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    Aug 2003
    there was an article on this recently, pero not too many details. so far ang alam ko:

    1. prices start at 890k up
    2. uses non-CRDI 2.5L diesel engine
    3. comes in a variety of configurations -- commuter, delivery van, etc.

    Can anyone fill in the blanks? i'm guessing that safety features, creature comforts, and probably a rear aircon or two have been taken out

    oh btw, how do you think this measures up to the ever reliable L300? pag presyo pag uusapan e hands down L300 B)

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    Nov 2005
    Just saw a small banner of this as I passed through Hyundai in Shaw. It seems similar to what Nissan did to market the Urvan for business use as well.

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    Sep 2005
    Meron akong nakita na import na HSPU na Starex. Nagulat nga ako kala ko chop-chop! Starex ang front and truck yung likod!

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    Oct 2002
    Check out the later pages of the Starex thread in the diesel forum:

    1. The engine is the old school 2.6l normally aspirated version making 79bhp. This is the usual engine of commercial/cargo model Starex units in the world market.
    2. The cargo version has a cargo barrier to protect the driver.
    3. Not sure how much the added cost will be for a commuter version. Not sure about the seating configuration also.

    For business, the L300 easily wins even on purchase price alone.

    The Starex is a better ride if you are the ones doing your own rounds or if care about the well being of your employees. L300 FB's are also prone to kotong and the rear windows and locks are easily defeated making it prone to theft. The container version, on the other hand, is not exactly weathertight and is prone to leaks (hence the apperance of the 'WT' variant later on). Off loading is also easier with the Starex due to the sliding side door and wide opening rear doors.
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    Oct 2002
    ganda ng ambulance door ng starex ah...sana sa ordinary van may ganyan...

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    Oct 2002
    May SVX ata niyan sa Korea. Ganun yung Starex ng isang student sa UST dati. Dual rear wiper din. SVX grade ang trim at interior.

    May Club/Gold kaya?
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    Sep 2006
    Medyo naaning ata ako nung mabasa ko yung thread title na "Starex Pang-Negosyo Edition" tapos ambulansya nakita ko. Hehe,

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    Oct 2002
    'Ambulance doors' lang po ang tawag dun sa pinto sa likod. Cargo version po iyan (but with windows). May cargo version without windows din (aka blind van).
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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by badkuk View Post
    1. prices start at 890k up
    The sales rep at Hyundai Dagupan said that the version in the photo posted by Otep sells for P805,000 and another version with a full partition separating the front and rear cabin sells for P808,000. Neither variant has rear air conditioning, so maybe the P890,000 price you read about is for the one with rear aircon and seats.

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    Aug 2004
    Yeah. I was at Hyundai last week and we saw the base 800k model.

    I agree with Otep, if all you're interested in is counting beans, the L300 easily beats this in price... ruggedness? Considering they're using similar mechanicals, it could be even.

    But this provides a good alternative for delivery fleets and ambulance fleets. Better chassis, better looking, better ride... I always feel sorry for whoever has to ride in the stretcher in an L300 Ambulance... having tried it myself, I can tell you, it ain't fun.

    And you probably won't die of noxious fumes coming through a rusting rear fender... (if you've got an old L300, you know what I'm talking about)

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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Starex "pang negosyo" edition