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    Nov 2009
    Beware of BluJob Paintworx

    My Experience in detail.

    Think twice before you take your car to BluJob Paintworx.
    Vince, the owner likes to make promises he cannot keep.
    I had my car restored by him which took almost 3 months with “OK” results.
    Now, I regret taking my car to this shop.

    In Detail:
    2nd week of June - I had my car estimated and gave me a reasonable price and even freebies. Even cheaper than the 1st 4 shops I went to. He also told me he wanted to get a car painted in pink for the longest time but he never had a customer who wants their car in pink.
    For me it's like hitting 2 birds with one stone.
    My wife wants the car in pink and he wanted to paint a car in pink.

    1 week before July he was texting me almost every day.
    Vince: "Sir dalhin mo na car mo sa shop para ma hot pink na natin."
    Me: Di pa ready funds sir. Text kita pag ready na ko. I already had a paintshop in mind which is LEX Autoworks and is nearer in my residence and of course, LEX is highly recommended in MitsulancerPH.

    July 1: I asked him if it's ok with him If I give him only P5,000 Down Payment because I'm on a tight budget but wanted to get my car started and will give him the rest of the 50% DP on the next payrolls which is every 2 weeks.
    He said it's ok with him.

    July 2: Took my car to his shop and waited for more than an hour because he wasn't there yet. Fine by me.
    He texted me to leave the keys to Bong (The bantay) and give him the DP as well. But I told him that I wanted to talk to him personally.
    One thing I noticed in his shop is that it can only accommodate up to 5 cars and at the time, the shop was full and there are also 2 cars outside getting prepared to be painted, maybe a wash over.

    I asked bong "pano to puno kayo san pupwesto kotse ko?"
    Bong said "matatapos na tong pula (Corolla) sir tapos ipapasok na ung sayo."

    When he arrived, he told me what he wanted to do with my car. At that moment, he wasn't making suggestions. He was acting as if he owns my car.
    I told him that I was thinking of doing this, but he kept saying "Hindi bagay sir. mas maganda kung ganito."
    It's ok with me since he is the expert (or so I thought) and he knows more about painting cars than I do.

    In his office, I gave him a sample of the color that I wanted that I printed out and showed it to Raul (The Pintor) and we talked about the payment.
    So I gave him P5000 DP and he gave me a receipt.
    He also showed me the other cars that are being restored and the red corolla that he said they painted.
    I was impressed by the paintjob and was confindent that my car will get the same results.
    He said, "Sir member ka pala ng Mitsulancer?"
    Kasi daw may sumisira daw sa kanya dun at gusto nyang pakitaan ung mga members ng MLPH na maayos sya gumawa.

    Before I left, I looked at the Fuel Gauge and remembered that it was almost on the last line but forgot to take note of the Mileage.

    1 week after leaving my car to the shop I texted Vince and asked him "musta na sir?"
    He replied "Baklas mode na tayo sir."

    July 16 *4PM my 1st visit to the shop: Vince wasn't there so I gave the P3500 (Total of 8500 DP) to Bong.
    Only the Hood was scraped and the tailights were removed and my car is still outside.
    I was thinking "2 weeks na yan pa lang nagagawa ninyo.
    I can't blame them since I haven't completed the 50% DP so I just left and hope that on my next visit there will be significant progress.
    I went inside my car and found something unusual.
    The steering wheel has been adjusted, the rear view mirror was also adjusted and the aircon was cranked all the way up.
    Also, the fuel gauge was all the down na.
    I was thinking na baka ginamit or hinigop ung gas.
    But I couldn't be sure since I didn't take note of the mileage so I never asked vince about it.

    July 22: This time the Trunk was scraped and the roof is just starting to get scraped.
    Pero kumusta naman, 20th day na yan hindi pa tapos pag-scrape?!
    But then there was a typhoon coming so after nun, it was raining for 1 week and I can't blame them kung hindi tuloy-tuloy trabaho because of the rain.
    Pero nasa labas pa rin oto ko under the rain without the paint and no cover. Ano ba naman?!

