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    Jan 2006

    'CR-Z' stands for 'Compact Renaissance Zero'-an expression intended to capture the idea of a renaissance in the design of compact cars that begins anew from fundamentals.

    This design research model of a lightweight hybrid sports car features advanced technologies that deliver enjoyable driving for all while reducing the vehicle's environmental footprint.

    Exterior design

    Designed to be 'Futuristic and Dynamic', the Honda CR-Z combines powerful performance in a compact form with a futuristic image. For its frontal view, an over-sized grill with a high-performance look is offset by openings on each side that lighten the overall feel. In the rear, tube-shaped rear combination lamps ensure better rearward visibility. Design details emphasizing the Honda CR-Z's advanced image include door mirrors that provide high visibility in a stylish form, LED headlights patterned after luminous bodies to convey a sharp impression, and jauntyfin-shaped

    Interior design

    The key words for the Honda CR-Z's interior design are 'Hi-tech and Sporty'. The goal was to create an all-new sporty interior that fuses the liberating feel of airy spaciousness with an advanced interface that brings out the fun of the drive. Mesh material on a simple framework construction is used throughout the interior to convey a light, sophisticated image without being oppressive. In the cockpit, the meter unit conveys the image of advanced technology ensconced in a piece of glass artwork, offering the functionality of immediate recognition while enhancing the driving experience with a futuristic and exhilarating feeling.

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    Oct 2002
    Hmmm... the rear looks like it was inspired by the C30.

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    Aug 2005
    i wonder why honda used the letter "Z" instead of a "Y"?

    the front fenders & lights look like it's from the mazda CX7/CX9

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    Jan 2003
    futuristic alright! very nice curves.

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    Jul 2006
    Remind me what that rear view mirror is for with that small rear windshield?

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    Feb 2006
    Hehe, mukhang Dustbuster Pro.

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    gandaaaaah... some dash design cues are from the current civic and crv...

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    Quote Originally Posted by HyBrideVo View Post
    i wonder why honda used the letter "Z" instead of a "Y"?

    the front fenders & lights look like it's from the mazda CX7/CX9
    +1.... Honda doesn't know how to count... errh... alphabetize...

    Where's the CRY?... :cry2:

    Hmmm... maybe I just answered my own question... :naughty2:

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

Honda CR-Z Concept (next CRX)