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    May 2006
    Sorry if medyo malabo yung title ng topic. I just have this itch or unexplainable feeling or in short hindi ako mapakali.

    I have a Kia Picanto. As you all know, the ones that are available here are bare ones lalo na yung mga year 2004-2005. The 2007 have a little improvement. As I want to get my pica near KDM specs. I visited sites from other countries trying to find out what's left out that are available here at talagang maraming tinanggal na small detail up to the more important ones like rear disc brakes with ABS.

    I bought OEM side repeater light, OEM fog lamps, OEM third brake light. All seems ok but for a particular detail. "The wiring stuff". I don't know if just me but I hate those wiring na may putol then tap to this and there and use electrical tape. Wala kasing mga abang so they make their own wiring. Buti sana kung they did it following the original diagram but what they did was make their own way. At wala pang original connectors. Yung side repeater kasi and 3rd brake light mat female connectors but walang abang na male connectors. What they did is cut in between lang. pero dapat plug and play lang.

    Sa fog light naman kitang kita yung mga wires sa gilid ng engine bay and they put the relay ouside the fusebox. When I ask kung bakit ganyan e sabi nila mas ok daw yun at mas malakas ang relay na gimamit. WTF. when I see it it has the same rating from the manual. At dahil sa ginawa nila, hindi tuloy namamatay yung fogs pag inalis na yung car keys like the healamps. (dapat pati fogs wala). All of this was done in casa.

    My question is do you experience the same? Are you so meticulous up to the small detail such as wiring and want to have it as it went out the factory? Do you know a shop that can do what I want it to be? I seems that all shop do it that way. or are they just lazy and want it to do the simple way. Heck i can even do it myself.

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    Jan 2007
    pangit nga ganyan bro.dapat dyan naka crimp para firm.then yong joint meron blue tape (di electrical tape) kung nasa loob ng tube.and me allowable distance yong mga joints to avoid short circuit.and isa pang dis advantage ng nakabind lang ng tape, sa vibration, me tendency na magloose ang joints.tsaka unethical sa mga oto / harness manufacturer ang nakatape lang ang joints.

Factory specs or electrical tape lang