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    Kinds of hubbies

    [1] The explosive, argumentative, domineering husband: Because of immaturity and feelings of inferiority, this man becomes a tyrant over his wife and children through shouting, intimidation (whether physical or verbal), and never admits that he has made a mistake.

    [2] The compulsive husband: The compulsion may expresses itself in various forms – addiction to alcohol or drugs, over-devotion to work or any activity that either insulates him from close emotional relationships or from criticism.

    [3] The uncommunicative husband, further classified into (a) the passive, shy male; (b) the “strong, silent” husband; (c) the limited conversation husband; and (d) the turned-off” husband.

    [4] The child husband: Either this kind of husband has to prove his masculinity over and over again, or he is still tied to mother’s apron strings.

    [5] The hypochondriac husband: Remember the 1985 movie “Innerspace” starring Meg Ryan, Dennis Quaid and Martin Short? Hypochondriacs think they suffer from all kinds of sicknesses.

    [6] The passive, silent passive, or retreating husband: Either because of early childhood upbringing or a failure in work, this kind of husband has retreated into the safety of his own world, refusing to communicate with his family.

    [7] The playboy husband

    [8] The neurotic tightwad: Remember that famous scene in “Gone With The Wind” where Scarlette O’Hara promises herself that she will be never poor or go hungry again? Well, this kind of a husband fears not having money and thus keeps a tight watch over the family’s finances, with his own needs taking first place over that of his family

    Kinds of Wives

    [1] The overly-dominant wife: By whatever means, fair or foul, by threats or feigned sicknesses, this kind of wife gets her way with her husband and family.

    [2] The narcissistic woman: The whole world revolves around her; her husband and children exist to praise and affirm her.

    [3] The adult-infantile wife: Age does not guarantee growth in areas of personal responsibility, and this kind of a wife clings to her immature notions of married life.

    [4] The masculine-protest wife: This kind of a wife exhibits frigidity, either emotionally or ***ually, and may have had a highly idealized father or brother, a domineering or a weak, passive father.

    [5] The martyr-wife: She gets attention she craves through her failures in life, her various illnesses, etc.

    [6] The passive-aggressive wife: This kind of wife, says Osborne, exhibits “passive and submissive, with aggressive and hostile tendencies.”

    [7] The jealous-possessive wife: Having lost a father or a beloved male figure, through death, separation or some other reason, this wife now strangles her husband with constant jealousy and suspicions about his activities and acquaintances

    [8] The depressed wife: Boredom, fatigue, sickness, any of several things may cause

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    Walang straight category.... Mixture of those traits outlined.....


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    Apr 2009
    Is there any particular source for the above list?
    If it's your original,. nice write-up..

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    Quote Originally Posted by isa1023 View Post
    Is there any particular source for the above list?
    If it's your original,. nice write-up..

    [SIZE=3]not original, i dont want to claim any credits specially if hindi ko gawa.. pinadala lang yan sa email ko[/SIZE]

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    So ang ibig sabihin niyan, walang matinong tao na nag-aasawa. Puro single pa ang matitino.



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    [SIZE=3]The message is not necessarily mean that tying a knot is somewhat stupid. It just simply classifies the attitude of the husband and a wife.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Maybe others may find it amusing, helpful tips if they are confused what there partner is acting weird.[/SIZE]

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    those categories are really nice.. napapangiti ako habang binabasa ko iyan, and imagining what type will fall on to, if I were to become a wife, and what will my husband will be...

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    May 2010
    Waaaaaa..... Guilty husband me...

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    It means that if you have a perfect husband/wife, you are just dreaming!...hehe

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    Dec 2009
    ba't parang hindi ko makita yung trait ko na mabait, humble, cute & family man...wala lang ako parating load <- (me gamot dyaaaaan)

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8 types of husbands and wives