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    Actually I salute the TS's passion in enforcing the law, sana dumami pa ang lahi mo TS, kaso sana wag naman sa taong tumirik ang sasakyan at naghahanap ng tulong. If you're really that passionate in enforcing the law andami diyan na mas kelangan ng atensiyon mo. Hanap ka lang ng politiko sigurado may makikita kang krimen na gagawin pag nakaaresto ka ng congressman bilib kami lahat sayo or punta ka Maguindanao doon magagamit mo ng husto ang talent mo pero dude a hapless motorist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaberRider View Post
    errr... yes, I'm from law enforcement.
    Pulis Pangkalawakan?

    ito ang problema sa atin, maykapangyarihan na tao, imbes na unahin ang pagtulong eh pagtitripan pa yung kawawang motorista...

    masyado namang pasikatero, baka maganda yung babae at gusto nya maiuwi...

    naghahanap ka pala ng gulo, eh di batukan mo si Ampatuan Jr. sa NBI.

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    Maganda ang intention ni TS but medyo magaspang lang ng kunti yung approach nya sa situation. Dapat from the start ay sinabi mo nya na kung sang law enforcement sya.

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    hmmm... another thread in Goon Squad where the TS becomes the Goon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by roninblade View Post
    yes, we've all seen videos of static electricity causing fires in gas stations. pero can a guy standing at a gas station while using a mobile phone generate enough static electricity to jump to the gas truck 10 feet away and ignite the petrol? that's quite a stretch.
    Not to mention the fact that mobile phones have never been shown to cause static electricity... or shown to have the ability to microwave eggs... or... ...back in the 80's, the biggest effect you could get from a cellphone was interference in speaker systems from fifty feet away... and that's still a long way from causing static discharge in the open air, because microwaves, gensets and engines do the same thing (but not at that distance). Cellphone transmitters are much less powerful now... so even that effect doesn't work anymore.

    Quote Originally Posted by SaberRider View Post
    errr... yes, I'm from law enforcement.
    Without showing him ID, mission orders and quoting what law he's breaking, he's right... you don't have a right to ask him that.

    Quote Originally Posted by SaberRider View Post
    2nd.. that's why the staff will tell you like "sir pls switch off your phones and no using of it"
    "Sir/Ma'am, check your oil/water?" (improper to do with an engine that's been running...)

    "Sir/Ma'am, full tank?" (filled to the very top... this is dangerous, and wasteful... it leaves no space for the vapors to vent)

    Quote Originally Posted by SaberRider View Post
    3rd, in court you couldn't say.. "eh sa mythbusters it was proven wrong." Again, it's one thing to disagree and another to disobey. Ganun lang po ka simple yun.
    Here's the funny thing... I have heard about this forever, but the signs never say "as required by law"... and I can't find a Republic Act number in regards to this.

    You can't make a citizen's arrest on a guy for violating a company policy if there's no pertinent law cited as to why. He can be refused service, but then... with his vehicle stalled, that's a moot point.

    As GH says... you're enforcing the company's policy, not the law. and if you feel unsafe because the employees on the ground don't want to enforce it, you can make a dramatic show of driving away in a huff.

    Quote Originally Posted by SaberRider View Post
    4th, yes I did inform the staff. Ano magagawa nila pag skeleton crew sila that night? Hihintayin ko nalang ba? I mean, c'mon guys the cellphone ban sign is practically posted on the walls.
    If you're not comfortable with it, the easiest way to deal with the situation is to tell them that if they won't enforce their own safety rules, you don't want to do business with them... and drive away.

    From your story, you hadn't filled up on fuel yet, so you could still leave if you wanted to. You could even make a grand production of it and point it out to other customers, to shame the gas boys into actually doing their job.

    It would be melodramatic, but it would be fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by SaberRider View Post
    5th, nakiusap naman ako ng maayos sa person. If he wanted to come to blows with me, then diretso arrest na yun. That's why I said I "requested" and not ordered. Like what I said, you have to be patient with those individuals.
    He was upset. It's understandable. He was stupid (in your opinion...). But that's his problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by SaberRider View Post
    6th, yeah.. I switch off my mobile phone every time I enter the gas station to fill up... don't you???
    Nope. Not when my car's ignition system emits more radiation than my cellphone... when backfiring jeepneys cause more danger to all of us at the gas station than any number of cellphones can... and when gas boys are smoking while mopping up puddles of spilled diesel.

    A gasoline fire takes three things:

    1. Poor ventilation. Which you don't have in an open gas station.

    2. Gasoline vapors in the exact concentration needed to create a fire (too much and there won't be enough oxygen... too little and it won't catch)

    3. An ignition source right at the point where gasoline vapors are in the proper concentration. In other words, static electricity between the fuel pump and the fuel filler nozzle of the car or at the lip of the service hatch to the underground tanks.

    Even with an open flame, it's difficult to light gasoline on fire. And it's impossible to light diesel (which is why gas boys are so cavalier about it).

    That's why gas stations don't spontaneously burst into flames every time a car drives up. A car charged with static electricity (especially with the high-silicone tires in use nowadays for economy reasons), that's got burning hot exhaust manifolds and pipes exposed to any fuel spilled on the ground, that's got hot exhaust gases and sometimes open flame (if it's an older carbureted vehicle that's backfiring) coming out of the exhaust, and that has electrical sparks happening thousands of times per second inside the engine bay.

    Actually... when you put it like that... it's amazing that cars, with their on-board tanks... don't burst into flame all the time.

    Unless they're Ferraris. But even then... that's not the fuel catching fire... that's usually caused by plastic melting and burning on hot exhaust manifolds or oil lines rupturing over the manifold, causing an oil fire.


    If gas station signs were based on safety and not hysteria, they'd state that you have to turn off your vehicle and let it cool down for fifteen minutes before fueling up. That your car would have to be attached to a ground-strap before being attached to the pump. And that you would have to stand fifty feet away while an attendant in full fire-gear refilled your car.

    You'd still get to use your cellphone, though.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Quote Originally Posted by claRkEnt View Post
    hmmm... another thread in Goon Squad where the TS becomes the Goon?
    amen! :popcorn:

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    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    Here's the funny thing... I have heard about this forever, but the signs never say "as required by law"... and I can't find a Republic Act number in regards to this.
    i know of a DOE circular and it is directed * the gas station owners. an ordinance is possible but i haven't heard of it in qc.

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    Aside from the wrong things they've clearly stated, lalapitan mo pa yung GF nya habang wala sya tapos pasikat pa nang konti... wala namang ginagawang mali yung girl, di na sya dapat nasangkot dito, you should have just waited for the guy to come back since he was the one your were confronting.

    Kasi kung ako yun, I wouldn't have involved the passenger. I wouldn't even have looked at her twice, ang away ko nandun sa driver.

    Sorry sir ha, pero parang kayo ang pasikat dito e.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaberRider View Post
    After my suv was filled up, I went to his gf and informed her that perhaps her bf wasn't aware of the safety radius of using a mobile phone within the gas station premise MUCH MORE using a mobile phone less than 10ft next to a gas tank truck with fuel. I informed her the next time that will happen, a citizen arrest would be the least of his worries. I thanked her and bid her a good evening.
    wala bang picture nung GF? talaga din namang binalikan pa at kinausap.

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Pls don't use your phone inside a gas station Silver Vios ZRB ep# 2