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    Jul 2006
    Hey guys, i have few questions:

    Does anyone know if it is posible to fit an 06 CRV head and tail light to my 03? The one on 06 has dual integrated head light, i'm assuming there will be an electrical issue here if i was to put it on mine.?. For me, it seems that the head and tail light will fit perfectly since there were no changes on the body....unless the nuts and bolts are different..please correct me if i am wrong... HAs anyone done this?

    How about the bumpers? - Will the 06 bumpers fit an 03? BTW mines the 8 seater 4x2 model

    Another thing, where can i go to get my headlight painted black talking about the inside reflector part of the head light, not the lens..will this affect the brightness???

    anyone knows a reputable place that is an expert on customizing/modifying CRVs or small-utes? - Im planning to dress up my V in the future....nothing over tho...

    any help will be appreciated....tnx

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    May 2005
    AFAIK, its the new front headlights and bumper are different and MIGHT require a change in the hood and fenders to fit them. The rear lights looks like it can fit as there seem to be no change in the structure.

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    Jul 2006
    what about the grille?

03CRV with 06 look?