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    Jan 2005
    guys just a warning to all ust peeps concerned... yesterday, a co-faculty of mine texted me that one of our students got shot and was pronounced dead on arrival at ust hospital. they said that while our student was walking at a.h.lacson street (gov. forbes) near either p. margal or p. florentino (sorry medyo labo yung kwento kasi) two crooked men approached him and his girlfriend and declared a holdup. sad to say the guy who was our student fought with the crooks and was then shot in the event of protecting the things that he and her girlfriend bought at the mall. sad to say he died upon arriving at the er of ust pay division. guys ingat lang po around ust, marami talaga g*g* sa lugar na yan... don't know the reason why there aren't any policemen around patroling knowing the fact that there are a lot of incindent of the same kind before... our student is only a sophomore who's barely 18 years old... god bless his soul and condolence to his family...

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    Oct 2002
    ****! kawawa naman, dapat talaga huwag na lalaban. malapit pa naman diyan nag dodorm gf ko.

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    Nov 2002
    policemen are busy standing around at nearby recto doing C.P.R. for madam..

    di dapat lumalaban sa ganyan, its not worth it..kapag hinoldap kayo bigay na ninyo..wala tayong magagawa we are living in dangerous times..

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    May 2005
    yes tama ang mga sinabi ng naunang mga poster..ibigay na lang ..lahat ng bagay or gamit na hihingin nila ay pwede mapalitan ..
    pero ang buhay ay hindi at wala ka pwede pag bilhan

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Hero
    policemen are busy standing around at nearby recto doing C.P.R. for madam..
    Yes, I agree. Because these anti-GMA troublemakers are inclined to test the limits of the government, sa kanila napupunta halos lahat ng attention ng police, instead of going after the criminals.

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    Sep 2003
    Isang buhay na naman ang nasayang, kawawa naman.

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    Oct 2004
    what a waste! poor soul.

    maybe you can do something about it (to avoid a repeat). since you're with ust faculty you may ask your college or the university mismo to request the nearest police station/precinct for more and active police presence in that area.

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    Oct 2003
    OMG..thats so sad to hear..dyan pa naman ako naglalakad dati pauwi galing school around 11pm na din yun...kakatakot talaga dun sa part ng lacson na yun..kasi ang dilim dilim and to think school area pa yun...

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    Oct 2004
    kawawa naman...Let's pray for the eternal rest for his soul...mahirap na talaga buhay ngayon lalo na mga ganyang situation kailangan ibigay mo na dahil walang awa ang mga yan kesa naman un lang kapalit ng buhay natin diba?ang alam ko meron na situation diyan sa UST nung college pa ako,holdap din, binigay na cellfon sinaksak pa...siguro oras narin nung guy nagkataon lang na ganun nag end ang buhay niya...

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    Feb 2005
    condolence.. sad to hear that story.. arki student din aku dun eh..

    tsk tsk tsk.. extra ingat na lang mga peeps

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Warning to all UST peeps...