    I kept texting Vince kung kelan ipapasok ung oto because of the rain.
    He once told me na naipasok na daw.
    What he didn't know is that I have someone checking their progress who lives within the area.
    He kept telling me na bukas ipapasok na but everytime my friend checked, it's still outside.
    So I told him na paki-cover na lang sir para lang makatulog ako ng mahimbing sa gabi.
    He told me na sya na mismo nag-supervise para i-cover pero hindi naman pala nya nagagawa.

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    Nov 2009
    July 29: I bought a stock spoiler from a friend in Cainta.
    While I was on my way home, I texted him "Sir, how much po add ko kung magpapakabit ako ng spoiler?"
    He replied "Pangit spoiler sir."
    I said, "Sir nabili ko na sya and magbabayad naman ako if needed."
    No reply.
    Texted him again with the same message.
    No reply.
    Text him "Sir How much po add ko for the installation and paint ng spoiler?"
    He replied "Pangit spoiler sir."
    Texted him "Sir magbabayad naman ako and maliit nabili ko ng mura lang naman at sayang naman kung hindi ko magagamit."
    He replied "Sir may extra ka ba jan? Magbabayad kasi ako ng rent. Hehehe"
    Dito na nag-init ulo ko.
    I told him na "Sir I was merely asking for the price of the additional accessory. U keep telling me na pangit and now ur asking if I have extra?! Pull out ko na lang oto ko sir mejo hindi na maganda nangyayari eh. I will drop by ur shop tomorrow and pick up my car and get a refund."
    He replied, (Lumulusot na lang) "naku sir hindi tayo nagkaintindihan. Low batt ako kaya hindi ako makareply the message was for someone else."
    I said, "Sir pull out ko na lang please have my refund ready tomorrow"
    He replied, "Sir wag mo na pull out give me a chance pa pls. Gusto ko patunayan sayo na worth magpagawa sakin."
    He was asking for my landline but I said, "give me ur number and ako ang tatawag sayo."
    He said, "Cge sir text kita pag-nakauwi na ko."
    So he gave me his landline number and we talked.
    I also asked him kung kakayanin matapos before end of august so I can register my car on time without paying the penalty.
    My wife told me to give him another chance. So I did, thinking that he will make up for the delays na nangyari. Or so I thought.

    August 2: I went to his shop gave the spoiler and found that my car is still outside but this time the headlights and bumpers were removed, roof was completely scraped but the door
    was only partially scraped.
    So I asked bong kung bakit ganun? He said, paglabas nung SIR na green sir ikaw ipapasok na yan.
    So I told Vince about it and told me the same thing.
    True enough, that night the, car was moved inside.

    August 5: I've completed 50% DP. In fact, I gave him a total 20k DP which is more than 50% just to get things going and I thought that this would make a difference in terms of their makupad na pagkilos.
    I asked him again kung kaya ba talaga before end of august and he said, kaya daw at baka mapaaga pa. So ako naman natuwa.

    August 12: Na-primeran na oto ko pero hindi pa rin nagagawa ung mga bulok. Particularly, ung flooring and spare tire compartment.
    So I asked him "sir ung mga bulok po sa loob kelan kaya magagawa."
    He said, "may pupunta sa shop next week para tingnan sir."
    I also bought a casing of the cellphone which has the color that my wife wants and gave it to Bong.
    Vince said, he will pick it up tomorrow (Saturday) to have it timpla.

    August 15: Texted Vince and asked him hows color.
    He said. "he already gave it to the paintshop and got it made and was just waiting for the text of the timplador if it's ready for pick up."

    August 20: Texted Vince about the latero and he told me that the latero already went to the shop just to check out the bulok and will come back the following day to start on it.

    August 22: Visited the shop and nothing has been done about the bulok.
    Tingin ko hindi na kakayanin before end of august so I text vince kung kelan pupunta ung latero.
    Vince keeps saying that the latero will come by tomorrow but wala naman.

    August 25: Visited the shop pero ganun pa rin at walang improvement.
    So I texted vince and told him, "Sir kung hindi na po magagawa ung latero ok lang. Skip na lang natin para matapos na ung paint at ibawas na lang sa price."
    He said, "sir magagawa yan sir. 3 yrs na ko sa business na to and lahat pinapangako kong gagawin, nagagawa at hindi pa ako pumapalya."
    I said, cge sir I trust you na magagawa lahat ng request ko. kahit hindi na matapos ng august ok lang basta car show finish.
    He said, Car Show finish talaga un sir don't worry.

