Just wanna help my fellow tsikoteers in the cavite area, I had may prehistoric 96 vti overhauled 6 months ago, before that talagang headache, lalo na nung nag ka problema iyung transmission ko nagpunta ako sa casa, they were charging me almost 50k for the overhaul,6 mpnths ang warranty and 3 weeks to fix , WTF!!! , met a mechanic named mel casaba,sa kanya ako nag pa over haul, he fixed it for 23k(overhaul tranny,automatic), 1 year warrany and he did it in 2 days, astig dba!!!!, dinamay na nya lahat, replaced the timing belt, tune up, RACV cleaning, injectors, lahat ng leaks and did not even charge me a single penny... nice dba, just wanna share these para in case you will also have problems with your automatic tranny, especally Honda's, you can go there for free check up,(unlike sa casa, may libreng kape nga, may bayad naman check up, hehehehehe) still coming from QC, sa project 8, pero still have car checked sa cavite, para sa ating mga carlovers na gipit sa budget pero expecting good service... lagay ko lang link nya dito para ma check nyo address niya,
certified honda technician talaga siya, complete with certificates, real honest pa...

galing pa din yata siya BMW, kaya malufetttt hehehehe
happy motoring!!!!