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    Mar 2009
    parang ano to ah yung "The Waiter's Revenge" medyo similar although its a fast food.

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    Sep 2009
    I honestly believe people wouldn't make up such things unless they are from a competitor. If the defendant can make a connection that Mr. Pablo is associated with a competitor OR in fact a nonexisting person, then maybe it is a smear campaign. But unless otherwise, I think this may be a legitimate complaint. I saw a TV show before in which restaurant staff were recorded doing awful things to customers' food, including urinating on soup stock. Spitting on sandwiches is not new and is actually not that far off as I have friends who worked in the fastfood industry before and they are REALLY PISSED at customers ordering at the last minute when they have all but packed up for the day.

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    May 2009
    Yuck! di na kailangan i boycott yan, kung may pagmamahal ka sa sarili mo di ka kakain ng may plema ng tao....Yuck!!!

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    Jul 2009
    To the Sandwich Guy Management,

    In order to assist the public in evaluating your quality of food preparation, why not give free burgers to a few (or many if you feel generous) selected tsikot forum members so that an objective analysis could be made.

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    Mar 2009
    o ayan na, nag-respond na si SANDWICH GUY, any comments guys?

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    Mar 2009
    sandwich guy, bakit wala yata kayong sinabi tungkol dun sa crew nyo na galing sa likod? kase parang na-switch yung order ng client nyo eh???

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    Jul 2008
    sandwich guy, whatever happened to the surveillance video? why didn't you include it in your official statement? if you want to disprove the claim against you that could be your best proof.

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    Mar 2008
    Mukhang guilty . Kung may cctv talaga, pakita na. Ensure nyo lang na hindi edited.

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    Mar 2009
    kung may cctv talaga, dapat ipakita nyo. pwede nyo naman ipost yun sa net or dito sa and also anong explanation nyo dun sa switching na claim ng customer nyo?

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    Apr 2007
    andito na pala 'tong storya na 'to. . .me kopya ako nito sa inbox ko but i didn't forward it to anyone kasi marked as ibm confidential sya, besides i was sure merong ibang taong magkakalat nito in time, at eto na nga

    i have met leovic before this incident thru a common friend dito sa opis and what i can say is that he is not the type of guy na maninira na lang ng kung sino na basta-basta. . .he's mild-mannered in nature and a nice person to talk to and so i believed when i read the forwarded e-mail that his complaint was a legitimate one

    nangyayari talaga 'yan sa ibang restaurants, me mga lokong staff, that's why my advice to everyone is to be nice to the waiters and staff members when ordering especially in those places where they have ample opportunity to execute "their justice"

    kadiri talaga yang incident na 'yan, paborito ko pa naman yung italian sandwich nila yukkk. . .i never went there ever since

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