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    Jul 2004
    dear guys,

    anong comments ninyo sa ford lynx 2000 yr model, A/T?

    okay ba ito? is the engine the same as the 2003 or 2004 models?

    i read some reviews in other websites and the sentiments are mixed. i also read some lynx postings in tsikot already but may mga unanswered questions pa ako

    i need to know about performance, gas consumption, maintenance cost (high ba or low?) and all other relevant information

    i am about to get one but i need to be sure talaga

    thanks :D

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    Oct 2002
    To quote from Ford's tagline: "Have you used the search button lately?" :bwahaha:

    - Ford Lynx [Merged]

    - Focus will replace the Lynx (daw)

    - Altis 1.6E vs Lynx Ghia

    - Ford Lynx

    There's more, you'll just have to do the searching by yourself. ;)


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    Jul 2004
    ungas -- maraming salamat. i did read the threads but puro 2001 and up model ang dinidiscussed

    i will read it again. when i first searched i entered ford lynx kaya siguro limited and choices na lumabas

    hmmmm, will type in lynx lang baka ma expand ang search and hopefully makuha ko yung sagot

    nag sign up na rin ako sa website to find out more rin

    med vänlig hälsning :D

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    Jul 2004
    ungas -- i just read the threads you referred to and i cannot find any information about the lynx 2000 A/T

    i want to ask if the engine of the lynx 2000 A/T the same as the engine of the lynx 2003 or 2004 A/T? by the way, i am referring to the 1.6L engine

    med vänlig hälsning

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    Oct 2002
    yep, same engine.

    from our lynx-owners sa protegetech, no problem pa naman akong naririnig. except yung nag loko yata yung ECU after nyang kabitan ng "miracle" gas saving device.

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    Jul 2004
    mazdamazda - thanks a lot for the feedback. and thanks for the warning also, hahahaha

    by the way, may pic ka ba or link to a pic of a lynx with the color pumice gold?

    curious talaga ako sa kulay na ito at anong itsura nito. i checked the ford motors website and it appears that they discontinued this color for the lynx

    maraming salamat :D

lynx 2000 A/T