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    Jul 2007
    Is this upgrade would really give me a change in my performance? if yes, how much (in percentage).

    Ride: Honda City 96 1.3 (all stock)
    Air Intake (standard Simota + K&N filter) + HTW (hi-tension wires);
    do Port & Polish, then
    Install headers (4-1, is the suggested, i think) + Exhaust pipe + Mufflers 1.5" inltet (i think);
    install Dome Pistons;
    Mild cam - CAM-5

    would there be any performance, or somethin missing or something wrong,
    not a turbo setup, just improve stock car performance..

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    Aug 2005
    I am guessing the gain will be less than 10 hp. But I am no expert.

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    Apr 2004
    why don't you just drop in a d15b surplus so you'll have VTEC? there's really no substitute for real displacement, you know.

    ang mahal ng aabutin ng mods na ni-lista mo. might as well get a bigger engine and start from there.

    ano yung mild cam? cam-5? camgears? if camgears... why? on a 1.3 car the gain won't be that much. even if you find a way to put everything you listed in the engine (at considerable expense), malayo pa din sa performance ng STOCK 1.5 or 1.5 engine yan na may vtec.

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    Feb 2008
    ^^ +1... tama mas mura pa kabit ng d15b kesa sa upgrade mo. iba talaga younger bro ng b series! sa city pa nakalagay, halimao yan bro! no need for turbo and bla bla upgrade, stock d15b is a powerful engine.

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    Aug 2004
    Maybe get 20hp out of it... I don't know the pistons you're talking about... the compression would be the telling factor.

    But most important is engine management. Get a Hondata for your engine or even the Unichip. Auto_Xer says that the City's box has fightback at low rpms, but you can tune for lots more power at high rpms. Friend just finished his car... IHE (intake, header, exhaust) net him only 12-15 hp more than stock... with the Unichip, he got another 11 hp... PEAK. 15 hp more in the midrange.

    But for the 1.3, spending a ton of money making a 60 whp car 90 whp is pointless. You could upgrade rather cheaply to the 1.5, which would get 85 whp already without touching the inside of the engine (up to 100+ whp with IHE and chip only).

    For the cost of what you're looking at, pistons, PnP, camshafts, etcetera, you can even get Speedlab's turbo kit. 120-140 whp from a 1.3. Now that's value.

    Doing the mods you have in mind are okay for a spec-racer looking for an advantage, but truthfully, even with those mods, a 1.5 jazz with a simple IHE tune-up woud still leave you for dead.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jul 2007
    ic, so how much naman kaya aabutin ung D15B engine?? ( ito ba ung nsa Civic Vtech na 1.5??) magkanu kaya abutin yun? well, comments lng nung mekanik ng tito ko, kung konting performance lng ang habol, pero kung slight perfromance lng ang plan? IHE ba pwede na? then maintain maintain and maintain na lng??

    ung I ba sa Intake is Air Intake lng? di ba may isa pang intake? sa may exhaust manifold ba yun? medyo nalilito ako eh, hehe

    plan ko lng tlga is a Day2Day driving na may Edge, simple car performance lng, magkakabit kc ako ng audio sa trunk and medyo mabigat kasi, im not on Drag, pero circuit pwede pa, medyo napupurohan ko muna ung sa Suspension ko para pagliko ko sa Tight Curves, mag drift school sana ako, kaso mukha "ATA"ng kayang i-self na lng ang pag aaral? pero not tried it yet, hanap pa ako 2nd hand na gulongs...

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    Feb 2008
    sir ive heard from a friend that forcedspeed does engine swap and it cost around 20k -30k daw (not sure though) ull just have to change to bigger brakes and better suspension when you get the d15b.

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    May 2006
    Niky - does port polishing really add that much? How often is the recommended interval for polishing?

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    Apr 2004
    d15b depends on where you get it, is probably 20-25k. add another 5-7 for the install. if you can get a true surplus, that is, straight fresh off the boat from Japaner, yun ang maganda. don't get ones na pinagsawaan na ng mga enthusiast (after d15 usually enthusiasts go for b16s).

    two versions daw yung d15. one has normal vtec, the other has a more aggressive camlobe profile (18 camlobes yata) for vtec. dunno which one of these is d15b, but any d15 you get should have vtec. parang nasa rocker cover daw e... one is plain aluminum, the other is black matte with VTEC or HONDA letters.

    iba ang d15 sa ph15 ha. ph15 is found in 96 civic lxi. ph16 nasa civic 96 vti.

    if you want a reliable DD, just leave your engine stock with some IHE upgrades. cheap, and if you gain 20hp just like boss nicky said, then it won't be half bad.

    hard to drift your car as its a FWD. drift vehicles are mostly RWD.

    circuit... hmm... well i suppose things can learned. try not to go head to head with other larger displacement cars lang. kahit mas magaling ka around the corners pagdating sa straights sibak ka pa din. bka i-lap ka pa kakahiya hehe

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    Jul 2007

    hehe got you there pre, one time have tried one with my neighbors super saloon, 2.0 pala yun grabe, sa curves no problem, kaya ko, pero pag datin sa straight, hayz, kita ko sa side mirror ko na parating na sya, hahahahaha....

    IHE na lng siguro na muna, pangit pakinggan haha, IHE, siguro pati na rin ung Port& polish muna, kung 20hp, pwede na sigurong gain yun... di naman competitive type eh, ayaw ko lng maiiwan ako sa road, lalo na pag same 1.3

    mura lng pala ang mga replacement d15B engines noh? kala ko abot ng 50k++ may makkita kaya ako nun na bnew replacement? i wish... hehe

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