    August 31: Texted Vince about the latero again he said "Ok na sir nagawa na ung mga bulok."

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    Nov 2009
    I said, that’s good news sir. I will drop by the shop on friday (September 2) to check it out.

    September 1: Decided to visit the shop earlier and found out bad things.
    Starting with the trunk. may masilya na ung bulok na area sa spare tire compartment.
    Flooring ung bulok may masilya na rin.
    But then I decided to check underneath.
    Ilalim ng flooring, hindi ginagawa, kitang-kita ung piraso ng lata na may brand pa na pinatong lang sa bulok at tinakpan ng masilya at hindi pa completely covered ung butas.
    Trunk, ganun din pero masilya lang pinangtakip at may mga marks pa at tulo ng masilya sa ilalim.
    In a way hindi ako nainis dahil I found out about it early.
    So I went home and texted vince that I need to talk to him.
    So I called him and told him, "sir tapos na ba ung latero? Nagawa na ba sya?
    He said, "Yes sir tinapos na nung latero."
    But I told him about the things I found out and he said that he will talk to the latero.
    He also said na matagal nya ng latero un kaya may tiwala na sya sa trabaho nun.

    To be Continued...

    Part 3...Last Part

    September 3: I asked him about the paint and he said na pina-adjust nya daw dahil nagpe-pearl daw ung color.
    Follow up text ko: Baka abutin tayo ng 3 months at hindi pa rin tapos ung oto ko like what happened to my officemate na nag-refer sakin sayo.
    He replied "Malabo un kasi by monday pondo na ng pink car mo. Pag nakuha ko na paint mo later or tomorrow nid ko pakita sayo para pag good paint na." (Talaga? paint nyo ng hindi
    pa tapos ilatero?)
    I replied "tengga na naman tayo sir. Honestly, disappointed ako sa mga nangyayari kung bakit ung mga bagay na dapat noon pa nangyari bakit ngayon lang. Siguro hindi na tayo
    aabot ng ganito katagal. My wife wants to pull out at ilipat na lang sa ibang shop. Peace of Mind na lang habol namin.
    He said "Peace of mind san? Sir ganito, sa dami ng text mo sakin and request, ginagawa ko naman pero what I don’t understand is parang sa mga text mo saken niloloko kita.I've been painting for for 5 yes and 3 yrs na ko dito, may mga suki nako and di naman ako tatagal sa business na to kung sablay mga gawa ko. Nagtataka lang din ako bakit parang
    inaargabyado ko kayo sa mga text mo. tapos pull out sa 80% completion? Un ung nakakapagtaka sir diba? Hindi paintjob lang binabayaran samin sir. Pati ung talent ng pintor na
    magunat ng kaha. Diba sa call center ka sir? Sana wag naman po isama ang traits sa work sa ibang bagay."
    I said, sige sir punta ka na lang sa shop ngayon para magusao tayo sa pull out at refund.
    I called Viray towing and Lex Autoworks para sa kanya ko na lang ipatapos at maayos kausap sir sir Lex.
    Again, he was asking not to pull out dahil by tuesday or wednesday tapos na daw which I doubt dahil sa dami ng sinabi nya na gagawin nya, isa pa lang ang natutupad nya at again hindi pa rin tapos ilatero.
    I called my uncle which is a Makati Police just in case magkagulo or babuyin oto ko but unfortunately he was not available and will only be able to assist me on Monday.
    So I cancelled Lex and Viray and was advised by my uncle na i-settle na lang on monday when he gets back.

