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    Apr 2009
    Medyo tinitimbang ko pa kung sino paniniwalaan. Kaso nagkaroon ng dalawang new members. tsk tsk. Sa 2 new members, welcome to tsikot nga pala.
    Nabasa ko din ito sa ibang forums. Ang sabi pa ata ilalabas yung video ng preparation nung sandwich na hindi naman lumabas. Dati nang issue itong gawain ng mga ibang waiters and cooks which are unethical and unsanitary. Dapat magkaroon ng control dito ang management like installation of cctv in food prep.

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    Jan 2006
    may pagka tanga lang siya or too trusty, bakit nya iniwan ang evidence sa company? there he lost his credibility...

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    Aug 2008
    oo nga dapat hindi nya iniwan yun ebidensya ni hindi man lang nya ni-request kung na DNA test na din yun cucumber, tomato or lettuce

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    Jun 2008
    Ang masaklap nito ilan na sa inyo ang nakakain sa lugar na ito hindi kaya naka tikim na din yung ibang customer nito with out knowing kung ano ang kinain nila, eeewwwwww.

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    Aug 2008
    basta ang importante avoid sandwich guy no matter what. yan kasi ang illusion ng healthy food kuno instead of favoring mcdo's fatty burgers. kunsabagay organic pa din naman kung tutoong may phlegm

    magpapawis kayo araw-araw para hindi matakot sa mcdo. yan ang moral lesson dito, naghangad ka ng healthy you ended up with that yuckkk. mas maganda na yun processed food kasi at least may subok na sistema

    btw, na-try nyo na yun stackers dyan sa eastwood. yun burger nya mamasa-masa din na maalat na ewan. pero masarap. not your regular fastfood burger ang importante masarap

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    Apr 2009
    Dapat nung araw na yun, on the spot kung galing ng cucumber yun, pinasipsip sa manager at sabihin niya na galing cucumber nga.yum yum.

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    Nov 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by jerjer&qtqt View Post
    Dapat nung araw na yun, on the spot kung galing ng cucumber yun, pinasipsip sa manager at sabihin niya na galing cucumber nga.yum yum.
    Agree. Para nagkaalaman na agad at hindi na humantong pa sa ganito

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    Apr 2008
    though diko pa nasubukan kumain dito eh now na alam ko ng may ganito eh di na ko kakain dito kahit kailan.

    Just in case you buy from the Sandwich Guy, you may have to think a million times. Or best not to anymore.

    Dear HR,

    I shouldn't have brought this up to the management, but I think, with the current situation I am faced with, this incident compelled me to report this to you and so I could use some help. I am also writing this to let my fellow IBMers know about this stomach turning incident which will hopefully open their eyes before buying oreating somewhere.

    On January 5th, between 7:30 to 9 AM. I had a gruesome incident with one of the stores here in Eastwood. The name of the store is the Sandwich Guy. It is a small kiosk located here in Eastwood under the tower clock infront of the 7 eleven store. We used to buy lunch from there and get large orders as they serve healthy sandwiches, pasta and drinks. Until that morning, when I discovered something.

    On my way home from work, I decided to grab a sandwich for my breakfast so I bought a sandwich from this store. As usual, I went to the store and ordered the country tuna sandwich and a bottle of mineral water. The cashier was courteous and very accommodating though I sense that she is getting ready to go home because it is time to turnover the shift. I notice too that the number of the crews in the store at that time is more than the usual 3 to 4 employees I usually see. So they prepared my country tuna. They put on the spread, grilled the bread, sliced it and wrapped in a paper. Instead of the cashier presenting the order, One crew from the back took the package and presented the order to me saying "Here is your Country Tuna Sir! Enjoy!". Honestly, I was a bit surprised with the unusual greetings but I never minded it so I responded back with a thank you.

    So I went out from the store and walk some steps and rode a cab. Hungry I was, I munched into the sandwich which was sliced fairly and savor the tuna and some green leaves between the warm wheat bread. I consumed the first half of it but still my appetite still wants to finish everything. And so I turned on the other side of thesandwich, unwrapped it and started to bit the next half of the bread. I noticed a colorless, liquefied matter on top of the veggies. I thought that it was melted cheese or mayonnaise! It appeared luscious so in the middle of my chomping I slurped it! At that very moment, I got my self teary eyed, I felt my stomach flipped and ended throwing up that bite. It was a foul phlegm of a human. Horrible! ulk!
    pero sa bold texts eh parang may switch ata na nangyari, galing sa likod yung crew, sya nag-abot kesa yung cashier, sabay may bati pa na siguro tunog nakakaloko pa na naisahan sya.

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    Jun 2008
    nakalagay dun sa sulat ng nagrereklamo na nag-sorry sa kanya yung crew na nag-serve nung sandwich pagkatapos ng meeting nila. kung walang ginawang masama bakit nag-sorry, ibig sabihin guilty. nilaro na lang ng management yung sitwasyon pagkatapos binaligtad yung nag-rereklamo. may damage control pa dito sa tsikot.

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    May 2005
    this could easily have been resolved kung pinakita agad nila CCTV recording. It seems na incriminating yung video kaya di naipakita and they created some diversionary tactics, delays, etc...

    No where in their official statement did they mention about the Video Recording. Why?

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