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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBimmer
    cebu: plenty of gimmick spots, moderate traffic, very very beautiful cebuanas!
    Ingat ka, pards. Yung ka-brod ko tinutukan ng isang very beautiful cebuana sa may Cebu plaza. Limas yung pitaka niya at cellphone.

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    Aug 2003
    ang dami na talaga incident na ganyan sa QC ni wala man lang tayo naririnig na actions or measures being ordered si SB. Bulok talaga. Buti na lang south area ako.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by GlennSter
    babye philippines
    ser,sa kin mo na lang iwan mga tsikot mo,i'll give them TLC

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    Aug 2005
    I sympathize with you my friend. Something must be done to eradicate these unlawful individuals. Glad you and your family were safe.

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    Jul 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by attynorby
    It is a personal experience.

    I feel that it is my duty, as a member of, to inform/warn everyone here of a bad incident that happened in broad daylight, around 1.30pm on a peaceful Sunday (October 16, 2005), at the parking lot of MALVAR GENERAL HOSPITAL along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.

    For all of those familiar with the area, the hospital building itself is standing about 30 to 40 meters away from Commonwealth Avenue (CA). The space between CA and the hospital serves as the parking lot.

    My whole family (wife and two kids, with two yayas) visited a friend confined at the said hospital. My kids were not allowed entry, as they are below 5 years old (hospital policy) so they stayed on the covered area/entrance with the yayas, merely 8 to 10 meters away from our parked vehicle, a Fortuner.

    Barely 30 minutes, we went back to the car and was surprised that the window behind the driver's side was broken; a little searching and it was discovered that my laptop was missing. The laptop was partly hidden on that side, on the floor, upright in position, with some folders over it.

    It is only then, after reporting the incident to the hospital security, that we were pointed to a small (10" x 10") plywood, a very inconspicuous sign, written: "Mag-ingat sa bukas-kotse at baklas mirror"... a proof that previous incidents have already happened (breaking a window was the first) BUT the management did not even have the temerity to place a security guard on patrol or posted in that part of the parking area. And, on that day, there was only 1 guard, sitting-pretty inside the emergency door, enjoying the cool air.

    What do we get from this story? Here are my thoughts:

    1. Ang hirap na talaga ng buhay ngayon. Criminals are very bold in their actions. Hindi na natatakot. Imagine, vehicles and people passing by CA (BTW, the side of the broken window was even facing CA).

    2. FORTUNER SECURITY FLAW! Despite a forced entry, the alarm was not triggered. Pieces of the broken window even reached the other side of the car. The door, though, was not opened.

    3. With no. 2, marurunong na talaga ang mga criminals. Alam na nila ang gagawin para hindi mag-alarm; at alam na rin nila ang hitsura ng laptop bag kahit na partly hidden. At the very least, my yayas will hear the alarm.

    4. Valuables should be totally kept from would-be criminals' eyes.

    5. With the stories of carjacking, carnapping, etc., particulary in QC, CA is the most notorious, from Tandang Sora to Fairview. Why? Informal settlers (squatters) abound the area, left and right of CA.

    6. BTW, Puregold is just nearby the hospital, kaya ingat din sa mga nag-go-grocery doon, lalo na sa mga nagpapark sa lower portion where no guards are stationed. The "locals" serve as bantay-kotse; they just live behind/vicinity of Puregold.

    7. Don't leave a member of the family inside the car, while parked.

    Legal action is another story.

    Into another story, a very close family friend's Revo suffered the same thing in Tagaytay, while parked. Window broken; all things stolen. Two months ago.

    Best friend's Revo, while parked outside their house, in Baguio City, also suffered the same thing. Driver's side of the window broken; open door; alarm triggered; open hood; cut battery line. Apparently the robbers were interested with the H/U but nahirapan sila kasi it was not a "pull-out" version. Ang ginawa, middle of the dashboard was hit, badly damaged, pero hindi pa rin nakuha H/U. Guard was alerted this time, two shots were allegedly fired. The whole dashboard was replaced. A month ago.

    Mom's friend's CRV was stolen while parked at Quezon City Hall. Parking near the Justice Hall. Last week.

    STORIES not to frighten anyone but to serve as warnings to all of us, to your relatives and friends. Christmas is fast approaching; criminal activities increase.

    BTW, broken window was replaced yesterday by the dealer; good thing meron na sila.

    Easy driving!
    sorry to hear of what happened to you. i guess hindi ko na iiwan laptop ko sa car. nilalagay ko rin valuables sa ilalim ng seats. i think seconds lang ang kailangan ng mga magnanakaw so kung wala silang makita na makukuha na visible, they'll leave in a huff. nangyari na rin sa akin yung manakawan. i was fixing my stuff sa compartment area tapos when i got back to the driver's seat, my celphone was gone. nasalisihan ako. nakakabwisit talaga. naging maingat na ako after that incident. don't worry attnorby, we're more blessed than those lowly persons.

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    Apr 2005
    thanks sir for the heads-up! mas lalong magiging vigilant po mga tsikoteers. kaya mga valuables, kung di maiiwasan iwan sa trunk ko nilalagay.

    ingat na lang mga wary of your surroundings.

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    Jul 2004
    Grabe naman parang rampant na talaga ang crime sa Q.C.

    I guess parang madali din nakawin ang mga TV monitors na nakakabit sa headrests.

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    Sep 2004
    minsan hindi na rin effective ang alarms ... even if maingay na nag a alarm vehicle mo, very few people would actually turn their heads and look ... masakit man aminin pero sanay na tayo sa mga alarms ng car ... thanks alot to super sensitive settings!

    bakit kaya hindi nalang lagyan ng parang simpleng "safe" yung car? ... i.e., may key ang glove compartment ... di ba? Marami na ring mga immobilizers ngayon eh ... so if may mga nakapasok sa car, hindi nila makukuha head unit mo kasi tangal ang face ... nor your valuables kasi nasa "safe" together with your HU's face hehe di ba?

    just my two cents

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    Dec 2003
    nako crowbar lng katapat ng glove compartment, puro naman plastic kasi dali lng buksan kung gustuhin

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    Mar 2003
    dami talaga assholes dyan sa area na yan. about 8 years i was driving there then me bumato sa bintana ng kotse ko. sapol ako sa ulo, sirit dugo ko. buti naitigil ko pa oto. other motorists stopped their cars and brought me to the Malvar Hospital. btw, mga bata lang yung bumato sa oto ko. nahuli ng brgy tanods. baka sila yung nagnakaw sa laptop mo, kase by now matatanda na yung mga yun.

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