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    May 2005
    First posted 04:24am (Mla time) Oct 19, 2005
    By Beth Celis
    Inquirer News Service

    The victim of the mauling, according to the radio broadcaster, was 76-year-old Tony Genato, a National Basketball Hall-of-Famer who played in the 1952 and 1956 World Olympics in Helsinki and Melbourne, respectively, alongside greats like Carlos Loyzaga, Ramoncito Campos, Paeng Hechanova and Eddie Lim.

    A product of San Beda College, Genato was also a member of the fabled RP team that took the bronze in the 1954 World Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the gold in the Manila Asian Games that same year.

    “Tony has brought so much glory and honor to our country, it is so sad that a man like him would be treated with such cruelty and indignity,” said the broadcaster who gave a sketchy account of the incident.

    “It happened on the road, at the corner of Gilmore and 4th Avenue daw. Dahil traffic and mukhang nagmamadali daw itong nambugbog, he went against the flow, sumalubong. Nung makasalubong daw si Tony, hindi pinagbigyan. Nagkasigawan. Nilusob ng driver si Tony while he was still seated in the car at pinagbububugbog. If you want a complete report, go to the Galas Police precinct where it was filed,” he suggested.

    I did more than that. I never got to talk with Genato personally because a message machine always took my calls, but I was able to talk with some people close to him who requested anonymity.

    According to our source, the perpetrator’s brand new black Mitsubishi Montero was so heavily tinted, Tony did not see that there were two people inside the vehicle.

    “Mag-ama pala ang nasa loob. Yung father, mga 60 years old, yung anak, mga 33. It was the son who first came down to attack Tony. Binuksan yung car door at pinagsusuntok. Pinagpunit-punit pa ang shirt. Tapos bumaba din yung tatay. I can’t remember kung sino sa kanila ang may dala nung bakal na lock para sa steering wheel, but he used this to smash the windows of Tony’s car -- a 1996 Lancer, tapos binato sa kanya yung bakal. All the while, walang nagawa si Tony because he was taken by surprise and he was unable to unfasten his seatbelt. Tony was bleeding by the time they were through with him, and some of his fingers were fractured,” our source related.

    Luckily, the perpetrators were apprehended as they were cruising Balete Drive after leaving the scene of the crime. They were brought to the Galas police precinct. Police sources identified them only as a certain Llorente, a lawyer, and his son. Genato had to go to the Jose Reyes Hospital for treatment and to secure a medico-legal report. By the time he got home tired, weary and aching all over, it was already 2 a.m.

    “How could they have beaten up a helpless old man, pinagtulungan pa?” said our source.

    Genato is suing the Llorentes for damage to property and attempted murder.

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    Oct 2002
    Yan ang hirap sa ibang tao. Sila na nga mali, sila pa galit.

    Makakahanap din ng katapat yan. I hope they pay dearly for what they did to the poor guy.

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    Feb 2005
    ONly in the philippines that this things can happen.....kaya dapat low profile na lang parati when driving lalu na pag di naman nagmamadali...


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    Oct 2002
    puchangna, lawyer pa ha...

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    Oct 2002
    tsk tsk... napaka-disrespectful naman nun..
    i hope they get that type of RESPECT behind bars.

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    Oct 2002
    any good news regarding the philippines?

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    Jul 2003

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    Jun 2005
    Llorente and son were counterflowing and they had the guts to maul 76 y/o Tony Genato? sila na mali, sila pa nambugbog!!! ang lalakas ng loob ninyo pare ko.......

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    Jul 2005
    grrrr i hope both father and son's soul burn in hell!!! :fire:

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    Oct 2002
    tsk tsk...makakarma din ang mag amang iyan...

    tanong lang lalo na sa nakaka alam...halimbawa lang meron pang PTC a gun, then nagnyari ito...nalagay ka sa pahamak...ano magiging kaso mo kapag nabaril mo yung mag ama sa place of incident after ka nilang pagtulungan?

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Sad fate for basketball Hall-of-Famer