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    Oct 2004
    last thursday night 09/15 while on my way home, around 11:30pm, my ride got hit on the left side by a speeding red colt galant. a 2 door old model. it happend along visayas ave. (in front of the montessori school before reaching cocoy's pares) i just overtook a tricycle in the inner lane near the middle island after the bridge. halfway within the inner lane, bout half a car near the island, was when this damn car hit my car on its front left side. i don't know if it was my fault that i didn't look into my left side mirror, coz' instinctively you won't look anymore since the last vehicle i passed was the tricycle and that were just 2 vehicles on the road at that time, and mainly because i know that no vehicle would fit between the distance of my ride and the middle island. but my instincts were wrong this time, the incident happend so fast. next thing i knew, this car was on my left front side banging me twice then sped off. i didn't even got a clear view of his plate number (old & faded). only thing i knew was the model and color of that f%#kin' car! because of the impact it made, i swerved to the right sidestreet. my assumption was that this was a drunk speeding driver, thinking that there's still space between me and the center island. but when he tried overtaking me on the left, he hit the island, tried to swerve to the right, hit me, swerved back to the left, hit the island again, then swerved to right and hit hit me again, then sped off like nothing happend! good thing there were no cars on the middle to outer lane. if there was, my car would've recieved more damage. i guess i'm still lucky, my ride just got red, not deep, scratches where it got hit and a minor dent on the "tambol", and most especially no harm done to me and my wife... haaay, some drivers really are crazy, drunk one's especially!!! bwiset!!! so guys, be on the look out for a speeding red colt galant! i do hope, it doesn't happend to any other tsikoteer.....

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    Oct 2002
    Will do bro. I'll keep an eye out.

    What year ba yang Colt Galant? I don't think I've seen one before.

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    Oct 2004
    tnx bry. you can check how that freakin' car looks like with the link below. only difference is, its red.

    i know some of you guys have seen it before.

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    Jan 2004
    Tangna malamang wala ring rehistro and/or lisensya nagmamaneho. I hope you're insured man. Police report na lang.

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    Oct 2004
    tried to get a police report for my insurance, pero di pinansin ng police dahil wala daw akong nakuhang plate number. hit and run nga eh, hello!!! got a senseless blotter instead. buti na nga lang maliit yung damage, nakuha sa rubbing. now all thats left is a little dent on the lower part of my fender.

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    Dec 2003
    hmm.. sorry to hear that parekoy...

    talagang may mga ganyang tao sa kalsada... buti nalang gasgas lang inabot mo.

my ride got hit by a red colt galant!