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    Aug 2008
    guys di na ako naka tiis nag punta na ko ng muffler land at nag pakabit na ko ng scuv 4,500!! since 1.4 liter dohc makina ko 24 inches in length tpos 2 inches ang diameter ok ba ung pinalagay ko? morethan that susungaw daw, tpos sa headers ko inalis ung catalytic converter pinalitan ng mandrel bent na tubo tpos diretso sa scav ko so parang 4-1 ang labas. scuv type na exhaust ko ung nasa gitna lang sya wala na tambutso.

    mga observation ko po,

    pag start ko parang may sumisigaw na higante! hahaha!! grabe!
    tpos nung aandar na ko ewan ko lang kung nawaln ako ng low end power
    pero pag aroung 2.5k rpm pataas na parang maganda ung hatak nia tpos machong macho tunog.

    tpos may inalis catalytic converter sya nakaka restrict daw un ng flow tpos ang tanung ko baka bumagsak ako sa emission test nito?
    mga katanungan:

    tama po ba ung 2 inches in diameter na scuv? kasi 1.4 dohc ang makina ko po.

    tpos po anung headers po ang bagay sakin? 4-1 or 4-2-1? gusto ko kasi sumubok mag track ok ba 4-1 dun or pang drag lang ung 4-1? ang gusto ko po kasi pag may mayabang at hinatawan ako sa street eh makakapalag ako kahit papanu.

    at anu po best material para sa headers? ung stainless steel para all stainless na ko from headers to scuv or ung aluminized steel?

    kahit 13,500k ung stainless pag hihirapan ko na kung un ba ang okay or ung aluminized around 6,800k?

    maraming salamat po..

    sa Mufflerland po ako nagpagawa.

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    Mar 2006
    mag straight stainless ka na lang okey naman yata ang budget

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    Oct 2002
    Removing the catalytic converter:

    It is a potential fail on your next emissions test. Modern catalytic converters offer very low exhaust restrictions so removing it gives very little added benefits. Its also very expensive to replace so I hope you kept it and didn't leave it at the mufflershop. The only potential restriction would be if you were going to install force induction on your 1.4L engine.

    Exhaust systems work on your 1.4L car...

    If you are looking into racing your car, you are potentially wasting your money because you cannot even match the power output from a stock 1.6L engine with what rational mods you can do on your 1.4L motor. And your mods will increase your fuel consumption. 1.6l engines could use 2 inch pipes if has enough mods to make it worthwhile. 1.4L engines would be better with smaller like 1.75inch to retain low end engine power.

    The trick is not bigger pipes is better, it is keeping the exhaust gasses velocity relatively high without increasing exhaust backpressure much.

    As for the "sound", you might think it's macho but its just noise to anyone else around you. You can get the same "performance" if you had a pass-through full size muffler installed and it would be quiet at low to mid range RPMs as well. The droning sound under your car would literally be a headache and potential cause of hearing loss on longer drives.

    Header design...

    Typically 4-2-1 is a more practical layout which retains better torque in the mid range for engines with torque that peaks in the middle of the rpm range like more common nissan and toyota engines. For honda or mitsu engines, 4-1 is a better design because hp & torque peaks at near the redline.

    But overall...

    If you really want to race your car, you might want to save your money for real mods and you can start with getting a bigger displacement engine, like a 2.0L n/a engine or better. But frankly, there is more to having a fast car than just more horsepower under the hood.

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    May 2007
    Then you 'll need this. Dont let your car run w/o catalytic it will affect your performance and gas mileage.

    STREET LEGAL with a ceramic catalyst unlike other catalytic converters which are just hollow test pipes with no ceramic catalyst
    High quality T-304 full stainless steel body and heat shield cover
    Designed for optimal flow
    Contains a flow-efficient ceramic catalyst ribbed body for strength
    Funnel inlet and outlet for smooth exhaust flow
    Use to replace failed or damaged OEM converters
    Gaskets and hardware included
    2.5 inch inlet and outlet
    Direct bolt-on without modification
    Utilizes factory 02 sensor position
    Compatible with all stock and aftermarket exhaust systems and headers
    10-15 HP increase (more with turbo/supercharger)
    Lifetime warranty from manufacturer defects

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    Feb 2008
    my take on the headers:

    its not the battle of 4-2-1 or 4-1, rather how the car is tuned.

