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    I like the candy apple red color of the Corvette.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisboy View Post
    what kind of car is this?
    its a 1st Gen Chevy CAMARO...

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    Mar 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Chip View Post
    there is also the fear that the current muscle/classic frenzy, especially in the US, is creating a bubble. and we all know what will happen when the bubble burts-blood in the streets, especially for speculators who find themselves holding an empty bag, or a rusted hulk in this case.
    I think there's a big difference between a true car guy vs. an investor. I true car guy restores cars because of passion, not because he wants to make money.

    I don't think frenzy is the right word. Hot rodding is never a fad that people jumps in and leaves the next day. It's an attitude that is in the blood of a lot of people. And yes there are investors who knows cars and are true car guys but they are exceptions rather than the rule.

    I am a classic car guy and a hot rodder. I buy cars not for investment. It's my passion. And restoration needs so much patience, not because you are investing for return, but rather for the enjoyment that you feel when you outbid a person in e-bay for parts, when you find the tail light that you need in a junk shop, when you put so much greese in your hands fixing the car and making it fast, when somebody gives you a thumbs up while driving it, and most of all when you blow the doors off of someone driving a fast sports car 10x more expensive than your car

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