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    Oct 2005
    To the members of this group, hello and good day!

    I am JP Roldan, a technical asst working at the Bureau of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources. I have just joined this exclusive group. Im asking help from the members of this group (for some information) that will help me find justice to my recent experience.

    I had an accident last 16 October 2005 at 11:15PM sa may c-5 kalayaan
    intersection.You see,I was driving (a Toyota Tamarax FX Standard 1994
    Model with plate number TPM538) along C-5/Kalayaan intersection, with me were my younger brothers Kevin S. Roldan (seated frontseat) and Andrew S. Roldan (seated at the backseat), when suddenly a Maroon Toyota Revo crossed the intersection thereby colliding with my vehicle.

    Before the accident happened, I still was able to look up at the traffic light which was on "GO" or "GREEN" so I decided to cross the intersection, but when that Revo appeared from my left peripheral vision, I immediately stepped on the brake pedal, but it was too late. I already collided with the rear end of the Revo. After collision, I still managed to look up at the traffic light and saw that my signal was still "GREEN" or "GO". I checked on my brothers if anyone was hurt, luckily none sustained serious injury. A few moments later (probably five seconds after impact) I was getting out of my vehicle to check for damages, however, the maroon Revo (which skid and stopped momentarily) immediately fled the scene. This prompted me to chase after that vehicle. The Revo was going to Kalayaan-Makati. I was not able to catch the vehicle due to the damaged inflicted on my vehicle. I was able to get the plate number of the maroon Revo which is BSW888. The maroon Revo has a gold garnish on its fender, body kit and skirts. I guess it is a GSX model type of Revo.

    I returned back to the accident scene and tried to get some information from witnesses. Luckily, there were traffic enforcers from MAPSA who witnessed the whole incident. Officers CRIZALDE SUMACO, ARMAN GERONIMO, and ERNESTO ORTIZ attested that indeed a Maroon Toyota Revo bearing the aforementioned plate number crossed the intersection when the Revo's traffic signal is on "STOP" or "RED" hit my vehicle. The officers told me they tried to chase the Revo but they said they "ran-out of gas". The officers advised me to report the incident to the Makati Traffic Bureau (which I actually filed
    the case a few hours later), they even offered assistance just in case I would be needing witnesses for case hearings. I went to the Makati Traffic Bureau and with the assistance of SPO2 De Leon filed the incident. He later on instructed me to have the plate number of the Revo checked so that their office could immediately work on the case.

    I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IF ANYONE COULD GIVE ME INFORMATION ON THE WHEREABOUTS OF THE VEHICLE OR THE OWNER OF THE MAROON REVO VEHICLE WITH PLATE NUMBER BSW888. Other drivers, beware and be alert upon seeing this vehicle. You can reach me at contact number(s) :
    0919-5182755; 671-5276 and 372-5008 and at e-mail address :
    roldanjp* I have attached a sketch of the accident and pics of damages to my FX.

    I wish none of this experience happens to the other members. Be alert. Thank you and God Bless!

    Very truly yours,

    Driver's License D16-99-210543
    CONTACT NO(S) : 0919-5182755; 671-5276; 375-5008

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    Jan 2005
    sir juan, welcome po to tsikot!

    people here like samurai_rex could help you out on this. i guess he hasn't seen your post yet, maybe he's busy with work, but when he does see this, he'll put out as much help as possible.

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    Dec 2003
    nako hope that revo owner will be apprehended soon

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    Jan 2004
    sir will keep an eye on that revo, glad you and youre brothers are safe.
    ot lang sir are you related to boyet roldan? malapit lang place nila dati dyan sa kalayaan.

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    Sep 2003
    Sobrang walang hiya naman yang Revo na yan.. pero tingin ko Bro sa Plate number pa lang mukang me sinasabing tao or me kaya ang me ari ng ReVo. Sounds like the "BSW" stands for his initials.

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    Sep 2003
    pwede ninyo sampahan ng CIVIL case yung owner ng BSW-888 na revo if hindi na ninyo makita yung driver..

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    Aug 2005
    We'll be on the look out on that son *# % (*&^% Revo! Drivers like that doesn't deserve a place in this earth. Yan sana ang mga target ng carjackers hindi yung mga innocent.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by wrcastro_ph
    Sounds like the "BSW" stands for his initials.
    B = ull
    S = hit
    W= hacko?

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    Jun 2005
    good to hear you're alright sir.

    yup, it seems like a vanity plate.

    pero you can actually trace the owner and address under whom this plate is registered to. LTO should be able to do that.

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    Oct 2004
    baka nga carjacked na yun kaya hindi na nagstop. Try to check lto for records of the car para malaman mo kung san nakatira yun ogag na yun

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