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    May 2005
    Yes, Ford Group Philippines is doing its share in the country's energy conservation program.

    The launch of the first ever Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFV) in the Philippines recently at the PICC in Pasay City proved to be promising.

    FFVs are designed to use any blend of ethanol and gasoline starting at 20 percent to as much as 85 percent. The Ford Focus 1.8L and 2.0L FFVs are capable of running on a fuel mixture of 20 percent ethanol and 80 percent gasoline or E20.

    Most cars manufactured today are E10-capable, meaning their engines are capable of running on a fuel mixture of only 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline. This gasoline-ethanol mixture is beneficial to the environment because ethanol is made from organic sources like sugarcane.

    Compared to pure gasoline, it is cleaner burning and produces less air pollutants. And unlike fossil fuel, ethanol's sources are renewable and plentiful in the Philippines, and this can spur agri-industrial progress in the provinces.

    Having vehicles that run on flexible fuel also means the Philippines will be less dependent on other countries for imported fuel, meaning lesser expense for our country.

    "The Philippines has abundant natural resources and we should use them effectively. Thus, at the same time, we can help our country prosper." said Henry Co, president of Ford Group Philippines.

    Dedicated not only to generate fuel efficiency but excellent vehicles as well, Ford introduces the Focus FFVs. While its engine is reengineered to be able to use a flex-fuel mixture with 20% ethanol, it retains its state-of-the-art engine technology, ensuring smooth and optimum power delivery on high economy, providing high torque levels at low speeds. It remains a responsive, more fun drive.

    The Ford Focus FFVs also retains its DNA of European Styling, German Engineering and Superb Driving Dynamics. The exterior is a mix of Italian flair and German precision, with strong, clean lines and a streamlined shape for superb aerodynamics.

    The long wheelbase and wide track gives the Focus a muscular stance. Using the science of ergonomics, the interiors boast of a "cockpit feel"—the sense that the car is wrapped around its occupants.

    Luxurious and spacious on the inside with high quality seats and premium trim detailing, the Ford Focus FFVs also come fully-equipped with a 4-speaker, single CD in-dash audio system that's MP3-ready, so the ride is even more entertaining.

    German engineering assures the Ford Focus FFVs of reduced noise, vibration & harshness (NVH) levels, making driving comfortable even on coarse roads. Its MacPherson Strut Independent Front Suspension and Contrlti-link Independent Rear Suspension ensures outstanding maneuverability, excellent road feedback and precise steering control.

    Advanced safety systems are a standard, featuring constructed crash zones that route energy away from occupants in the event of a crash, full-size airbags and improved seat designs to reduce injury to the car's occupants.

    The Ford Focus FFVs give the driving public all the superb features of the Focus with the added advantages that flexible fuel gives to the user, his environment and his country. Now, talk about serving your people while pampering yourself… Why not?

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    Apr 2004
    i think the FFV Focus was launched during the Manila Motorshow 06. Kaso yung venue somewhere in PICC

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    Oct 2002
    You'll just have to add Php 30K to make your Focus (2.0L & 1.8L only) a FFV.

    I wonder when other car manufacturers will follow suit since the government is really pushing for alternative fuel like ethanol.

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    Aug 2004
    I saw the FFV Focii (Focuses, whatever... ) at the Alabang dealership the other day. The service people didn't seem to know much about them yet, although I didn't talk to the salespeople yet. I suppose Ford hadn't distributed the info or put up the tarpaulins about FFV there yet.

    Nice logo. Wonder if they can retrofit and certify older Fords for flexible fuel use?

    It's really simple to certify vehicles for 5-10% ethanol... it's just a matter of changing the rubber used... 20% is another matter, but I'd be more impressed with 90-100% ethanol compatible engines.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Mar 2005
    meron na din ba expedition na ganyan

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by niky
    Nice logo. Wonder if they can retrofit and certify older Fords for flexible fuel use?
    Actually... some Fords are certified upto E85 (85% Ethanol).

    Though you still have to verify through the VIN.

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    Oct 2002
    Issue is wala padin standard and quality guidelines for ethanon fuels dito... in addition, wala namang planta dito or processing plant to make ethanol, so parang pointless din until the fuel source is abundant enough to make an impact.

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    Jan 2005
    not actually. they can na, we just need to put up more ethanol-blend fuels.

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    Jan 1970
    I read somewhere that Shell is going to start to sell an ethanol blend fuel.

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    Mar 2006
    sorry for being does that mean these FFV focuses can't be used until gas stations start providing ethanol blend fuels?

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Ford Phils. launches the economical flexible fuel vehicles