    September 10, 2011:
    Vince told me that I can pick up the car at 10am and he’s going to text me when it’s ready na.
    Pero dahil may binyag akong pupuntahan, I opted to drop by the shop earlier than expected and just wait for it to be finished. Pag punta ko sa shop, hay nako, hindi pa rin tapos.
    Hindi pa napapinturahan spoiler, hindi pa rin napa-primeran. So sabi ni Vince ikakabit na lang daw pag balik ko for buffing. Ok lang naman.
    Wala si vince sa shop kaya tumulong na ko sa pagbalik ng mga binaklas nila.
    Habang nandun ako sa shop, unti-unti kong nadiskubre na mali-mali ang kabit nila ng mga binaklas nila at kulang-kulang sa turnilyo.

    Eto ang listahan ng mga maling kabit nila.
    Magsimula tayo sa harap.
    Front Bumper: Kulang ng isang turnilyo sa bracket. Kaya pala tabingi right side.
    Corner Lights: Walang bulb right side at ung left side naman nabugahan ng pintura. Nawala ung spring na nakakabit sa loob para hindi malaglag. Kaya lang ang dali nyang natanggal.
    Head Lights: Busted na socket at bulb mismo. Kaya pala nawalan ng ilaw.
    Right Fender: Walang turnilyo sa ilalim papunta sa running board. Kaya pala umaalog.
    Fender Liner: Wala lahat ng turnilyo.
    Cheek Lights: Hindi naikabit ng maayos.
    Side Mirror: Hindi naikabit ung rubber pareho para sa pang adjust nya sa loob.
    Dash Board: Ung 2 sides sa corner, nabugahan ng primer.
    Front Sidings: Nabugahan ng konti ung upper part.
    Window Riser: Nawala lahat ng clip para hindi sya natatanggal.
    Center Console: Walang screw ung sa arm rest. Kaya pala umaalog.
    Buong Interior: Grabeng Dumi! Hindi man lang nila pinunasan.
    Seat Belts: Hindi mahigpit ang screw. Lahat!
    Passenger Seat: Naulanan sya the night before.
    Rear LHD Window: Hindi na gumagana.
    Plastic Molding na nasa ibabaw kasama ung sa windshield at back glass: Hindi man lang nilagyan ng bagong silicone.
    Mga rubber sa Hood at Trunk ung parang stopper: Kulang kulang ung sa harap. Sa likod wala lahat.
    Tail Lights: Hindi rin nilagyan ng bagong silicone.
    Trunk Lid: Tabingi kapag nakasara.
    Radiator Water Reservoir: Nawala nila. Ung ipinalit galing sa isang oto na ginagawa din nila.
    Tail Light Garnish: Kulang ng screw.
    Rear Bumper: Tinali lang ung ilalim na part para hindi umalog.

    Sa mga Accessories naman tayo:
    Susi: Nawala daw. Papalitan na lang daw.
    Alligator Jack: Sira na. Hindi na umaangat. Nawala ung plastic case nya. Papalitan na lang daw.
    Spare Tire:Nakakabit sa ibang oto. Pero nakuha ko na rin nung 09/19/2011.

    Magaling ang latero at pintor ni Vince na si Mang Raul pero ung mga ibang tauhan nya na sina Bong, Poma atbp. burara sa gamit.
    Maayos naman sila magpintura pero palpak lang sila sa pagbalik ng mga binaklas nila.

    Kung may isa pa kayong sasakyan at sobrang haba ng pasensya nyo, ok lang na magpagawa kayo sa kanya.
    Pero kung kayo ung tipong isa lang ng sasakyan, metikoloso, at maikli ang pasensya, wag na kayo magpagawa sa kanya.
    Kung may alam din kayo sa oto, hindi magpapatalo si vince senyo.

    October 12:
    Kinuha ko na spoiler ko at tirang paint at ipapagawa lahat ng hindi nagawa at palpak na gawa ng BJ paints na yan.
    Kay Lex Autoworks ko na lang ipapa-buff at ipapakabit spoiler.
    Ok lang kahit gumastos ako basta panatag ako.

    Vince The Owner

    Makati branch
    8042 Honradez st. J.P. Rizal Makati City.
    Yellow and black checkered gate.

