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    Jul 2005
    To all you guys please help your fellow tsikoter, my 2 year old hilux(new model) was taken, from my wife, at gun point last november 11 early saturday about 5am. Marulas Valenzuela philippines. We have already informed our local police about the incident and reported it at camp crame. Good thing nobody was injured. Good thing I had the vehicle insured.

    Please take note of the pictures for some of the items inside (accessories) are hard to find or custom made accessory. If seen please inform me thru this website same tread, or inform your local authorities. will be posting a copy of the police report and TMG alarm report;

    Details of the vehicels are ff:
    Make: Toyota
    Series: Hilux 4x4
    Year Model: *005
    Type of Body Pickup
    Color: Extreme Black
    Motor no. 1KD-9301225
    Serial No. MR0FZ29G0-01504197
    Plate No. RCF 837

    Alarm report dated November 11 2006 Valenzuela city police station maysan road central complaint desk entry No. 150

    rear mounted maxisports container, rare item only 2 were imported by ride and I have them both.

    mag wheels by alloy tech not common rim 20

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    Dec 2002
    oh my thats terrible. Mukang papuntang pampanga chop chop shops. Will be on the look out. Time's are bad again christmas is around the corner

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    Oct 2002
    ok bro... will keep an eye for this vehicle...

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    Oct 2002
    tsk tsk tsk sorry about your HiLux. but good thing they didn't hurt your wife.

    will be on the lookout for you.

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    Jul 2005
    Additional pictures and info. on the hilux

    Pictures Interior

    pioneer tv and player with cd changer(6disc) and Tv tuner, speakers by Cliff design Sep. with amp below driver seat

    custom made sub wof. box with leather covering by kell seat, 8 inch solobarrick SL 9 sub and DSL amp.

    tow hicth from ride banawe

    please help your fellow tsikoter if not from recovering my pickup, help other tsikoter by being an active participant in preventing carnapping and car jacking by being a good informant. And never buy stolen car parts and accessories. inform your local authorities if items are encountered. do hope that we have a seperate forum for Carnapped and carjacked vehicles!

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    Aug 2006
    pare loaded yung auto mo, madali makita kung alam mo kung san pwede hanapin. tatanong tanong ako. dati kase may kilala ren ako nadali yung fortuner nya, na-trace namen pero wala ren kami nagawa (na-chop chop na eh).

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    Oct 2002
    The rims and rear cargo carrier can actually be a good lead if it floats around in the used accessories market or is seen at a shop.

    good thing you're insured.

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    Jul 2005
    will be on the look out as well. good thing walang nasaktan at may insurance ka. yon nga lang, malamang di covered yong mga accessories mo sa insurance.

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    Jul 2005
    Sad to say,Accessories were not included in my insurance. medyo nag tipid ako . thanks to all you tsikoters, its nice to know that in time of crisis we could depend on our tsikoter buddies , even by just merely replying. Do hope that we, as a group , could formulate a set -up that could help, not only our fellow tsikoter, but all car lovers out there.

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    Sep 2006
    soorry to hear that. ganda pa naman ng stereo mo, hope you dont mind, but how much nagastos mo sa monitor mo at dvd player? dang! dapat tlaga iron fist d2 sa pinas, pag meron nahuli na holdaper or carnapper dapat bitay na agad within 2 weeks. wala na talaga pag-asa pagbaba ng crime d2 satin.

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RCF 837 New Black Toyota hilux carjacked last nov 11