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    Nov 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by afrasay View Post
    Ok, update ko lang kayo. Galing ako sa Globe Center just now. Talked to a customer representative named Choc, she was very accomodating siguro kasi ako yun first customer nila...hehehe. I stated my complain and shown her the confirmation messages on my cellphone. Eh, convinced siya na di kumakagat yun unlimitxt and even saw it sa bill ko na for the 30 days supposively naka unli ako. She listed the dates and time of the messages. She suggested that I wait for the expiration messages which I said was beside the point...well to make a long story short she filled up the complaint form and had me sign it.

    She also added that I'm qualified for a loyalty phone (N80, N91 or N9500) or a rebate of 1458.30 php for 24 months. Ito yun good part.

    Sige na matutulog na ako. Keep you inputs coming.
    kala ko ako lang biktima nito... sir panong ginawa mo? lagi pa naman ako naguunlimitxt since i came back at natutunamn yang unlimitxt last september... my bill usually is at 2000 (1800 a month) and lately its has been like 4-5k a month! para na rin akong nagplatinumn puch* haayyy ima visit nga and ask for a reprint of my bills baka sakaling makarebate pa ako...
    wala bang taga globe dito? bakit ganon? sasabihin registered ka d naman pala... sus

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    Sep 2005
    Pati rin pala kayo nag aavail ng Unlimitxt. Kala ko kaming mga mahihirap lang. Anyway, I heard binalik na nila yung same rates but you text TXTNONSTOP na. I switched to sun kasi mas mura siya. P150 for 30 days.

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    Jun 2006
    i heard na nagtaas na nga daw. new rates are p20, p40, p80, for 1, 2, 4 days respectively.

    i dunno, tingin ko di na reasonable, pero sa heavy texter siguro sulit to.

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    Oct 2002
    ganyan na nga bagong rates. babalik na lahat sa sun. dumoble ang presyo. sa dating 300 for 30 days (50 for 5 days) naging 600 for 30 days (80 for 4 days)

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    Jan 2004
    i agree. globe now sucks. i'll be switching to sun now.

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    Oct 2002
    good thing i still keep a globe & a sun

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    Aug 2005
    Waaa! I still got 2984 free text from Globe. Naipon sa abroad.

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    Dec 2003
    damn... check ko nga bill ko...

    kaya pala nung last month medyo mataas ang bill ko kala ko naka unlimitxt ako pero parang hindi naman na-avail.

    hmmm... I'll check my bill as soon as i reach home..

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    Nov 2006
    ok sana sun e may mga dead spots.. bihirang lumampas ng 1k bill ko sa sun... kase d ko mashado magamit! lol family use lang nad friends na may sun telebabad... nakakatamad din minsan magtext pero pag coverage sa globe pa rin ako.. hehehehe!!! lagot ngayon saken tong globe ima sue their *$$ and shove that unlimitxt up their alley if they dont do cr*p sa cr*ppy inlimitxt na yan... sana d na lang ginawang available sa post paid kung d rin naman gagana... nakakabadtrip lang eh!!! sus... *mininit na ulo* lol

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    Sep 2004
    i trust in the Globe system. I hardly have any problems. but yes, no system is perfect. for those postpaid subscribers that have problems with their bills regarding unlimited, i suggest you talk to a CSR or visit a business center to air your problems. If proven system problem, i assure you it will be reversed.

    i used to work for 2/3 telco here and i would say GHP is still the best in terms of coverage, rates, technology, etc.

    now with regards to the new rate, sucks as they increased the unlimited rates. it almost doubled. but then again, its not globe fault i assure you. another company wanted to increase their rates, therefore Globe just followed. Its more technical then what i have written, nor we consumer might not want to hear or understand, but thats how it goes.

    if we do not text heavy, of course we will not avail of their unlitxt service. as a consumer, we have options and this is just one option being given by the telcos here in the Philippines. we as a consumer also have the right to choose which to use. that for me is good. we may not like the experiences we have from globe, but then, other people will feel the same way with other telcos.

    i have used all networks from sun to smart to globe. here are my feedback.

    sun is good in terms of saving money, but its not reliable. many deadspots / no coverage area, calling at peak hours sometimes takes many tries before being connected, their unlimited text and calls are not really unlimited (meaning if you use too much text or call minutes in a given time, their system will cut it off), features are not so up to date (i.e. mms to other local network, gprs, video calls, etc.)

    smart and globe: in terms of cellsite, they are scattered all over, giving good coverage, technology wise, it is up to date (even ahead of the U.S. market), rates are almost the same, customer service: i like globe better, although smart is at par. promos: they both compete each other.

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GLOBE Unlimitxt SUCKS!!!