current vehicle, and the other the VGS version offering 136 hp and 320 Nm. As for transmissions, there’s the usual five-speed manual, but the auto tranny is now a five-speed unit, bringing it in line with current expectation.

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    Mar 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Ry_Tower View Post
    Halos same torque with the current Ranger at 380Nm for the 3.0 mill. Hindi yan yung pinaka-malupit.

    That's more than good-enough for me for a utility pickup, and still an improvement from the current 4JJ1-TCX VGS, from 163 metric-hp to 180 metric-hp (if that is really 177 hp). For a body that weighs say 2650 kg, that is an increase of power-to-weight ratio of 69.23 ps per tonne.

    The current Philippine DMax's power-to-weight ratio is only 55.01 ps per tonne.

    At a hindsight Boss Ry_Tower, my Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke though produces 47 hp and it weighs only 95.7 kg. So just imagine how much power-to-weight ratio i get each time i hit the dirtroads in the mountains ....LOVELY-JUBBLY!

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