    Q.C. Branch
    10 Inaman St. Brgy. Masambong Del Monte Q.C.
    near araneta ave. or siena college q.c.
    Cell Phone
    0927 365 8494

    743 9854

    FB Nya.
    Vin Bjpaints | Facebook
    BluJob Paintworx | Facebook
    Blu Job | Facebook

    From HCP…

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    Nov 2009
    Negative Feedback from a GT (Grupo Toyota) Member.

    kevin6a12 madami dami na kyo biktima ata nyan..kayo or pati ako haha.. barkada ng barkada ko kase yan, minsan tumambay ako dyan sa shop nila mga ilan beses lang din.. kaso

    yun pala pati barkada ko tinalo .. napansin mo sir meron mga mags naka display diba? ibang sets dun sa barkada ko.. kaso ang alam ko, nawala daw sa shop ata yung mags at

    madami pa.. yung Bong na yan 100% nag sshabu yan.. saka yung pintor na isa yung astek buhok na payat yun ata si Poma, isa pa yan.. minsan 2am daw nag liliha pa ng auto haha..

    anyways yung saken hindi ko na share kung ano nangyari.. lets say madami ng galit kay Vince not just sa 2 barkada ko and me na din hehe.. saka nga pala yung naubos gas mo?

    alam mo na dapat yun kung bakit.. meron nga palang 2 GT members din nag pagawa sa kanya nung time na tumatambay ako dun dati.. 1 AE92, 1 AE111.. tapos meron pa isang GT

    din na naka DX.. Full Payment pero 1 year ata inabot hindi pa din matapos tapos haha..
    Another Negative Feedback from a GT member.
    share ko lang ang experience ko dyan sa blujob paintworx, diyan ko kasi pinapinta oto ko, "ok" naman pag ka pinta di naman ako nag eexpect na sobrang ganda kasi nga mura ang

    singil,habol ko lang ma pintahan oto ko ng "ok" kasi sagwa na tlaga ng paint ng car ko,pero ang badtrip lang talaga ang tagal bago natapos,halos isa't kalahating buwan eh hilamos

    lang,isa pang nakakainis may mga nawalang gamit din ako,yung reserve tire ko nawala,pati yung cord para sa aux out ko sa ipod nawala din,ang matindi pati yung baterya nawala

    naipagpalit yata sa iba pero in fairness naman pinalitan yung baterya ko at hinatid pa sa office ko pati yung reserba ko pinalitan din kaso yun nga lang nakakabadtrip yung hassle ng

    pabalik pabalik tapos walang nangyayari,sablay pa pag ka paint ng mags ko imbes na candy tone red ung lip naging maroon eh :lol: pati yung smoke headlight dapat na

    gagawin,sablay din. :lol: pati yung grill ko di pa din tapos pintahan yung dapat na itsura na gusto ko, yung tungkol naman sa gas na nauubos ganyan din nagyari sakin,nung una ko

    iniwan halos 1/4 pa tapos nung kinuha ko na nagtaka ako naubos,nakailaw yung low gas level eh,so ginawa ko nung binalik ko para i pa buff ni reset ko ung trip meter sa 0 bago ko

    iwan tapos nagtira ako ng konting gas,pag kakuha ko ng oto,ubos ulit yung gas tapos yung oto tumakbo ng 31kms sa trip meter,ginamit ang oto,ang tindi eh,kaka bwisit, :x di pa nga

    tapos i buff oto ko isang session pa dapat,pinababalik ako ni vince para gawin ung mga dapat gawin at i buff oto ko ulit pero di na cguro,sa iba ko na ipapatira ayoko na ma stress

    ulit...kailangan talaga pag mag papa paint ka diyan mahaba dapat ang pasensya mo at ready ka ma stress :D pati si jehan na ka gt din natin medyo masalimuot din ang story

    nya,halos magkasabay kasi ipanasok oto namin dyan,siya na lang ang mag kwekwento ng story nya

    Another one from GT.
    eto yata yung paintshop na ina-ads ni FIBERMAN na murang washover.isa rin po ako sa mga nabiktima ng BLUJOB na yan. Front bumper lang naman ang pinapaint ko pero sobrang

    hassle inabot ko. Nung dalhin ko ang oto, ok nabugahan naman. Pero nung ibinalik ko na for "BUFFING" and pag Black ng mga linings, eto na, turuan na sila kung sino ang gagawa

    kasi raw walang iniwan na instruction ang "BOSS" daw nila. after mga ilang oras na pangungulit at pakiusap ang ginawa ko sa kanila, ayun nabuff naman pero yung pag black ng mga

    linings hindi. So ang ginawa ko umuwi na lang ako at ako na lang mag isa ang nag black using PYLOX sa bahay.