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    Aug 2004
    Even with a scavenging exhaust (which yes, is annoying... even more annoying than my exhaust... ) a 1.4 liter motor just doesn't have the bite to even take on a stock 1.6.

    A stock 1.6 makes about 105 - 115 hp.

    A stock 1.4 (carburated?) makes about 80-85 hp. An EFI 1.4 can make about 90-95 hp.

    A full intake and exhaust job will net you about 10-15 hp... that's with good header design, already. Cut it short ("scav"), and you're looking at 15-18... which merely matches the horsepower of a stock 1.6... but you're not making as much torque as he is, so you're still left dead in the dust... I've met/raced guys who've gone as far as having racing cams and cam-gears installed in their 1.3s... 1.6s walk away from them on the straights at the race track. Hell, we once had a stripped-out 1.3 Sentra with an intake and a full exhaust. That GA13 could wail. But despite weighing 200-500 pounds more, stock 1.6s could walk away from me at any speed... was fun trying to keep up, though.

    Right now, I'm driving a 2.0 Lynx. No matter how loud a 1.6 is (scav and all that), they just can't keep up with me... guess the shoe is on the other foot...

    Ghosthunter is right... there's more to being fast than making power... just get a proper exhaust... one with a muffler and a resonator, so it doesn't sound like complete arse on the highway... then spend your money on stuff that counts... good shocks, good springs, brake pads, tires... a 1.4, unless you turbo it, will never be powerful, but since it has a very light engine up front, it's quite fun to drive on a winding road with the proper modifications.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Aug 2008
    1. okay po.. papanu po ba gagawin ko? kasi napalitan na po ng scuv ung sa car ko, might as well tapusin ko na ung exhaust setup ko po, ung minodify na stock headers papalitan ko na po nung racing headers tlga,

    2. anu po best material for a header stainless steel po ba or aluminized? please pa help po ako kasi medyo mahal ang headers ayaw ko po magkamali..
    13k budjet ko sa headers...

    3. 4-2-1 or 4-1? gusto ko po ung pang all around ung power.

    4. napansin ko po sa racing headers na nakadisplay dun walang catalytic so papanu po un? pag nag full exhaust wala tlga catalytic?

    please pag bigyan nio na po ako.. wag nio naman po ako idown.. kakatpos ko palang ma break in ung car naka 1000km na sya..

    2008 kia rio around 100hp pag rounded. I think 97hp ung exact.

    ok lang kahit unahan ako ng iba basta masaya ako at may power gain din po ako sa ginawa ko na setup..

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    Oct 2002
    we're just putting you in the right direction. ok naman tapusin yung setup mo. though i suggest talaga full exhaust kasi sobra ingay ng scav. tangal tutuli mo nyan at sayang ang sounds mo kasi hindi mo na rin maririnig. hehehe. benta mo na lang kung ok lang sayo. hehehe.

    i'm using 4-2-1 headers for daily driving. pero sabi nila yung 4-2-1 na midrange tapos 4-1 na pang top-end is already a thing of the past. hehehe. kaya hindi ko na din masusuggest yung tamang header design for you.

    seriously, yung power gains na makukuha mo diyan is very minimal. maswerte ka na kung mararamdaman mo talaga. you'll have to consider getting a decent air filter to complete your setup.
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    Aug 2008
    Sa headers nio po may naka kabit na catalytic converter or wala na? panu po kayo pumapasa sa emission test?

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    Aug 2004
    Emissions testing in the Philippines is a joke. As long as your engine runs properly (clean spark plugs, carb or fuel injectors working all right, does not burn oil), you should be able to pass emissions.

    As for what's the best set-up... what car is it? Not all 1.4s are the same.

    If you can afford stainless, get it. Anything less just looks like crud, and won't do your car's resale value any favors. Actually... any mod will negatively affect a car's resale, but if it looks good, the buyer may overlook it.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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