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    Apr 2011
    I closed my account at Citibank a few months ago because of their lousy service. I get my bills late (FYI: I also prescribed to their paperless billing statement but Citibank mailed these things super late, sometimes i even don't receive them) and I get debited with false transactions that they admit was their fault (so please, always check your statements).

    Before I closed my account, I didn't have a billing statement with me so I just called their customer service and paid the amount I THOUGHT I owed. When I got home, I asked my wife the amount on the statement. I overpaid Php 20K+. So I called CITIBANK again and was just informed that an insurance merchant charged me for a year of premium. I called the insurance company, asked for a refund, and told us they'd be returning the money.
    I was really busy that 3 months have passed that I forgot to follow-up until.....

    The insurance was billing me for failed premium payments. I was actually mad at first because I already paid.

    LO AND BEHOLD! They informed me that they refunded the money to CITIBANK.


    When I called CITIBANK to complain, Ms. Ellani de Leon (supervisor ito ha!) told me that they did not have any facility to do that.

    [SIZE="3"]Huwwwaaatttt???[/SIZE] They have the facility to call you up over and over again wherever you are, if you're overdue, every freaking hour until you pay but they do not have the facility to inform you that THEY OWE YOU MONEY???

    And get this, my account has been closed for months, and not even a single notification from them. Grabe!! If I had been diligently paying for my premiums, I wouldn't have known this. Paano pag isang taon at di ko nalaman? Di na rin nila sasabihin?

    And worse, di na nila ibabalik ang pera na pinaghirapan natin.

    Close your accounts there. Mga manloloko yan.:thumbdown:

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    Jan 2011
    kaya ako, BDO lang talaga

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    Sep 2003
    ako rin BPI.....

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    Jul 2007
    BPI din..........

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    Mar 2005
    Citibank's surcharge on online payments is such a scam.

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    Jul 2004
    i closed my citibank credit card account 4 years ago

    however, until now, they still consider my credit card active and send me a billing every month although with zero charges. yearly charges for activating the card is negative though as if i am interested in reviving it

    what a waste of paper and mailing expenses

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    Apr 2011
    Ako din BDO,BPI, Chinabank lang.

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    Feb 2008
    May credit card ba ang Chinabank???

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    Dec 2005

    So far, okay pa naman ang aming experience sa aming Shell-Citi Visa(with 2 supplementary cards), at 2 (principal) cards ng Citi CashBack na pang-grocery....

    Will watch out though. Thanks bro.

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    “Doesn’t take a lot of beer to cause a lot of trouble” :starwars:
    “You are because of the choices you made”

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    Oct 2002
    wala rin ako problema sa Citibank ko. but I've heard na naputulan ng Meralco dahil hinde nabayaran or late nabayaran ng Citibank yun bills nila, naka enroll sa Citibank yun mga utilities. wala naman outstanding sa Citibank

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Warning: Do not apply for a credit card at CITIBANK!