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    May 2012

    reduce alcohol abuse, drug addiction, depression, reduce stress, etc…, without really trying? Sounds impossible? Not really.

    Yes, you/we can do all of the above, and many other behavioral attitudes, too. It’s called ‘brain entrainment’. It’s a 30 year old science of auto-suggestion. It means that we can train our brains, instead of our brains controlling us.

    It’s better that you read about it, first, to understand the general idea how it works. Read about:
    *brain entrainment *brainwaves, *schuman resonance *isochronic tones and binaural beats
    *chakra *brainwave frequency listing(, etc…

    There are several sites that sell CDs but are expensive (5-15usd/tone). If you want free tones,(sino ba ang ayaw sa libre?), log on to: for isochronic tones(99 tones are downloadable) and: for binaural beats(23 tones).

    For those who want to try it; here are precautions to consider. Don’t overdo it, moderation is best.
    Keep the tones at a comfortable volume and lastly; never, never, never mess with your kundalini or root chakra. If you are not prepared, not practicing yoga regularly, never wake up the serpent fire.

    This science of brain entraiment is safe. It is practiced by million individuals in the USA. I find it beneficial for my attitude towards life and I hope you will take advantage of this neuroscience for a troubled world. Especially beneficial for city dwellers where the stress level is much higher. Please see: schuman resonance(actually, it should be called ‘tesla’s earth frequency’ for the scientist who discovered the 8hz earth frequency more than a hundred years ago).

    Anyway, this is a science of behavioral changing and is the best thing that happened in the last two decades of the past millennium. I hope that those who are practicing it now can give their views on this profound science.

    Thank you.

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    Jan 2013
    have you tried it to yourself? if yes, please site your personal experience so we know what we expect aside from what you have mentioned above which i think come from an article you read. also, what is "kundalini or root chakra"?

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    May 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by fanboi View Post
    have you tried it to yourself? if yes, please site your personal experience so we know what we expect aside from what you have mentioned above which i think come from an article you read. also, what is "kundalini or root chakra"?
    yes, ive tried it since october n still using it. used it on my grandchildren, too. to make one alert w/in 5-10 minutes. usually he is drowsy for 30 minutes or more.
    i will be using till the end of time, really. someone who used it reduced smoking(50% reduction, had better concentration, etc within 2 weeks.) for kundalini, its better you google it, hard to explain in a few words. i am a new practitioner of this 30yo science and i feel better, esp when i m depressed. pls read about it first, before practicing it. tnx

    "look before you leap"

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    May 2012
    To the administrators: I am sorry for having inadvertently posted this thread in this section. OT pala. Please transfer this thread in the Health section.
    Thank you for your patience.
    Addditional info: If you have the cash, it's better to purchase CDs from several sites, e.g.; omharmonics;brain;
    mp3 meditation club;BrainWave Generator, etc.,or download some tones from YouTube. You dont have to download all the 99 tones from unless you are a curious experimenter. Usually 6-10 tones is enough. Use binaural beats from para hindi biglaan ang effect.
    For the curious experimenter, be careful when using pulsing led glasses. Some people could experience seizures(if epileptic)
    For the apprehensive, consult a neurotheraphist (not a psychologist)for your peace of mind. tnx

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    Feb 2013
    I haven't smoke for a while. I remember the last time i smoke that was a year ago. Not to bad isn't it...

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    May 2006
    Ive been a smoker for 18years...last december i quit...just like that. Tiniis ko for teh first 2 months...manirap talaga..then all f a sudden, wala na. Di ko na hinahanap...its all in the mind talaga..ngayon ang mindset ko walang impossible..yung inaakala ng lahat na impossible nagawa ko na..

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    Jan 2007
    25 ways to quit smoking - by Bill Plympton

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    Jul 2007
    Cold Turkey

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    Dec 2007
    Cold turkey indeed. 3 years and 4 months and counting for me. Not a single stick of cigarette.

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    Jun 2009
    Cold turkey for me since July. Been a heavy smoker for more than 20 years.

    Now I cant stand the smell of cigarettes and look at smokers with a mixture of pity and disdain

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