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    Oct 2007
    Nadaanan ko ito sa NLEX noong Sabado.Ito yung area after na ng Dau.Ito na yung papuntang exit sa Bamban, Tarlac.It wasn't a good sight.You know people died on the spot.Pero di ko na nakita mga tao.Nakita ko na lang nililinis yung daan mismo malamang ng dugo.Yung makina ng Revo nasa gilid din ng daan.Natanggal sa body ng Revo.May mga dugo din sa bubong ng bus.From that point on hanggang gabi kinakabahan ako.Di mo kasi masabi kung kailan ka talaga mawawala.Nag-iingat ka nga pero yung iba naman hindi.Kaya nangyayari mga ganito.

    Tagal ng napakadaming reckless na driver lalo na sa mga PUVs.Alam naman natin lahat yan.Nakikita naman natin palagi pero wala naman ginagawa tungkol sa mga yan.

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    Nov 2005
    hmm if we were to believe the eyewitness account, i would probably conclude that the driver of the bus fell asleep on the wheel which caused the bus to swerve towards the parked revo... just my 0.02...

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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by SecretShop View Post
    I just heard from news that a witness saw that the REVO was actually parked at the shoulder. The witness was behind the bus that hit the REVO. I guess there must be something wrong with the bus, not just the driver of the bus, for it to swerve all the way to the shoulder. Buses should be checked if they are still road worthy.
    It could be that situation discussed to us before. Possibly at the last moment, hoping to avoid each other, both vehicles unfortunately swerved to the same lane - the Revo's shoulder. The Revo may have already also fully stopped on the shoulder, trying to prevent the accident, but was still hit head on.

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    Nov 2002
    ive been drving on nlex road and if you strictly follow the rules of 100kph no accident would occur, yung sinasabing traffic engineering kalokohan yun! if there would be something wrong it is the drivers exceeding the required speed, and the reckless drivers of those uneducated bus drivers ( i mentioned uneducated for if they are they would know what is the proper way of driving...)

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    Nov 2005
    sobrang kinis kasi gawa ng NLEX kaya very tempting sa karamihan to exceed the speed limit. now sigurado marami nang maghihinay hinay lalo sa parte na yan.

    kung totoong nasa shoulder na ang revo, the bus could have easily miss it or both of them chose the same path which is the shoulder so "bang" pwede ring hindi pinagbigyan ang overtaking bus.

    another loss of lives

    RIP to the victims

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    Aug 2005
    Alam kaya ng mga professional drivers ang ibig sabihin ng solid line?

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    Jan 2007
    Sana idemanda nung pamilya nung girl yung BUS CO. hanggang ma bangkarote at ng matigil na sila sa gawain nila.

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    Jan 2008
    Fr. Moraleda of Claret School... the name sounds familiar and I used to study there before.

    Damn bus drivers!

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    Nov 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by meledson View Post
    Alam kaya ng mga professional drivers ang ibig sabihin ng solid line?
    ang alam cguro nila dito sa sabihin ng solid line eh the road is straight.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by daimaoh View Post
    Fr. Moraleda of Claret School... the name sounds familiar and I used to study there before.

    Damn bus drivers!

    Studied there when he was both Spiritual Director of the school and parish priest of IHMP.

    He was very stern with misbehaving students and had a look about him that would discourage others from any mischief. But, he's mellowed a lot and he came back to the Philippines after returning for a number of years in Spain.


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Another Grim Accident Involving a Bus at NLEX