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    Oct 2010
    Hi guys. Found this site cause I was looking for info on how to get a new driver's license because I got snatched at the LRT. I posted here because I always read the threads here in Goon Squad board.

    I like it in this board because it gives me hope that a lot of Filipino motorists can still be educated about the road. I agree with a lot of these long-running topics on Goon Squad. Motorcycles, idiot motorists, tricycles, pedicabs, buses, jeeps, taxi drivers, vendors and down to the pedestrians... Its all there. Philippine, especially Manila, roads are a microcosm of Filipino culture. Tingi-tingi, garapalan, pataasan ng ihi, baka sakali, bahala na.

    I might sound like a pretentious prick but I'm really getting sick of seeing it everyday. It's very disheartening that a lot of our citizens lack the proper discipline on the road. It says a lot about us.

    I see that the root of everything(just the road) is road education. Whoopee Capt. Obvious! The thing is, why is everyone still uneducated? There are lots of driving schools, but they're not the problem. Its the LTO. The LTO is so full of ****, so many idiots are allowed to have a license. It has turned into a business. Is the LTO a private company? They need to be dissolved.

    We need something like DMV. I don't want to be patronizing "banyagas", but our own system of getting a driver's license sucks! First of all, drug tests are useless. We don't need drug tests to get a license. What about alcoholics? Are they excused from getting a license because their alcohol level isn't high when taking the test? I smoke pot but that's a different story. I don't drive if I'm too stoned. Besides, there's been a study where marijuana actually makes a driver more cautious. If you want to see it, i can send you a link. Anyway, that's not the point. A lot of Filipinos are alcoholics. A lot of minors get away with consuming alcohol. Then what difference does a drug test make?

    Second(I'm sorry I wasn't expecting to be a long rant), WHY IS THERE NO ACTUAL DRIVING TEST?? I have never seen or hear anyone take the actual driving test. Isn't that the point in trying to get a license? To prove that you're educated enough to drive on the road?

    Third, why don't they allow you to answer everything on the test booklet? I'm not sure if it only happens at the LTO of my province, but they only let me answer a few items. I also had a fixer because I was advised by our former driver that if you don't get a fixer, it's a sure fail so that you take another test and waste one more day of your life. Is this serious?

    I also remember the time I took the written test, the "proctor"(male in his 50s) was going power trip(it wasn't "corrupt" bad) but he was acting like we were in grade school. Some guys in my batch had earrings on and he was told to remove them. What's the point? That's his right to dress like that. Maybe take it off for the picture taking but written test??

    Anyway, I'm getting tired of typing. I'll just leave it at that. I hope I'm welcome here

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    Sep 2003
    Welcome to Tsikot , thejerk.

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    Mar 2009
    Welcome to tsikot and welcome to the Philippines, the jerk.

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    Jan 2007
    What a long introduction

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    Apr 2009
    Welcome to Tsikot, thejerk!

    You would want to find your way around here and realise something once you learn that starting an intro thread at the GOOD SQUAD talk is not a good but an equally funny idea.

    Anyway, enjoy your stay here.

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    Jul 2010
    welcome to the family you jerky!!!

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    May 2005
    hopefully, new member nga si Jerk and not just a "reserved" account for future use. :bwahaha:

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    Aug 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by claRkEnt View Post
    hopefully, new member nga si Jerk and not just a "reserved" account for future use. :bwahaha:
    hahaha!!! hopefully nga....

    anyway, welcome also, thejerk!

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    Oct 2010
    Yeah well I'm more of a lurker. But I always visit this site.

    Thanks for the welcome guys

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    Dec 2009
    Welcome thejerk!

    With what you said about failing the test if you don't deal with fixers is true.

    Why did I say so? I accompanied a friend of mine, who "graduated" from a prestigious driving school, so we went to LTO and presented all the necessary documents and followed the process. When the written test was done he said that the test was easy and was a give away. He believed he got a perfect score.

    But he got a failing score. So he went inside and surgued with the officer and asked him (actually demanded) to recheck the test and tell him what are his wrong answers.

    But the officer declined.

    Then after that he opted to deal with fixers because he wasted a lot of time and he almost killed the officer with his curse.

    So there you, that's one example.

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New here. Just wanted to introduce myself..