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    Mar 2007
    On long trips, syempre co-pilot and alalay ko si kumander serving as my rear or blind side sensor and sixth sense commentator

    'kidding aside... safety first, defensive driving lang!

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by jayemkay View Post
    Not sure if this is the place to post this, and if not, then bahala na po mga mods to relocate it accordingly.

    Anyhow, i just wanted to share with you MY driving regimen. Bascially its the things that i absolutely have to do just to get my drive on .
    Well, for starters, i always drive barefoot, or basta walang suot na shoes/tsinelas. Di ko ma feel ung mga pedals pag me sapatos and nagkakamali-mali pa mga timpla ko.

    Secondly, my foot almost never leaves the clutch, whether naka tapak ako, or simpleng patong lang. Its kinda like an insurance policy (??)

    Third, basta daytime driving, hindi pwdeng wala ako suot na shades kong bulok2 na Police type.

    Fourth, parang automatic lang sakin basta me nakita ako slope na pababa, i put the gear in neutral and relax, turning my car into a go-cart.

    And lastly, hindi rin pwedeng wala ang asawa ko sa tabi ko, kasi i ALWAYS forget to put on my seatbelt, and sya ung taga paalala sakin hehehe

    ayun, sharing lang.

    If anyone else has any other routines, the weirder the better-er...this is where to put 'em.
    pareho tayo. barefoot style parati. maski naka slippers, tinatanggal ko, dahil mas comfortable ako ng barefoot.

    but i am not a clutch driver. pitik-pitik lang ng clutch ako.

    i am also conscious on the rpms.

    and before i enter the car, i remove my wallet from my back pocket and put it on the center console. Same as with my cellphone. after putting these two at the center console, seatbelts muna bago start ng oto.

    in parking slots, i make it appoint to switch on headlights, maski ang taas ng tirik ng araw. ewan ko ba.

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    May 2005
    uy daming naka-paa pala dito ah, ako din ganun. hirap ako tumimpla ng clutch at gas pag me naka harang sa paa ko eh, kaya di ako pede mag drive ng truck at jeep kasi maiinit yung flooring. ako ang routine ko normal naman except pag labas ko na ng auto, maski na naka powerlock lahat ng pinto ko iisa isahin ko pa din sila itest kung sumara nga, baka kasi di nag engage yung actuator eh, ilang beses na nagyari sa akin yun. sa clutch driving din hangat maari di ko tinatapakan, di naman kasi kelangan nakakababad at masisira lang yung mga parts, sayang pera. engaged din ako sa lahat ng gears basta nag momove ang oto, neutral lang pag tigil na...

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    Dec 2007
    many thanks sa mga responses and inputs nyo, tsikoteers!

    Marami pala tayong mga "bareback" este barefoot riders / drivers. I also do the thing with the locks where i double check (walang tiwala sa "second-hand-yet-state-of-the-art" central lock system ko hehe). And dun sa tsikoteer who raises his headlights when parking, wala ako masabi, taob ako sayo hehehe

    For sure, i will definitely work on my clutch driving, or do away with it altogether (my left leg would totally agree, nakaka-ngalay minsan). I'm a relatively new driver hence the transition, i guess. It never occurred to me though na nakaka-sira ng auto ung pag roll pababa habang naka neutral. Kala ko pa nga tipid sa gas un

    More power to tsikot!

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    Aug 2005
    I prefer to leave it in gear during coasting para if I need power, mabilis lang ang response ko. Also If I need some engine braking, malaking tulong kung naka gear.

    Pag pababa ng mga slopes kahit na gaano ka maintain ang sasakyan, your brakes might still fail. At least for me may back up just in case.

    Driving a manual and during an overtaking maneuver in a 2 way street, may nagsabi sa akin na do not change gear while you are at the opposite lane kahit na mag over rev. Kasi pag nagkamali ka ng pasok ng gear at may kasalubong, delikado. For me, this makes sense.

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by 1D4LV View Post
    and before i enter the car, i remove my wallet from my back pocket and put it on the center console. Same as with my cellphone. after putting these two at the center console, seatbelts muna bago start ng oto.
    same practice here...right after opening the door, dukot na ako sa wallet and throw it sa passenger seat (most of the time kasi solo ako sa car). the the cellphones follow katabi ng wallet.

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    Dec 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by redorange View Post
    Uhmm it's your first post on this topic. Who is shoving their style down your throat? The TS mentioned what he does and others replied to it and nobody mentioned you. BTW attend a high performance driving school that teaches emergency maneuvers and you'll understand other peoples comments.
    Thank you for that suggestion. I wasn't referring to anyone who posted before me on this thread... Peace tayo... pinangungunahan ko lang "sila." :bwahaha:

    But IMHO, I don't need to attend such... After 20+ years of driving, I say, nasa reflexes lang ng driver iyan. O diba, ang lakas ng dating ko? Hehehe... Again, peace tayo.

    Besides, I only do that (switching to neutral gear) on FAMILIAR roads....

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    Oct 2003
    my routine:

    1. remove steering wheel lock
    2. make sure it's in neutral
    3. check fuel gauge
    4. start
    5. go
    6. a/c and radio

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    Sep 2004
    I also remove my wallet and place it on the center console when I'm driving. Hirap yung may bumubukol sa puwet.

    I don't step on the clutch any longer than is necessary; in fact, I only step on it to change gears, kaya much of the time pahinga ang left foot ko (mas nangangawit pa nga yung kanang paa ko eh). I also avoid resting my right hand on the shift lever, especially at a full stop.

    I also frequently monitor my tach (for RPMs) and my fuel gauge (for fuel consumption). Overly conscious. I should do that less often for safety's sake.

    Lagi rin nakatingin sa left and right side mirrors, even when I know that nobody's coming up behind me.

    And unlike a lot of people here, I'm not comfortable with barefoot driving. Tried it once, dumulas yung paa ko sa pedal at muntik na akong mabangga. So driving with comfy shoes still makes more sense to me.

    And I make sure na naka-lock lahat ng pinto ng oto bago pa ako makalayo ng bahay.
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    Nov 2007
    My routine

    remove wallet and cellfone lagay sa console
    - check gear make sure its neutral
    - unlock manibela
    - sitbelt
    - check mirrors
    - lock the doors,
    - start engine
    - go
    - on radio

    on full stop / traffic:
    - hand break lift
    - pag medyo matagal ang trapik shift to neutral

    on coasting
    - leave the gear 4th usually, barely punta sa 5th gear
    sometimes pag tinopak from 3rd gear to 5th gear agad
    but never use neutral

    on slopes (pababa)
    - always to the 2nd and 3rd gear

    on slopes - traffic paakyat
    - usually use handbreak then rev
    - of course 1st gear
    bihira ko gamitin ang balancing (clutch and gas)

    - laging tumitingin sa mga mirrors

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