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    Jan 2004
    Sometimes the street area in front of the building I am staying in is full. So the next option is to bring the car up on the sidewalk across the street or even further up the street.

    Tanong, is this allowed by law? Or are sidewalks supposed to be clear at all times? (Then many are offenders by putting plants, or not having sidewalks at all. It seems illegal in San Francisco based on this link: )

    Second question, if it is allowed, then who owns the sidewalk? Is it the homeowner? Can he then prevent other people from using the sidewalk in front of his house, e.g. playing, parking?

    Because some guy in our street is getting angry at us because we are parking on their sidewalk, saying it is reserved for THEIR parking. Para iwas gulo, lumilipat na lang ako ng parking.

    Another question, can you "reserve" the street area in front of your house for your parking? Di ba hindi, because it's not yours, so first come first serve di ba?
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    Nov 2002
    bawal magpark sa sidewalk. even obstructions such as plants, signs, stalls, etc. walang may ari ng sidewalk kasi public domain yun and no one can claim it as theirs.
    yung pag-"reserve" sa tapat, parang gentleman's agreement/courtesy na lang yun na kung nasa tapat mo, ikaw ang priority. unless magpaalam ka at pumayag sya.

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    Oct 2002
    The sidewalk is considered as public property or for the common use of all. No one can claim ownership or exclusivity of use, that's why it's illegal to put up any structure or obstruction to it. Technically speaking, even if you park beside the sidewalk fronting your neighbor's house, walang problema dapat since you're not obstructing the use of the sidewalk. Ibang usapan if you obstruct the entry to or egress from his residence. If your neighbor has an issue with this, you can bring him to the Lupong Pambarangay to settle it.

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    Jan 2004
    Ok so hindi pala talaga puwedeng iakyat sa sidewalk.

    Problema na lang yung mga may nakalagay na reserved sign sa kalye mismo....

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    Sep 2003
    pwede nyo ireklamo sa barangay or sa MMDA mismo.

    kahit may nakalagay na reserved sign sa kalye bawal din po ata yun.

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    Oct 2002
    It's all public domain... i can't help but wonder why some houses/establishments are allowed to build all the way to the street (i.e. San Juan).

    You can't park ON the sidewalk though. Also, just because one owns the house next to the road, he doesnt have exclusive right to it (although i guess there can be informal understandings/agreements, like if you we're all sharing parking on the street in your village).

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    Oct 2002
    Bawal magpark sa sidewalk talaga. Unless you live on a village with private roads and the association doesn't bring the issue up with you (e.g. hindi ka naman nakakaistorbo, you don't live on the main road, etc.).

    Btw, sa sidewalk ako nakapark. :D
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    Aug 2003
    In the philippines, regardless if there is a law defining what is legal and illegal, take note.. ITS LEGAL/NOT ILLEGAL UNTIL SOMEONE COMPLAINS.

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    Dec 2003
    yung dating pinaparadahan ko sa may kamagong makati dati nakakaparada ako ngayon hindi na kase reserve for customers daw pero lahat nung parking space nilagyan niya ng harang ayun hindi tuloy makapark yung ibang nakatira sa itaas ng building dahil kapag pinark nila auto nila sa tapat it will be towed kaya naghanap na lang ako ng ibang parking area pero ang damot talaga nung nagtayo nung furniture store dun tipong yung mga taga dun walang magawa..taga India pa yata yung owner..

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    Nov 2002
    Marikina Sidewalks says.. "Do not park on the sidewalks..Sidewalks are for people." Nakasulat talaga sa sidewalk..hehe

    Ginawa ang sidewalk para dun maglakad ang tao at hindi sa mismong kalsada, dahil right of way ng mga sasakyan un kaya binigyan din sila ng priority - sidewalk.

    Kaso ang gagaling ng mga pinoy..nawalan ng essence ang sidewalk.

    Sidewalk is a government property that is for public use and it has its own restrictions.

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