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    epektib yan. sa gate namin yan nilalagay ko, mas long lasting kesa wd-40 hehe

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    ive read somewhere here that additives are generally not effective

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    Dec 2003
    yep, but there are also people saying that Pertua additive was very effective..the old pertua i think

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    yup the old oil additive works...before the inventor sells the name, PERTUA to someone else due to lack of government support...and decided to go to U.S.of A.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bardigones
    is it effective? any catch?
    At least the orig formula sold in the mid90s was ok from our experience. My Dad placed in one in our family car back then, after seeing the inventor's demo. Some months after, while checking the car's oil level for our Dad, we found that there was no oil left in the engine (I could not recall what was the cause later found). What was surprising was that there was no oil leak in the garage, which means the oil was lost while the car was used the previous night from the province. As it was an old engine, it in the past would show the oil indicator lights when we had oil problems, as well as cause high engine temp, and rough engine idlings. The family trip from the province we had the night before was uneventful. We had no engine problems, no overheating, and most probably at least some latter part of the trip we were travelling apparrently with no more oil. The only difference we realized was the Pertua additive that my Dad tried, which probably protected the engine until we got home. We are hopeful the ones available now still have some of the magic the orig formula has. We still use Pertua on our rides, but only after a conservative break-in period of at least 20km.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghosthunter View Post
    Is their synthetic motor oil locally made? Ild like to support their synthetic motor oil if it was locally made. Anong rating nun, tsaka ng gasoline engine oil nila? How much do they cost?

    Ive only seen the fuel additive and the fuel additive e. Ive always wanted them to come up with a motor oil line

    PM me your shop's number

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    i read in a website before na iba ang name nya sa US, pero mentioned din dun na gamit nila ang pertua sa Apache chopper ng US military. Hindi ko na ma-google yun, puro indian sites ang lumilitaw.

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    I also read a write-up before for Pertua. Yun din ang name nya sa US, (I just don't know now) and it was used in Boeing's autoclaves to a satisfactory degree. Marami pang nag-comment na very effective daw, but Boeing lang ang naalala ko.

    That was the reason why I bought one before (for my Galant Sigma). Hindi ko na na-assess yung performance kasi I sold the car a short time later.

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    wow ganito ba kagaling 'to?
    kasi parang may thread dito sa tsikot dati na useless daw yung mga additives.

    mapapabili ata ako a

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Is this the highly acclaimed Pertua engine additive?