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    May 2009
    I'm on the market for a minivan as a daily ride. Please help me compare and decide what to buy.

    After reading almost all of the thread that I could find regarding suzuki carry and daihatsu hijet using the search button here in tsikot, I decided to create a thread to compare both of them specifically because I did not find any thread from my search like this one that I created.

    Hope you guys could help me. thanks in advance. :-)

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    Sep 2012
    I, too, would also like to ask for opinions.

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    Feb 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by bigbites View Post
    I, too, would also like to ask for opinions.
    I would suggest to visit this thread:

    Hope this helps...

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    May 2012
    I had a Daihatsu Hi-Jet in the early '90's. I bought a 2-year old, used unit. It had a very strong, capable engine. Ang dami kong nahakot and na-i-sakay when I was moving house. Pati aluminum ladder nagkasya, haha!

    I loved that little van for hakutan and for going around the neighborhood, and to the grocery.

    5. Cons:

    1. Front dives down and pulls to the side when overtaken by a bus on the highway (SLEX).
    2. Front panel is difficult to detach and re-attach, when accessing the radiator.
    3. Air-con is practically useless. The 2 air vents cover only the 2 people riding in front. Needs an electric fan for the rear.
    4. Hard to find a half-depth car stereo unit that will fit the center console
    5. At 80-100 kph on EDSA (pag Good Friday), it needed a sack of rice in the rear to stop from bouncing up and down.

    Never tried or rode in a Suzuki SuperCarry. But I hope the above info will be useful to you for comparing.
    Afterward, I sold this van to an officemate, who ran it to the ground, left it to rust and sold it for junk. Sayang.

Daihatsu Hijet or Suzuki Carry/Every/Minivan? Please compare.