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    Jul 2009
    Hi Sirs/Ma'ams,

    I'm not sure if this is the correct thread to post this but, i have applied for passport renewal last october 27, 2010 and paid the extra money for rush job (regular is 9++ and takes 1 month, rush is 12++ and takes 2 weeks). my passport is supposed to be released last november 11, 2010 and should be delivered via DFAMPC courrier on november 12, 2010. up to now i have not yet received my passport and called lbc regarding this. LBC told me that DFA has not yet released my passport to them and i should call them whats the hold up. i was calling DFA since november 12, 2010 (friday) and today november 15, 2010. i was finally able to get in their 'hotline' after basically a day or so. i talked to their csr and i was told that my call would be transferred to releasing department. as of now, its been about an hour according to our office ip phone and still no one is answering. my brain is already tuning out the endless ring of the phone... this kind of service is bad to put it lightly. i also paid extra just to get my passport earlier but i am not getting the benefit of the extra cash i paid... i'm frustrated with DFA right now with this event. Do you have any advice or do you know anyone in particular on the DFA so i could know what the status of my passport is and why was it not released on time?

    Please help.

    PS. still no answer from the other line.. ring ring ring... its driving me crazy?!?!?!

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    Jun 2007
    that's why whenever I engage my self in government transactions (renewal of Passport, OEC, Certifications, authentications, etc) I'll see to it that I will personally go and collect those documents. hindi ako bilib sa delivery service ng naka-assign sa mga government offices. Nasubukan ko na minsan at muntik na di ako makalipad sa aking destination. At besides, at least kung may problema malalaman mo agad kung bakit.

    Hirap diyan sa iyong kaso wala na sa iyo yung claim stub kasi nasa courier. Kaya mapipilitan ka maghintay. Sana ma solve na agad yang problema mo.

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    Mar 2004
    My last two passport renewals turned out pretty okay. Both were rush jobs and on both occasions, I got them on schedule.

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    Jun 2008
    ganyan talaga dyan sa DFA walang sumasagot sa phone sa releasing same as my experience. nung nag-renew ako kailangang-kailangan ko na rin yung passport ko. ginawa ko pumunta ako sa LBC duon sa taas on the day ng release ng passport at ibinigay ko yung resibo sa kanila. sabi ko hindi ko na mahihintay yung courier since kailangan ko ng lumipad. ginawa nila kinuha yung passport ko sa releasing sa baba (mga 2pm ang release ng passport) at ibinigay sakin. kailangan mo lang maghintay at yung ibinayad mo wala na yun.

    sa case mo nasa DFA ang problema, mas maganda puntahan mo na at i-follow up ng personal.

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    Jan 2009
    Ummm my mum paid PHP3,XXX for her "Rush" passport renewal from the DFA. She got it within 2-3 weeks. Problem free.

    Not sure if it makes any difference if she's a senior?! (Maybe quicker processing, not sure.) She wasn't going anywhere in a hurry, she just didn't wanna hang around the DFA, and was put in the "Courtesy" lane which isn't very courteous at all because the line is still pretty long, but not as long as the regular line.

    Btw this was pre-election, maybe nowadays there are more stricter regulations and procedures that have to be adhered to before release.

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    Jun 2007
    kahit na noong pre-election nagkakaproblema na pati yung sa appointment system ng DFA consular section. PHP 3XXX for rush passport mataas yung singil na yan kasi kung expedite mga 1,200 at within 7 working days release na yung passport.

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    Feb 2010
    I got mine, kaya lang regular rates or non-rush, paid 700 or so...and got it on time.

    There was this time that I worked for a company closely tied with the DFA, my boss was on a trip to Hongkong for a business conference..and only noticed na expired passport nya...2 days prior to his trip or something.

    I saw him get a brand spanking new passport in less than 30 minutes...all he had to do was get his picture taken and finish a cup of coffee :-), how is that for a rush job.

    Hopefully the delay is only in the the Phils..parang nasanay na ako sa mabagal na daloy ng trabaho.

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    Dec 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by Big_daddy View Post
    Living in the the Phils..parang nasanay na ako sa mabagal na daloy ng trabaho.
    You said it, brother

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    Jul 2009
    sana nga maayos na.. nakakainis, mag leleave nanaman ako sa trabaho ko ng di oras para lang asikasuhin to, pag holiday or weekend wala rin sila pasok nakakainis na talaga ang sistema dito sa pilipinas... dapat may refund at discount sa ginagawa nilang perwisyo eh. alam nyo ba kahapon nung tumawag ako at kinonek ako sa releasing diba? not sure mga mag 3 o clock yun eh.. aba hanggang 5pm walang sumagot... 3pm pa lang pack up na sila? haaay... ano na ngyari sa mamamayan muna bago mamaya na motto ng mga government employees. tsk...

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    Jul 2009
    *skakatak70 sir ang laki ng binigay ng mom mo para sa rush ah... 1,200 lang ang rush job.. tiba tiba yung dfa employee na nakakuha hehehhe.

    *Big_daddy galing nun sir ah, heheh 30 minutes. lakas ng bossing nyo sir :D

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