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    Aug 2005
    kulang talaga sa training mga lespu natin simpleng rule of engagement di alam....kelangan pa ba i memorize yan?

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Isuzoom View Post
    kulang talaga sa training mga lespu natin simpleng rule of engagement di alam....kelangan pa ba i memorize yan?
    Tama ka diyan. I'm still in active duty sa Special Forces(actually, kakabalik ko lang nung isang linggo from it) and even we know how to encounter potential threats like that. I've seen the training simulations our local law enforcement put up on shows to show off to our dear president on how well trained they are. Well, maganda ang simulation show nila pero when it comes to actual application, ibang usapan na yan.

    That's why I don't want to train here baka ma-adopt ko yung hyper mode nila. We train and we use what we've learned, sometimes even adopting unorthodox tactics.

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    May 2006
    Balita ko hi tech daw ang training ng mga kapulisan natin, they employ the latest in computer simulation technology and the most advanced hardware money can buy...ang pangalan ata ng program na ginagamit nila for training ay "Halflife Counterstrike"

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    Sep 2004
    Marami nang eyewitnesses ang nag-salita. Palpak talaga yung mga pulis natin. Bira muna bago alamin ang sitwasyon. Kahit ano pang rason nila, it was their mistake, and those who have blood on their hands must pay the price.

    From what was recounted, tumakbong mabilis yung naka-Crosswind. (Natural, eh may shoot-out eh, kahit sino siguro, ayaw maipit sa crossfire). Eh akala mga kriminal din na tumatakas. So, pinaputukuan agad. Eh the cops were not under fire naman.

    The best thing they could have done is to shoot out the tires, and establish a blocking force sa most possible get-away or ingress/egress routes. They knew this in advance, so dapat na-plano na ng maigi.

    Trigger-happy lang talaga mga pulis natin. Malamang gustong gumanti kasi namatayan sila, tapos yung isang PNP Superintendent (Head ng TF Limbas) tinamaan din ng bala.

    Compare this with police videos sa Tate. Binubugbog na yung mga pulis, pero hindi pa rin nila pinapa-putukan yung suspect. Now that's called proper restraint. Maximum tolerance talaga. Yan ang kulang sa mga pulis natin.

    Condolences to the innocent civilians, especially the 7-year old girl. I'll pray that justice be served, and the dumb trigger-happy policemen be disarmed and subsequently dismissed.
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    ^I agree trigger happy mga polices natin dito, maybe bec kulang sa budget talaga for regular practice shooting kaya pag meron chance na magpaputok pag nasa street na sila gagawin nila..parang sabik sila magpaputok ng baril eh

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    Oct 2002
    ganyan talaga nangyayari sa isang police force na pinamumunuan ng euro generals

    sumalangit nawa yung mga inosente
    sumaimpyerno nawa yung mga kriminal, kasama nung mga euro generals
    iligtas nyo po kami sa mga masamang elemento ng kapulisan

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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by mayhem View Post
    in a running gun battle and with civilians into the scene, never fire your service firearm unless you're fired upon . if a suspect, surrenders without any deadly weapon on hand, debilitate him by shooting on extremities which is less fatal.

    never fire your weapon first as what the books says, but in real gun battle, all becomes irrational especially when a comrade becomes a casualty, emotions overwhelm rational thinking and from there everyone becomes trigger happy... mas ok na nga na makapatay ka kesa ikaw ang mapatay..
    sad but true...

    civilians were at the wrong place and time...

    God bless the souls of the victims.
    Wow what training manual is that from? If the suspect is not armed you do not shoot period much less shoot at extremities. Hitting center mass is hard enough in a shooting situation without having to aim at extremities. Also shooting at extremities just increases the chances of civilian casualty. Study of shootouts have shown that police will only hit about 70% of the targets they aim for during a shootout, meaning 30% of the bullets will hit other objects or people. Police should not shoot to injure they shoot to stop the threat and that normally means death.

    Never fire first? Police will fire if they feel that they are under threat, they are not paid to watch a bullet fly by first before shooting. As for your comment about it's better to kill than be killed that unfortunately is true. here in the US we have a saying "it's better to be judged by 12, than carried by 6". The police officers first objective is self preservation in order to save others because a dead police officer does no good to anyone except the bad guys.

    I realize that there are variances in training but a lot of police officers from the Philippines do attend training in the US. That said there is still a lot that can be done in properly training these officers but unfortunately politicians and generals steal all the money.

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    Nov 2005
    tsaka pansinin nyo wala talagang binubuhay....kasi bakit? e baka kumanta pa siguro . palagay ko yan yung mga bank robbers na nakita sa mga CCTV ng mga tinira nila bangko... isinet-up nila tsaka pinag tatarget.

    remember kuratong baleleng, parang ganyan din,,, sa paranaque safehouse rin galing mga yun at kunyari me ta-trabahuhin sa QC hanggang nagulat na lang pagdating ng Commonwealth - katapusan na pala nila......

    ngayon, sasabihin nila solve na. oo solve na todas na lahat yung mga nakita sa CCTV. pero ang tanong asan na yung mga nakulimbat na pera sa series of operation ng grupo????

    eh nasa mabuti nang kamay yun

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    Oct 2002
    now they are saying 3 of the dead suspects are ex-military

    why am i not surprised?

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    Oct 2007
    1. That is why they are called 'gun carrying idiots'. They should not shoot
    at unarmed people.

    2. You do not shoot extremities, always shoot center mass and dont
    stop until it is over. One each and back.

    3. If you are caught in a crossfire just drop and stay down. If you are
    combatant then it is a different matter.

    4. Do you part in keeping illegal weapons off the street. Buy them.

    Kakalungkot for those civilians but thats the way it is for gun carrying idiots.

    Question is how much are they going to get for compensation, for those caught in the crossfire.
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16 killed in Paranaque shootout!