    Share ko lang mga paps at sana maiayos na nung "BOSS" ang sistema ng shop niya para wala ng maulit na ganito. Madami rin ako narinig na comment na nawala na parts sa oto ng

    customers nila hindi ko alam kung sinasadya nilang kunin or what..

    Mura nga ang singil nila pero, sasakit naman ulo mo. Anu ba yan..

    Eto pa isa!
    mga paps ako din nabiktima ng blujob paintworx na yan also known as FIBERMAN dito sa gt,walang kwenta ang shop na yan puro pangako
    lang yan di siya lalake,1st day ng nag inquire ako re paint 16t urethane paint wash over sabi sa akin wala pa daw 1 week pipinturahan auto ko
    kaya sabi ko masyado ata mabilis ang katwiran niya wala naman masyado tama ung corolla ko at orig paint pa naman ang problem lang faded ng
    konti ung bubong at trunk pero pina litan ko nadin ung hood ko para latang lata na talaga,2nd day tinext niya ako sabi niya sir baka pwede niyo na
    ipasok ung corolla niyo ae92 bibigyan ko kau ng discounted price kc nga wala naman masyado tama ung auto at unat ung corolla mo.that day june 9 2011 pinasok ko na sa

    paniniwalang 1 week lang tapos na agad kasi labas lang naman ang pipinturahan kaya nag down na ako ng 10k after 3 days nag text siya
    sa akin sabi niya if pwede na makuha ung remaining na 3k kasi para may babayaran daw siya sabi ko naman sir wala pa ako budget ngaun meron ako
    2k lang sabi naman ni vince ok na yan so ako naman pumunta sa shop para makita ung progress ng auto after 3 days expected ko na masilyahan na ung
    ibang tama ng auto ko pag punta ko wala pa di pa pala nagagalaw auto ko at humihingi na uli nung remaining ko na balance na 3k.tinanong ko siya bakit wala pa nagagawa sa auto

    ko?kala ko ba gagawin niyo na auto ko at minadali niyo ipasok auto ko?sabay sabi ni vince sir madali lang yan pinturahan auto mo tapos kaagad yan text kita agad pag na

    masilyahan at primeran binigay ko na ung balance ko na 2k at remaining na lang is 1k..after 1 week bumalik ako sa shop para i check ung auto pumunta na ako kasi di na siya

    nag re reply sa mga text ko.pag punta ko dun wala padin nangyayari sa auto ko tinext at tinawagan ko ayaw talaga sumagot..sayang lang punta ko at kahit gusto ko na i pull out ay

    nakapag bigay na ako ng 12k sa kanya so ang pinakaoption ko is mag hintay,the next day nag reply na siya sbi nya sir naliha na namin ung auto mo which is pwede mo naman gawin

    nung araw na dinala ko auto,lumipas ang tatlong araw un at nagtext uli siya na nama silyahan na daw auto ko,tinanong ko siya sabi ko,..pre kala ko ba 1 week lang?kc wala masyado

    tama ung auto ko at walang bulok?sabi niya uli sa akin relax lang sir maganda kakalabasan ng auto mo..lumipas ang dalawang linggo wala padin after 1 month july 9 2011 nagtext sa

    akin sir pnipinturahan na auto mo.di na ako nag reply at hinintay ko na lang matapos ung auto ko sa sobrang bad trip ko.

    july 26 natapos auto ko ok naman ang gawa kaya lang nawala ung battery ko pinalitan ng iba pati ung gas ng auto ko ubos at ung air spencer ko na perfume sa auto ay nawawala din

    pati jack and extra ko na steering wheel,buti na lang at tinanong ko kay bong ung manibela ko na extra binaba daw nila at naibalik naman the rest wala di daw nila alam..di pa na ba

    buff ung auto sabi nya after 1week pwede mo na ibalik dito yan para lihain at ma buff na din..

