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    Nov 2005
    my car 1997 honda vtec has a leak problem on its power steering oil seal . that is why its fluid gets drain . can I use gear oil instead so that the leak may be lessened since that oil is a little bit condensed.

    is it true that by removing the air cleaner would increase the power of the engine?

    what is the purpose of the small hose connected to the rack end boots. what would be the problem , had this been disconnected.

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    Mar 2007
    Power steering fluid = Automatic gear oil. Same thing. Although saying that, Honda's don't particularly like any other P/S fluid apart from Honda's own.

    In general, anything that restrics the engine will cause it to lose power. Obviously an air filter is a restriction, BUT, it cleans the air coming in protecting the engine from sucking up debris and stuff that my damage internals. Also some aftermarket air filters with a large amount of money put into R&D, have spent a lot on tuning the filters for best filtration without restricting too much.

    For the sake of a few ponies you'd gain by removing the air filter, it's not worth the risk !!

    Hose on the rack is a breather I believe..

    Hope that helps

power steering fluid/ air cleaner