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    Dec 2010
    Hi guys.

    I've got a Mitsubishi Lancer MX 2001 A/T. Last Friday, the oil indicator lit up and my brother noticed that its noisier than it should have been. I brought it last Sunday to Shell, and changed its oil (it was long overdue). The oil indicator went off so I thought everything's fine.

    Monday came, and the light went on again. I was with our family driver, and asked him what happened. He checked the oil, and it seems drier than usual. I said I just changed its oil last Sunday, and he shrugged his shoulders. He then concluded that it must've been the 'sending unit' or the light was somewhat grounded because it turns off and on when running. I used it Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and ran from Bulacan - Makati - Manila and back to Bulacan again with no problems.

    Wednesday night - brother drove and said my car had trouble pulling itself. We shrugged it off to have it checked the next day. I used it again that night to go to the grocery for a while, and to my surprise, there's this knocking sound already. I was worried, so Thursday morning, mom and my aunt brought it to Mitsubishi's service center in Baliuag, Bulacan.

    Engine's insides were already broken, and they were 'shaking' na daw. Total estimate price - P45,957.26 - includes engine overhaul, overhauling gasket, piston ring, timing belt etc etc. Mom wanted to push through with the deal, since they have a guarantee or if things fail, we can return it there.

    Question: is this price 'normal'? I was shocked. I didn't know that the damage cost so much. And I really don't understand the process. Will they be repairing the whole thing or replacing it? Are surplus engines for such better? I lived in Banawe, so I know of cheaper alternatives but I don't think it's safe to travel to QC from Bulacan now.

    ANY advice would suffice. I'm sorry if I don't know much about cars; it's my first car and I'm only a new driver. Thanks for anything that you guys would write here. I'd really appreciate it.

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    Nov 2003
    that's a pretty decent price na. but it's bound to go up a bit pa when the work actually starts.

Engine Replacement (engine knocked)