    august 2 binalik ko ung corolla kopara i buff sabi naman niya sa akin 2 to 3 days lang..after 3 days bumalik ako para tignan kung ok na..8am august 5 ganun padin at wala pa di pa

    naliliha ung auto ko at naka tengga pa din.tinawag ko ung tauhan niya si bong di daw niya alam sa sobrang galit ko tinawag ko na ung taga buff niya si ryan at tinulungan ko lihain ung

    auto ko para matapos lang that day inabot ako til 9pm minadali ang buff at kira pati pinaglihaan sobrang badtrip pati ung nag mapa sa hood ko sinisisi dahil sa hood na pinalitan ko

    kung saan surplus naman ung hood.waste of time at pera pagod lang ang mapapala niyo dito sa shop na backjob!!este blujob..wag na kau pumunta dito sa shop na ito..sayang lang at

    mukhang tipid na tipid sila sa pintura at top iba ko na pna buff ung auto ko sa sobrang dismaya ko..dati ko pa gusto i post to kaya lang naaawa ako sa kanya dahil un lang

    daw ang ikinabubuhay niya sinabi ko sa kanya at sbi nya wag nman daw at walang blackmailan..
    Meron Pa!
    Nabiktima din nitong shop na ito ang officemate ko. Nakita ko ads niya dito sa GT. Pinakita ko sa officemate ko, baka kako interested siya dahil mura at malapit lang sa kanila yung

    shop. He promised na matatapos oto niya in less than 2 months. After 2 months wala pa din nangyayari sa oto niya. Puro pangako ang sinasabi. It end up 5 months bago natapos.

    Beware na lang tayo sa mga ganitong shop.
    GT Again!
    May isa pang gt bro nagpa paint dyan. Tagal na nun ae92 sa kanya nagtataka ko kung kelan nya pina paint saka nya bnenta. Na frustrate din daw sya sa shop na yan pero di na lang

    nagsalita. Winawarningan na lang nya mga may balak magpapaint dyan. Like ako, muntik na din ako dyan pero winarningan ako ng gt brother natin

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    Nov 2009
    GT Again!
    May isa pang gt bro nagpa paint dyan. Tagal na nun ae92 sa kanya nagtataka ko kung kelan nya pina paint saka nya bnenta. Na frustrate din daw sya sa shop na yan pero di na lang

    nagsalita. Winawarningan na lang nya mga may balak magpapaint dyan. Like ako, muntik na din ako dyan pero winarningan ako ng gt brother natin
    From a Premiere GT Member.
    Saw mark's ride during the process of the repaint, ang daming oversprays, may mga turnilyong hindi dapat dun na pinilit lang ikabit, sobrang gaspang ng pintura nung nilabas,

    at marami pang iba. I know na sobrang na hassle-an si Mark sa mga nangyari sa ride niya nung time na yun. Tsk tsk tsk.
    From an HCP member.
    this serves as a warning to all of us. itong arvin na ito (which is his real name), ay matagal nang notorious scammer sa HCP kung hindi ako nagkakamali. sample na lang eh

    yung pag benta niya ng fake lacoste shirts which he claims are orig pero madali naman masira. dami na nagalit dyan from HCP kaya sa ibang boards naman nang-iiscam. may iba

    pang modus ito from what i've heard...marami lang siya napapaniwala sa galing niya magsalita. ngayong out in the open na itong issue na ito sa GT at, lumiliit na mundo

    niya. alam ko itong mga bagay na ito because i've met this guy personally through a common friend. iwasan na lang po natin makipagtransact sa kanya...tandaan ang ichura, i-save

    ang picture niya sa mga pc niyo kung maaari kase pwede siyang gumamit ng iba't ibang handle at pangalan. kelangan na matigil ang kalokohang ito!

