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    Oct 2002
    aubrey Claire Quizon wrote:

    I failed to share you this experience that happened to me last Sept. 24.

    I'm sending this to you to let you know about that incident which happened
    to me Tuesday night around 6:30pm.

    I was in a car with Angelo (my boyfriend) and his cousin Peter. I was
    sitting at the front passenger seat. The three of us were engaged in
    conversation while stuck in southbound traffic at the west service road
    somewhere between Merville Subdivision and Bicutan.

    I was surprised to have a man wearing a black shirt and cap knocking loudly
    outside my window. At first i didn't understand what he was saying, but
    then he was trying to open the car door and banging at the window demanding
    for our cellphones. I just thank God so much I have the habit of locking
    the door everytime I ride a car.

    Anyway, I looked around us to figure out what else was happening, and I saw
    two more men step down from the jeepney in front of our car and one of them
    drew a gun and pointed it at Angelo when he maneuvered the car to move

    When I saw the gun and pointed at Angelo, I got so scared I covered my eyes
    and screamed. I felt the car move and a shot went off. I felt glass
    spraying on the side of my face, hands, all over!! The car was moving and
    we were able to get away from the bad guys.

    Apparently, Angelo drove on, through counterflow. He had no choice.

    So I was crying like hell. Angelo and Peter were asking me if I was hit.
    didn't know, so I opened my eyes and checked myself. The bullet hole on
    window was right beside my nose! Had I not reclined my seat a little, I
    would've been hit on the face. The bullet was lodged on the driver's side
    window edge.

    We went to the police to report this incident. They said we were the fifth
    victim of a series with this group of bad men. The driver of the jeepney
    front of us during that incident was at the station too and was reporting
    the robbery those men did to him and his passengers. He said the armed man
    even hit one of the woman passengers with the butt of the gun.

    I heard one of the bad guys is in jail now... The rest are roaming free...
    Their modus operandi is robbing people in their own vehicles while caught
    traffic and there's nowhere to go.

    Why email this? To tell you to be careful passing the south expressway
    service road.

    Lock your cars.
    Avoid using your cellphones where it's visible from outside the car.
    If you can see the heavy traffic ahead, turn around and just take the
    expressway. Don't worry if you need to pay the toll fee, it's worth your


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    Oct 2002
    Thanks for that very informative and very alarming post.

    Nakakatakot na pala talaga dyan sa atin. Sa service road pa sila tumitira.

    Make it a habit to lock your doors.

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    Oct 2002
    tsk, tsk, tsk! Buti na lang walang tinamaan. Dapat dun sa mga yun i-salvage agad.

    MGA BWISET!!!!:evil:

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    Oct 2002
    natakot ako dun, a... i live in bicutan pa nman...

    thank you so much for the helpful info!

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    Oct 2002
    actually, it can happen anywhere kung saan traffic. so be vigilant na lang...


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    Oct 2002
    wow. I hope they catch those guys soon!

    and yes, ALWAYS lock your doors... never mo malalaman kung may mangyayaring ganyan sayo or hinde... kahit short distances lang and hindi kayo familiar with the area, lock pa rin...

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    Oct 2002
    nakakagulat naman kayo! while I was typing my first reply si kupaloids palang ang may reply, pagka-refresh ng page 4 na tayong may reply after kupaloids! haha!

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    Nov 2002
    :x walang karapatan mabuhay ang mga hinayupak na yan!:x

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    Oct 2002
    I strongly agree... sana magkaron tayo ng chance sagasaan ang mga yan no?

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    Oct 2002
    Sa panahon ngayon, ingat talaga dapat kahit nasan kang lupalop sa Manila. Mismo sa bahay mo ingat pa rin. They can strike anywhere and anytime.

    My brother-in-law had one experience he'll never forget. While he was on a traffic jam, a man riding a motorcycle casually walk to a car in front him and shot the driver on the head, point blank! There were shots coming from the car as well, so just imagine kung tamaan ka din?

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beware on SLEX service road esp. at night