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    Jan 2004
    Ok sana second hand pero according to the first post, ilo-loan. Malaki ang interest sa 2nd hand compared sa bnew. And if my guess is right, few banks will give you a loan on a car more than six years old, even if it's a BMW. I could be wrong though.

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    Oct 2006
    actually tomorrow dating ng FIL ko so it depends if hell pay it ng cash and sa kanya ko babayaran monthly... Lucky me! at least walang interest. if he decides naman to pay for the dp, ako na sa monthly...

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    Feb 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by russpogi View Post
    Aha!!! I agree! It may not be brand new but hey, it's a Bimmer!

    OT: Flagg, nabenta ko na last month yung 520i E34 ng bestfriend ko for Php350k. Meron ka bang kilalang nabebenta ng E38 na 7-series?
    OT part II:Meron me nakita sa Sunday ads... E38 740i. Meron din me tiningnan noon 740iL '98 mura... pero rough idling... wag na!

    Para hindi OT: Sir (mam?) annegelly... mga 50-100k for repair ok na yan for a used BMW. Usually, suspension ang problema. Of course, test drive & tingin sa mekaniko mo muna.

    At kung nagtitiwala ka sa warranty... ingat lang sa Honda... tingnan mo nangyari kay mam Devin sa Lemon Civic thread...
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    Sep 2005
    re: OT part II: Barkada ko yung nakabili eh so pag may problema, tawag lang sya sa best friend ko kung may tanong sya or problem sa car. Parang after-sales support! Ngayon, tropa na sila! hehehe!

    Sorry sa OT! hehehe!
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    Feb 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by annegelly View Post
    mei gsto pala ako 2nd hand un zafira sa ads.. ok kaya un?

    Meron dito may ganun... yung opel logo ang avatar... mdl100 ata... ask nalang sya...

    Russ... edit na... ehehehe
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    Sep 2005
    Here are sample pics of the E34 BMW 5-series

    Nga pala, sa BMW, eto explaination sa models:

    Example is the BMW 525i and the BMW 540d:

    525i: 5-Series
    525i: 2.5l engine displacement

    540d: 5-Series
    540d: 4.0l engine displacement

    More info on the BMW 5-series here:
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    Oct 2006
    hmmmm another car to rattle my brain!

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    Aug 2006
    Anne, here are guide questions for you:

    1. How many passengers do you usually have?
    2. What is the primary purpose of the vehicle?
    3. What are your usual destinations? (e.g. house, office, bahay, school, hospital, etc)
    4. What cars do you initially have in mind? (limit to 3-4 vehicles)
    5. (most important) How much is your budget?
    6. Brand new or second hand? Or are you open to both options?
    7. And the Last & most important Question to all readers Do u have a B.F?

    I'm just kidding Pretty Anne!!!
    I go to VIOS

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    Oct 2006
    pamilyado na po...

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    for me, ha, no such is a safe brand....sasakayn ay gamit, just like your ito:

    test drive, feel mo kung feel mo i-drive siya for the rest of your life. maintenance is another, eto akin: kahit anung brand pa yan, pagka 1st 5 years of production, sure casa lang may parts, wala sa iba, kahit toyota, honda pa yan...e bakit ang bnew gen2.5paje or montero sport, marami agad makuha?...kasi in production na sila for more than 5 years..

    with exception sa consumables like brake pads,oil filter, clutch disc,etc....

    models like swift,fd civic,focus,new rav4/previa/upcomming avanza wala pa sa 5 year, and prone to lemons pa yan mostly...which is probably the worst experiece than buying a used w/ minimal or minor repairs....

    sure warrantied ang bago, pero, sa tagal ko, at example na natin kay mam devin at psylock, warranties nila di nacarried out, so waste of investment.

    take your pick...

    kung kaya ng 600K matrix/accent/getz crdi. sulit all-rounder yan.

    and sometime, those small brands give better service than those big 2


    pamilyado ka na pala,e! matrix ka na... spacious for the kids, and for everyday travel..tipid and powerful engine(1500cc lang na diesel yan!)...manual lang, pero ok na yan!
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