    Nangangahoy ng Piyesa itong si Arvin Delos Reyes, Vince, Vincent.
    twice pa nila pinalita kasi nung first day na pinasok ko ung auto ko battery ko is motolite enduro nilagyan ko pa ng palatandaan TAK 994 ung plate n o.ko para sana di mawala then

    nung pagkatapos ma pinturahan ung auto ko pinalita ng outlast na battery sabi nailagay daw sa ibang auto ung battery ko pagbalik ko na lang daw nila ibabalak ung battery ko,pag

    balik ko para i buffing pinalitan nga....kaya lang mas malala ang pinalit motolite na luma at mukhahang pina charge lang..galing no?

    From a GT Member.
    hi GT members ako nga pala ung sinasabi ni ton na GT member na may ari ng DX.. same shibby happend to me, and my car has been there for 1 year and 7 months already and guess

    what?!!? hindi pa tapos ung DX ko, and to think, first month pa lang ng DX ko dun fully paid na ako, yan si "vince" na we know as "ARVIN" fools people, and to think, tumulong pa ako

    mgadvertise dati dito sa GT. sorry for my words but i am really pissed of with him. All i know is that the plate number of his HONDA SIR is WHF-789. please give us updates if you know

    his whereabouts.. or kung meron man magmamagandang loob, PLEASE PM ME HIS HOME PHONE NUMBER.

    thanks! and beware of arvin!

    From an MLPH Member.
    I read your post against BLUJOB! and YES ako rin nabiktima nyan, grabe sobrang wala pa akong alam sa kotse at kasama ko pa tatay ko nung pinapaint namin ung mags, nagpagwa

    ng rear valence and paint, baboy po din ang gawa ang malupit pa eh, naubos yung mga pagkain sa loob ng kotse ko and another thing i nottice pinalitan nya goma ng gulong ko naiba

    kce ung isa naging manipis, grabe panloloko nyan. I want to get even pero nanahimik ako ng matagal. He even put a stciker on my car yung Blujob! Sir nauunawaan ko ang pait na

    sinapit nyo kce ako rin ganyan, Saka parang may pinalitan sya mga parts sa kotse ko na di ko narin alam. magpapaintura lang ako ng mags ilang araw inabot grabe, palpak pa

    natapos sablay yung lip lagpas lagpas. Pasikat lang mga tao nya pero mga bobo naman nakalimutan ko na yung name nung isa, pero si bong natatandaan ko dun nya lagi pinapabilin

    pagpupunta ang customer. Dati yung pm ko sakanya na mga negative dahil ayaw ko syang masira kaya nagpm ako, pinost ng ka-partner nya un, un ung sinasabi nyang naninira

    sakanya pero totoong manloloko yan si ARVIN SANTOS if not mistaken ang totoong pangalan nyan dami na niloko nyan, nagresearch ako sir after ko magpagawa dyan past 2yrs ago.
    Another 1 from an MLPH member
    Kilala ko yung "Vince". Arvin ang name niya. I have dealt with him before and sad to say ganyan na talaga. He owed me some money and doesn't want to pay until I talked to his

    Eto pa po from MLPH
    Alam mo sir inubos nya rin gas ko tuwang tuwa sya sa gsr ko ang cute daw sarap pagandahin, yun pala eh ginamit nya, ok lang gamitin para ipamatch ang paint pero mukhang ginamit

    nya pa tlga, buti di pa ganun kaganda mga pyesa ko dati kung hindi nakahoy nya na yan, its one way kaya nya pinapatagal ang oto sir nangangahoy yan si vincent or arvin. Sana nga

    makarama yan.

    From Honda Club Philippines

    Arvin Delos Reyes also goes by the name of Vince, Vincent.
    Remember his Face.
    The Face of a Con Artist, a Thief and a Notorius Scammer!

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    di pala masaya BJ? hahahaha

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    Madami na rin ako nababasang masama tungkol diyan. Nagpalit lang ng pangalan yang shop niya. Haha. Naku po, dapat diyan pinapa-Tulfo. Matagal na nilang gawain yan.

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    langya yung post, ang haba.
    pero nakakapag-init ng ulo panloloko nya. dapat dyan, matigil na kalokohan nyan, para wala nang mabiktima pa.

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    Hagisan niyo ng granda shop niya sa gabi!

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    hurrah for the internet

    feedback at the speed of light

    kaya mga service providers, ingatan ang mga customers at serbisyo, hindi bisyo

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